NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 8 

Season 7


Good to know CBS is putting the important scenes up on YouTube.

The stripper move with the belt makes the scene.

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Do you think the episode will last 2h or does this count the publicity and it’s 1h30 just like 2 episodes??? I leave in France so it’s out at 2 AM, but I really really want to see it tomorrow morning so I need to know at what time I need to wake up before college haha ;)

NCIS: LOS ANGELES:  “Belly of the Beast” – Act Five

Callen is marching his bad guy to Sam and Deeks when the bad guys show up.  A firefight ensues.  There is an armed drone on its way.  Granger wants Eric and Nell to fire the missile.  There is a debate- Eric can’t kill anyone.  He fires the missile between the bad guys and the team.  

The missile scares off a few but the fight continues.  Sam and Deeks get Kensi away from the fight.    

Granger order Eric to kill the bad guys.  The team will die if they don’t.

A second missile kills the bad guys.  Callen and Asakeem survive.  A helicopter arrives for Kensi and the team.  She’s rushed into surgery.  

Granger, Eric and Nell escape. Hetty sends Nell a text with a chess move – the Queen’s Gambit.

Duggan gets a call about the drone strike, he and his top people take over Ops and find nobody there.  Hetty is in her office.  She takes the entire blame.  Hetty confesses to being the mole – everyone keeps their job, she will hand deliver he confession to the Secretary of Defense.  

Duggan wants Hetty handcuffed – not necessary but he wants it done anyway.  

Kensi is in a coma and she may need brain surgery. Her leg has been stabilized.  She’ll be in the US before the team will – though Deeks wants to travel with her, he can’t.  Asakeem is brought down the hall – Deeks hopes all of this was worth it.

In memory of David M Schneider – the audio tech who died over the summer.  

R. Scott Gemmill gets an Executive Producer credit at the end.  Nice.  

Preview for next week – Lots of action, Hetty in trouble.  Deeks is asking Hetty Kensi (correction) to wake up.  Nell tells Eric how fragile life can be.  

NCIS: LOS ANGELES:  “High Value Target” Teaser/Act One

A large white truck drives up a service ramp to a building.  It is night.   A uniformed man pulls a piece of equipment into the building.  It is a blood bank.  The uniformed man removes a similar piece of equipment and installs the one he brought.  As he is leaving, he is stopped by a doctor.  There is no reason to swap the equipment.  A second man comes and assaults the doctor.  

THEY KEPT THE “SAN VOIR” EXPLOSION – don’t ever leave me.

Callen and Sam walk into the office talking about bucket lists.  Callen doesn’t have one, Sam does.  Kensi has a long one.  Kensi wants to get married, have kids, own a horse, go to Bali.

Deeks is training for a triathlon so Eric sends Callen and Sam off to a suspicious truck with radioactive readings.  Kensi never moves from behind her desk.  

Deeks gets the engagement ring scene.

Callen and Sam are shown cases of saline that were part of a humanitarian shipment that are reading off the charts for radiation.  This is not good.

Hetty gets a call.  OSP – which is supposed to be secret location – has been invaded by a team of investigators looking for the mole.  Their first act – replace Hetty, Granger and the staff.

NCIS: LOS ANGELES:  “Belly of the Beast” – Act Four

Callen is going after Asakeem – Kensi is better off with Sam around.  Sam knows where he thinks Asakeem would go.  Sam tells Deeks he is going to look for something they can make into a stretcher  

While Callen looks for Asakeem, Sam and Deeks take Kensi away from the helicopter.  The bad guys are nearby.

Hetty is in the armory – she’s livid at herself.  Duggan is right – she was bested.  Granger kicks her ass – four of her people are missing.  Hetty tells Granger she has nothing left to give him.  Granger tells her he wasn’t asking for himself – he was asking for the team.  

Eric and Nell find satellite images of the crash site.  They hope the team walked away.  

Callen is attacked by Asakeem.  The two fight and it includes Callen’s rifle firing.  That attacks the bad guys and worries Sam and Deeks.  

Eric and Nell have images of everyone and with the bad guys on their tail – they’re all in trouble.  Eric’s computer beeps – they have approval to rescue the team.  

By the way (1) these two hours flew by and (2) everyone has been uniformly awesome tonight - acting, directing, set design.  Duggan is a comic book character but the scene between Granger and Hetty is worth every minute Duggan was on the screen.  

One act to go

NCIS: LOS ANGELES:  “Belly of the Beast” – Act Two

The helicopter split in two.  Sam is up first and able to get Callen up.  Asakeem is badly wounded.  Kensi and Deeks are missing.  Callen calls for Deeks who yells over here.  

Deeks is putting out a fire.  Kensi is trapped under the helicopter.  Sam and Deeks looks for a lever.  Deeks was blow out of his shoes.  He’s also a little discombobulated.  

Callen comes by – the pilots are dead.  Sam knows the guy who fired the missile is coming their way.  They are going to get Kensi out and

Hetty is emptying her armory items.  Duggan tries to help but Hetty wants no part of hIM.  He makes fun of “the age of poison lipstick and decoder rings.”  He is so insulting – she fought microdots when there was a spy within.  Hetty doesn’t say a word.  Duggan tells Hetty she earned her rest.  If looks could kill, Hetty would have killed him, his family and quite possibly his college roommate.  He cuts his finger on one of leave behinds.

Hetty takes one last look at her office.  Eric and Nell arrive.  They ask Hetty what they can do.  Hetty knows something is wrong – her gut is telling her something is wrong.  They go with her.  

Using leverage, they can’t get Kensi out from under the helicopter.  She keeps apologizing but she just can’t move.  

In the boatshed, the tide is high.  Eric is nervous.  Nell has proof the helicopter went down.  

Callen, Sam and Deeks dig under Kensi but that causes the helicopter to shift on Kensi.  They get the helicopter stable but Kensi is unconscious and ice cold in the desert.  Something is really wrong.