Tony DiNozzo Meme » Four Undercover Assignments - Chained

Gibbs: I’ve never lost an agent undercover. I’m not going to let DiNozzo screw that up.

Bishop: [catches Tony and McGee reading a men’s magazine] You don’t have to change the subject. I’m not the sex police.
Tony: How kind you are.
Bishop: Um, hello? I’m married. I have more sex than the two of you combined.
Tony: From what I hear, that’s not how that works.
—  NCIS: Ellie Bishop and Anthony DiNozzo - 12x04 Choke Hold

Shameless US/NCIS crossover - Gallavich AU where marine corporal Mickey Milkovich went missing right before his return to Afghanistan. The case ends up on special agent Jethro Gibbs’ desk and he has to find the marine, dead or alive. The people he suspects of Milkovich’s disappearance are the young man’s boyfriend Ian Gallagher - bipolar redhead who’s trying to get his life together and works as a dancer at a gay bar, his father Terry Milkovich - former NSA agent who, after some disagreements with the US government, started working for the Ukrainian mafia and almost killed his own son and Ian after walking on them, and Svetlana Milkovich - Mickey’s Russian wife who definitely doesn’t want the divorce that Mickey wants.
Will Gibbs’ team find out why and where Mickey disappeared? And who is responsible?! And does the team get to know the whole Gallavich lifestory?