I am just seeing the whole Sullivan character differently.  He was there to push Kensi for good (when they first met) and for some disappointment (when he left and she wasn’t still 100%).  Never, ever saw him as anything else.

Two people in a committed relationship where there has been a proposal of marriage now twice and plan to revisit it again are allowed to have friends and acquaintances of the opposite sex.  Is Kensi supposed to wear a scarlet “A” for sharing a beer with a fellow rehab patient, for going for a walk and riding in a vehicle without a male chaperone to insure her virtue?  Is Sullivan, a Marine who worked diligently to recover from an injury that lead to an amputation so he could return to his unit, of such poor character that he’d make a move on a woman who spoke about her fiancé - a man he met and saw care for Kensi?  

Sorry - I have more respect for the character of these people on the program than to automatically assume the worst.  

My only hope for the annual holiday hour, besides a good episode, is this picture of Kensi and Eric….

..,is a continuation of all the positive and supportive statements Eric made about Kensi during her recovery.  Eric has been her champion throughout.

And on a really vapid note, I’d be thrilled if someone remembers that Kensi pretty much wore the same shirt last Christmas.  Because I’m vapid like that.


The Top 3 Deeks Undercover Roles

The Top 3 Deeks Undercover Roles

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The team members at the Office of Special Projects is known for their ability to go undercover in any situation, to blend in completely no matter the scene. Marty Deeks is arguably their best undercover operator. He’s a quick thinker who can be a smarmy businessman, a neurotic federal inspector, or even a homeless man. No one else on the team exhibits his range (something he’s not given nearly…

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KWIKN:  NCIS: LOS ANGELES – "Cancel Christmas"

Tell me, why do we always start on time here in New York City (I know many other places had delays) but never start on time with a new episode?  CBS had a doubleheader on the 18th – bah humbug.

If you’re North Korean spy guy and you know things might be going south, why not carry that anti-poisoning epi-pen in your pocket unless you want to

Granger Danger in the firing range®.  The Giants lost today, I’m amusing myself.

I want a song and dance from Nell this year.  And a festive Red Beats Pill.

Hetty’s red holiday suit and her Christmas tree pin are a wonder to behold.  The white suit from a few years ago was lovely but the red suit is both holiday-ish and a power suit.  Big win.  And Sam is in his red henley.  A festive looking office with Eric’s holiday Hawaiian shirt and Nell’s Christmas sweater.

“Come all this way to slave over a stove” – where do we thing Mrs. Deeks lives?  I’m guessing Santa Barbara or San Diego.  Close but not too close.  Anyone else?

The Mike Hobbs storyline continued through the season seven and if we ever see Jennifer Lee again as part as the mole investigation, season eight.“

I think this is the motel where Kensi and Deeks took Lance Talbot in "Disorder”.  Also where they found the dead guy after Renko died in “San Voir” part one.  Mike Hobbs can pick ‘em.

It wasn’t Baretta who said “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” – it was the theme song to Baretta.  "Eye of the Sparrow“ by Sammy Davis Jr. – great song.  Back when shows had long opening credits and full theme songs.

Again, if you’re spy guy, a sudden pain in the leg after you bumped into a woman, it may not be a Charlie horse.

How much food do we think Eric and Nell sneak into Ops every week?

I liked that Kensi wasn’t leaving the Lam’s gas-filled house until Deeks was making his way out too.  

The Callen-Kim fight was really well done because while there were some shots done by stunt performers, it was Chris O'Donnell and Malese Jow for much of the fight.  Well done show!

If Mike Hobbs didn’t have enough money to catch the crosstown bus, how did he pay for the alcohol and hotel room?   The LA buses can’t be that expensive.

The conversation in the car holds up.  The "delay” in telling Kensi would have worked better if the episodes aired as they were written.  They moved the episodes around for all the right reasons but Deeks wanting to fix things with the PSB, wanting to hang out with Callen, talking about being undercover in “The Long Goodbye” – this was a guy who was working his way back into being the man the team all thought he was.  It would also be close to a month between “IA” and “CC” instead of a week.

That suit fits Hobbs way to well for something Callen got out of wardrobe.  Mike Hobbs’s body type isn’t like anyone else’s in the office.  Not even close.

The Jennifer Kim timeline is a mess.  From “Granger, O.”, it seemed like he was an absent parent.  Here, it seems like he just figured out an old hook-up had a surprise nine-months later.

Sugar high Eric and Nell love puppies.

You would think a spy wouldn’t wear such a loud sports coat.

Michelle’s mother is a Christmas.  Think Mom Michelle told her daughter she needed hip surgery so Michelle would be away from home when Sam had to save Aiden?  

Eric and Nell do look adorable in their Toys for Tots costumes.

Callen gets a little holiday cheer to wrap up the day.

Does anyone not think Hetty spent the day finding out who Jennifer Kim and her mother are?

I’m a sucker for holiday episodes (except for The X Files, where awful things happen every holiday).  The program’s holiday episodes – “Brimstone”, “Disorder”, “Higher Power”, “Free Ride”, “Merry Evasion”, “Humbug” and now “Cancel Christmas” were all good episodes.  They all had good plots.  They all had storyline threads that became more down the road.

“Brimstone” and “Disorder” were about introducing Jack, “Free Ride” foreshadowed Kensi’s father’s murder investigation, “Free Ride” had mentions of Sidorov, “Humbug” moved Kensi and Deeks along and introduced Aidan, “Cancel Christmas” introduced Jennifer Kim and had Deeks confess to Kensi about Boyle.  They worked as holiday episodes but were important to the show’s overall storytelling.  There are a whole bunch of mid-March episodes every season that don’t accomplish that.

No preview for the 18th.