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Supernatural fanfic - Missing scene to 10.23 “My Brother’s Keeper’. 

Billie the Reaper has really become a favourite of mine over the past while. Her style, her snark but most of all Lisa Berry’s performance make me want to see her all. the. time. It’s also made me wonder why she’s the way she is and why she seems to have a particular hate on for the Winchesters. I wrote this as a possible explanation. It takes place during 10.23 which is before we first officially met her in 11.01.

Thanks as always to @semirahrose for the beta and for helping me hammer out the inconsistencies. Comments gratefully received in my askbox!

* * * * * *

She’d always been different. Even for a reaper.

From the form she had been taking for the past few hundred years – women reapers were rare, reapers of colour were rarer, women Reapers of colour almost non-existent – to the way she spoke, to the way she carried out her purpose, she was different.

Billie could feel it even from other reapers. She was different and they all knew it.

She’d always gone about her duties as she had been created to do, and she did her best to conduct those she reaped to their final rest with dignity and respect, but she was restless, had always been restless, and sometimes it came out in sharp words and snide comments. Some of her charges brought it out more than others – she was always gentle with the children – but she was never rebuked, never brought to heel, as many of the other reapers had been when they’d stepped out of line. It was almost as if she was being encouraged in her waywardness, in some odd way.

It takes her a long, long time to find out why.

* * * * * *

When she’s summoned, it’s to a human cabin, golden light drifting through the leaves of the trees surrounding it. There’s birdsong in the air, and a light breeze that brings the scent of wildflowers.

It’s all a mirage.

She walked up to the door of the imagined cabin and hesitated; not a common thing for a reaper to do. Eventually, she worked up her courage, raised her hand and knocked.

She hears a clipped, ‘Enter’, and pushes open the door.

If she were human, Billie supposes she would find the inside of the cabin comfortable. There’s a warm, yeasty smell coming from what she assumes is the kitchen, and bookshelves crammed with books of all types line the walls. There’s a fire crackling in the hearth, two overstuffed armchairs set in front of it.

Death Himself sits in one of them.

Reapers are created knowing their purpose; few of them have ever had reason to have an actual face-to-face with the boss. She stops and waits for instructions.

“Come.” He gestures with a cadaverous hand. “Sit.”

She crosses to the other chair and sits, feeling the weight of Death’s gaze on her. She’s beyond old, but He is unimaginably older, one of the Horsemen, and even she is wary of his wrath. She supposes, though, that it is likely past time for her to be cut down to size, for even she knows that she has crossed the line on more than one occasion. She has had little patience in the past for those who have hated others just on the basis of skin colour or sex. It was one of the reasons she chose the persona she had. It had disconcerted more than one person when a black woman showed up to reap them.

Death regards her silently, both hands now resting on his walking stick. “I have been watching you, Billie.”

She raises a well-manicured eyebrow. He sees right through her, she knows, but her motto for this moment is Show no fear. She leans back in the chair. “Have you?”

“I have.”

“All right, I’ll bite.” She takes a deep breath. “Why?”

“Because you are…special.”

“Honey, I didn’t need you to tell me that.” She eyes Death warily. “Why’d you summon me here?”

“I might have need soon of someone with your abilities. With your attitude. Your creation was not an accident.”

“No reaper’s creation was an accident.”

“Mmm.” He gestures and a steaming cup of tea appears on the table beside him. He reaches out and lifts it delicately, takes a sip. “Have you truly never considered why you are so different?”

“It may have crossed my mind once or twice.”

“Indeed. And it never occurred to you to ask why?”

Billie smirks. “And who would I have asked? You?”

“Touché.” He smiles – not an entirely comforting sight, and she loses the smile. “You might be called upon, Billie.”

“How so?”

“Events are proceeding.” It’s cryptic, but what else can you expect from Death? “As it happens, I have been summoned myself.”

“By who?”

“Dean Winchester. He who bears the Mark of Cain.”

She sucks in an involuntary breath. She knows the name, of course she does. He and his brother are the cause of so many of the divine world’s imbalances. It was an itch in her mind that never truly went away. So many reapers had gone for them, only to be pushed back. Even those times when one of them had actually been to the other side, the other always pulled them back. She wants her shot at them.

She edges forward on her chair, trying not to seem too eager. “And what do you need from me?”

“I will admit to some curiosity as to what he wants from me. Few mortals have the nerve to call for me directly.” He gestures at the cabin around them with his teacup. “We are in the instant between his summoning and me going.”


“Well.” He sets the teacup down and leans forward so they are almost in each other’s personal space. She wants this so badly she can almost taste it. “The Winchesters, Dean in particular, are volatile, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Indeed.” She can’t resist using his own word on him.

He smirks. “One can never be truly sure of coming back from an encounter with the Winchesters.” He snaps and the teacup disappears. “And I have a feeling about this meeting.”

“You still haven’t said what you want from me.”

“You would be correct.” He gestures and the walking stick becomes the weapon he is most often pictured with. “I suspect that at some point, if not tonight, it might be necessary to…pass on the scythe, as it were. Not to you, that’s not your purpose, but you might be needed to keep things running for some time.”

She stares at Death in shock. It’s not easy to surprise a reaper, but never, in all the millennia she had existed, had she ever suspected this.

* * * * * * *

When it happens, Billie feels it. They all feel it. How could one not feel the end of Death as they know it? She’s almost surprised that the mortals they reap haven’t felt the seismic shift in the universe, but mortals are so insensitive.

She’s the only one who knows who’s responsible, though other reapers might suspect. Who else in the mortal world would be able to take out Death but one of the Winchesters?

The scythe doesn’t suddenly appear in her hand, of course, and she doesn’t bother to go look for it, knowing it’s gone along with its wielder. Though a woman of colour with a scythe. Now that would be fun, she thinks.

Billie hadn’t told Death at their meeting, but she had decided that if the worst came to pass she would have a new purpose. She was first amongst equals right now – at least until Death came back, or a new Death appeared – and as such, she was giving herself one job.

When the Winchesters’ time came – and it would come eventually – she was going to be the one to reap them. And they were going where no one, not even another Winchester, not even God himself, would be able to find them. The Empty was waiting.

And she would see to it they got there.

* * * * * *

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[ ♥ ]  give Sam tea and blankets and a puppy 2k15

After the s11 premiere, I’m certain of one thing: Sam really needs some TLC. So I gave him some. They’re transparent! 

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  more attempts at art  

I’ll say this, I liked the feel of 11.01. And even though it was kind of mellow for a premiere, I was pleasantly surprised by The Darkness. It wasn’t as hokey as I expected. Plus the weird baby story is cool because it seems to harken back to old Spn when they used to actually explore horror tropes. Scary demon baby is where it’s at, imho. 

I wasn’t pleased with the way Dean of course ended up placing the blame on Sam for releasing the Darkness and trying to get judgey about “I told you not to!” when he’s the one who took the Mark in the first place and definitely ignored Cain telling him not to…. and actually asked him to skip telling him all the reason he should think twice about it…. but whatever. It wasn’t surprising that Sam would feel guilt and that Dean would allow him to and take that opportunity to feel superior. And it was honestly a lot more toned down than I expected it to be. 

I think Sam being the one to verbalize that they both need to change was nice. It’s true. It’s something I’ve felt for a LONG ass time so I hope they are able to make some real strides there, this season. Sam saying “let me do what I do” was cool. I liked how it was phrased because identifies the control Dean usually has to have in the relationship and he’s acknowledging that dynamic needs to change. And then the boys worked together to save the baby how Sam requested. IDK, I think that’s something to be optimistic about. ‘

I have no idea what is going on with Crowley and Castiel, as usual.

We still haven’t gotten an apology. Dean was more apologetic on the phone with Castiel than he’s been towards Sam in 3 seasons and I’m pissed about that, but overall I enjoyed 11.01. I think it was pretty okay. I’m cautiously awaiting more. The next episode looks insane. 

I got all hyped when they were talking about the cage because Michael and Lucifer coming back would be the shit! However, the second they said it was the archangels trying to warn them about the darkness, that they were afraid, I lost all of said hype…

Also, how the fuck can everyone “hear” them from the cage? Is it hell adjacent? Can Michael and Lucy have conversations with passing demons to while away their time? “How’s the weather over there in hell?” “A bit tepid.”