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Chris Jealousy LaSalle

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Title: Chris Jealousy LaSalle

Characters: LaSalle x Reader, Tony, McGee, Abby, Gibbs

Word count: 1,087

Warnings: Fluffish?

A/N: This was requested by @native-snowflake! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

It was no secret that you used to work with Gibbs in Washington D.C..  LaSalle knew that you used to rely on your old teammates here.  When Pride sent you and LaSalle up to D.C. to help Gibbs, he was more than happy to oblige, especially since he was going with you.  Pride knew that he could count on you and LaSalle.  The two of you were a power couple; almost nothing could stop the two of you.

“Are ya excited to see your team again [Y/N],” LaSalle asked as he drove down the road, getting closer to D.C.’s NCIS headquarters.  “Ah know it’s been a few years since ya’ve seen ‘em.”

“I’m sure everyone will be as glad to see me as much as I’ll be glad to see them,” you smiled.  “I can’t wait to introduce you to Abby.  She’s going to go crazy when I tell her you’re my boyfriend.”

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Really (Pride x Reader)

Author’s Note: Just sweet fluff I got inspired to write. Requests are slowly being written I appreciate your patience

GIF: @of-badges-and-guns (Thank you for the gif, I hope you like this story <3)

The sound of Pride’s phone registered vaguely in the back of your mind and you unconsciously snuggled into his chest, burying yourself in the warm covers. Hearing it ring again you patted Dwayne’s arm, “Honey… “

A sleepy hum vibrated through him, causing you to smile softly. “Your phone,” you whispered.

“If we pretend it’s not there it’ll go away,” he mumbled, wrapping his arms around you tighter.

You laughed and turned to pick it up before settling in his arms and kissing him on the nose, he grumbled and accepted it, “Pride.”

He grunted into the phone while his fingers ran along your thighs, he let out a sigh as you stood up and left the bedroom. Leaning back on the headrest, he nodded a few times, “Send me the case files, I’ll start reviewing them.” King hung up just as you strolled back in, carrying two mugs with papers tucked under your arm. Sending a tired grin your way, he took the cup of coffee gratefully and kissed your cheek.

“Ready?” you asked, sitting cross legged and laying a few of the documents onto the sheets.

Dwayne sat across from you running a hand down his face, “Now that you’re here and we have coffee… yea.”

You studied the photos while Pride skimmed the reports, exchanging articles and making comments every so often. A few hours passed and you found yourself sitting in his lap as you glanced at the suspect’s rap sheet. A groan left your lips when you realized you had run out of coffee again, you felt a chuckle rumble through Pride.

“I’ll get some more,” he said pecking your forehead. He scooted off the mattress and made his way downstairs, as he waited for the coffeemaker Pride tiredly rubbed his eyes and ran a hand through his hair. He noticed the clock in the kitchen. 4 AM. Had you both been at this for five hours already? The beep of the machine interrupted his thinking. Pouring the black liquid into the mugs the agent started back upstairs.

The corners of your lips turned up when you heard the creak of the floorboards, you looked up from where you sat on the edge of the bed. Pride bent down and handed you the warm cup, you yawned and smiled while running a hand through his silver hair, playing with the strands. As he enjoyed the comfort of your touch his mind wandered again. You’d been running around with him since seven in the morning yesterday till eight at night and even when you were woken up a few hours after falling asleep exhausted next to him you were loving and patient, staying up and working together. He suddenly moved back causing you to stop and blink in surprise, mumbling your name, taking your hands he knelt down, “Let’s get married.”

“Really Dwayne? What are you talking about?” you asked, a soft laugh escaping your lips.

“Really,” he answered, he was on one knee staring into your eyes. “I realized how lucky I was, it’s 4:10 in the morning, there’s dozens of case files on the bed, we’re running on coffee… but you’re still here and God I love you. So will you marry me?”

Dwayne’s fingers came up to tuck your hair behind your ear, his face a whisper away, and you looked into his eyes, “Yes.” Your hand came up behind his neck to pull him towards you onto the mattress , kissing him; he felt warm against your body and you tasted sweet against his lips. You were breathless, your hands linked around Pride’s neck as his arms supported his weight above you and he stared into your eyes, “I love you,” you murmured.

His fingers caressed your skin and he started to gather the files. “Finish tomorrow?” he asked.

“It is tomorrow.”

He smirked and you reached across his torso, stacking the rest of the papers onto the nightstand next to him, you snuggled into his chest and he rested his chin on your head. “Then good morning Mrs. Pride.”

“Good morning Mr. Pride,” you replied. Dwayne laughed and lifted the blanket, covering the both of you, he drifted off to sleep, knowing he was the luckiest man in the world.

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16 + Dwayne Pride.

My Treat


Originally posted by spaceemonkeyyxd


Summary:  Why is it when you are alone the things you need are always just out of reach?

Pairing:  Dwayne Pride x reader

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count:  343

Reading Time: 1+ minutes-ish

Request: Prompt list requests are closed - new prompt list coming soon.

Prompt: #16. “I’ve got you.” 

A/N:  ♥ Almost caught up on the prompts. Have a few imagines to do as well ♥ Feedback is always  welcomed and requests are open (no prompts), and you can be added to the tag list XoX

Tags: @emilyymichelle @lucifersagents @ncisfanficsandmore @spaceemonkeyyxd @of-badges-and-guns  @criminal-navy-writings 

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C’mon In

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Title: C’mon In

Pairing: Pride x Reader

Word Count: 1,116

Warnings: talk of abuse, angst, fluff, hurt/comfort

A/N: I know it’s late, but I was easily convinced to post this tonight. I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

This was requested by anon: I’d like to request a Pride imagine of the reader going to Pride after their ex beat them and Pride cleaning the reader up and comforting them.

It was late at night and Pride was walking through the squad room.  He stopped to look at your desk.  You had been on edge lately and he was worried about you.  Earlier in the day, you had jumped at his touch.  It broke Pride’s heart.  As much as he wanted to know what was going on, he didn’t want to pry.

“Pride,” you squeaked, standing in the entrance to the office.  You were holding your arms, your keys in your hands.  “I need your help…”

When the agent peered over at you, his eyes grew wide.  You were covered in cuts and bruises.  Your nose and lip were bloody and there was a cut on your forehead.  It didn’t look too deep, fortunately for you.

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Pride Prompt Request

This was requested by an Anon:  15. “Stop distracting me.” and Pride

Word Count: 277

Warnings: angst, fluff, comfort

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Pride’s fingers slid along the piano keys.  He didn’t look up when you closed the door to his living space.  He was too stressed about what had been happening lately.  He had to think of a way to take down Hamilton.  Otherwise things were going to get worse for his team, and New Orleans.

You came up behind him, rubbing his arms slowly.  You expected Pride to say something, but he didn’t say a single word.  You were starting to worry about the agent.  You let your hands slide over his shoulders and onto his chest, where your hands roamed freely.  You could feel him take a deep breath as your hands rubbed against the soft cotton fabric of his t-shirt.

“[Y/N],” Pride mumbled, taking your hands away from his chest.  “Stop distractin’ me.”  It sounded as if he was pleading with you, but you weren’t willing to give up that easily.  You knew that voice all too well.

You walked around the bench he was sitting on and straddled his lap.  You placed your hands on his broad shoulders.  “It looks like you need one,” you spoke softly, meeting his gaze.  He looked drained and exhausted.  “Just relax Dwayne.”

As you leaned in, you could feel his hands rest themselves on your waist.  You pressed your lips against Pride’s.  Your kiss was gentle and loving.  It was what he needed.  You let Pride break the kiss when he wanted to.  

You cradled Pride’s face in your hands, seeing a small hint of a smile.  “Thank ya darlin’,” Pride whispered, leaning in for another kiss.

Whether Pride knew it or not, sometimes he needed a distraction.

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Professor Pride Series Masterlist

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LaSalle’s Confession

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Title: LaSalle’s Confession

Characters: LaSalle x Reader, Loretta, Sebastian, and Pride

Word Count: 1,149

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3 (This was a separate request, but it made a great part two to Damn It, NO!)

This was requested by Anon: LaSalle x reader where you take a bullet for him and the reader almost doesn’t survive but when the reader wakes up after surgery LaSalle and you get like together as a couple and confess that they’re in love with each other

After you were in the ambulance, LaSalle bolted to his truck so he could follow the emergency vehicle.  He knew you were in better hands now, but he wasn’t sure if you were still going to make it or not.

As LaSalle was following the emergency vehicle, he dialed up Pride on his phone.  “Hey King,” LaSalle greeted in the calmest voice he could muster.  The sirens in front of him didn’t help his situation either.  

“LaSalle what’s goin’ on,” Pride asked urgently.  “Is everythin’ alright?”

“Not exactly,” LaSalle stated flatly.  “Those guys at the warehouse shot at us.  We took ‘em all out, but [Y/N] got shot in the shoulder.  I’m behind the ambulance that’s escortin’ her to the hospital.  I called to letcha know what happened and that there’s bodies for ya at the warehouse.  The fourth guy is still missin’.  He wasn’t even there.”

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Surprise Sweetheart

gif is mine

Pairing: Pride x Reader

Word Count: 929

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but I hope you guys enjoy this anyway! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! :)

You were sitting at the table with your laptop, going through emails.  The kitchen had more of a relaxed atmosphere than the squad room did.  It was much easier to go through work-related emails when you didn’t feel like you were still on the job.

Even though the latest case had been wrapped up in the middle of the afternoon, there was always work to be done.  The rest of the team had long gone home, but you always liked to stick around the office.  Your apartment didn’t provide the same homey feeling it used to.  Pride’s place now felt more like home than any place you had ever lived before.

You grabbed the mug next to your laptop, catching a glimpse of Pride through one of the glass panes on the wall.  When he came into the kitchen, he paused in the doorway, sliding his hands into his pockets.  He was wearing a black sweater -which happened to be your favorite sweater of his- and a blue collared shirt underneath, paired with khaki pants.

“Last time I checked, it wasn’t my birthday,” you said as a grin spread across your face.  “Is there a reason why you’re wearing such a nice outfit?”

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The Right Moment

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Title: The Right Moment

Pairing: LaSalle x Reader

Word Count: 927

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by @malindacath: I was wondering if you could do one where Chris LaSalle wants to propose but something keeps getting in his way. Maybe he asks at night while sitting in a swing? I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

It was both a blessing, and a curse to date someone you worked with.  The same went for you and LaSalle.  He never planned on falling in love with you, one day he felt the butterflies in his stomach and it changed everything.  With a push and a shove from both Pride and Percy, a first date happened.  Then another, and eventually there were too many dates to count.

Two years later, you and LaSalle were still happily together.  There were obviously bumps along the road, like in every relationship, but things were going well.  You even moved into LaSalle’s house within the last year.  The two of you worked well together in, and out of the field.

During the last few days, LaSalle had been busy.  He was trying to plan his proposal without you knowing.  Pride was a huge part of you not finding out.   He kept you busy long enough for him to go shopping for a ring.  He wanted to do this right, with his family there to witness the special moment.

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Two Men, One Choice

gif is not mine

Title: Two Men, Once Choice

Characters: Gibbs x Reader, Pride x Reader

Word Count: 1,021

Warnings: fluffish

A/N: This was requested by an anon: a fic where pride and Gibbs loves the same girl and she has to choose between the two. I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much! <3

When Pride chose you to go to Washington D.C., you didn’t think anything of it.  When Gibbs brought you in for a hug and offered his chair to you, you didn’t think anything of that either.  The moment you saw both men look at you with the same look of admiration, that’s when you noticed things were different.  These two men liked you and you were in a tough spot.  They were both attractive and great men.

“I’ve only seen that look a few times [Y/N],” Tony mused, leaning his arms on his desk.  You were sitting on the corner of his desk with your back to him.  “I don’t know much about agent Pride, but Gibbs is definitely giving you heart eyes.”

You turned slightly, slapping the agent’s arm.  “Hush,” you grumbled.  “Don’t you think I know that?”  You folded your arms across your chest.  “What the hell am I going to do now?”

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Pride Prompt Request

This was requested by anon: 145. “Go back to bed.” with Pride? I hope you all enjoy this!

Word count: 242

Warnings: fluffish

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

For the first time in weeks, Dwayne was staying at your place.  It was nice to have dinner and spend time with the agent.  Times like these were few and far in between.  When Pride was with you, time seemed to move too fast.  The two of you were up late last night, and eventually fell asleep at two in the morning.

You rolled over in bed, hoping to snuggle up to Pride, but he wasn’t there.  The spot where he laid was still warm.  You opened your eyes, lifting your head to look around your room.  That’s when you heard a series of footsteps come down the hall.

Pride poked his head into your room, an apologetic smile on his lips.  “Ah hope ah didn’t wake ya [Y/N],” Pride spoke softly.  “Ah got a call this mornin’ and ah gotta case.”  He slowly walked up to your bed, leaning his hands against the mattress.

“So you have to go,” you mumbled, a frown adorning your lips.  It was obvious how tired you were.

“Go back to bed honey,” Pride whispered after he pressed a kiss to your forehead.  “Ah’ll call you when ah’ve got the time.”

“Be careful.”  You placed your hand over his, giving it a squeeze.

“Always am,” Pride smiled.  

As Pride left, he felt a little guilty.  He hated leaving you in the morning like that.  He always found a way to make it up to you.

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Pride & Skin

This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all enjoy this! <3 <3

Word count: 251

Warnings: fluff

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

The sunlight trickled into Pride’s bedroom on an early spring morning.  The agent’s eyes opened slowly, letting the sunlight wake him up.  He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, looking to his right.  A smile spread across his lips as he found you sound asleep next to him.

Last night had been one of the best nights of his life.  It was one he would surely never forget.  Your arm was draped over his chest, your hand resting on his shoulder.  At first Pride observed the way your chest would move up and down slowly as you slept.  

Pride rested his arm next to yours, slowly, and softly caressing your arm.  He wanted to stay like this for as longs as he could.  It felt right for your bare skin to touch his.  No matter what you thought about yourself, Pride knew that you were truly beautiful.

Your eyes fluttered open as you took a small breath, letting it out slowly.  “Good morning,” you spoke, your voice groggy from sleep.

“G’mornin’ [Y/N],” Pride whispered.  “Did ya sleep well?”

“Mhm,” you hummed, a smile spreading across your lips.  You readjusted yourself in bed so that you were at Pride’s level.  You pressed a small kiss to his lips, keeping your head on his pillow.

Pride pulled you closer, feeling the wave of warmth that came from your body.  Your skin felt smooth against him as his hand rested against your back.  He wished he could wake up like this every morning.

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Mornings with Sebastian

gif is mine

Pairing: Sebastian Lund x Reader

Word Count: 1,021

Warnings: Fluff

Requested by @isl3 (I might have misspelled the url, but any way I spell it, it just doesn’t come up, sorry friend): I would love it if you could write something for Sebastian Lund. Just something soft about waking up together and making breakfast and walking a dog along the water? He’s just such a soft boy and the thought of bed head Sebastian makes me want to cry.

Sebastian came home late last night.  You would have stayed up to listen to how the flight home went, but you were too exhausted.  It wasn’t like Sebastian to wake you up in the middle of the night either.  When he eventually got back to his place he quietly settled himself into bed, but not without looking over at you and smiling to himself.

When you woke up the next morning, you rolled onto your other side.  You were glad to see the forensic agent next to you.  He was still sleeping, as you expected him to be.  He was facing you, his body gradually rising and falling as he slept.

As much as you wanted to let him sleep, you couldn’t help yourself.  You reached out and buried your fingertips in his hair.  It was messy and it was practically begging to be touched.  You gingerly ran your fingers through the front of his hair.  It was as soft as it looked.  It brought a smile to your face.

Sebastian inhaled deeply as his eyebrows furrowed together.  “Whatever time it is, it’s too early to be awake,” Sebastian mumbled, his voice coming out groggy and low.  

“Late night huh,” you spoke softly.  You moved a few inches closer, your fingers never leaving his hair, not even for a second.  “What time did you get in last night?”

“Honestly, I didn’t even check,” Sebastian said, blinking his eyes open.  He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and blinked a few more times.  “I figured it had to be late enough if you were already asleep.”

“Yeah, sorry about that,” you apologized, meeting Sebastian’s gaze.  “How was your first case away from home?  Was it exciting?”

“If you count having explosions go off around you exciting, then oh yeah, it was great,” Sebastian remarked with a hint of a smile.  “Personally I like being here more.  Not that I wouldn’t go again, because I totally would, but I prefer to work here in New Orleans, where you are.”

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Pride & Worried

This was requested by anon! I hope you guys enjoy this! :)

(gif is mine)

No one should be expected to smile every second of everyday.  Pride himself couldn’t even pull that off.  Even so, he noticed that there seemed to be a dark cloud looming over your head.  He had yet to see you smile once.  Not even when he greeted you with a kiss as you came into work.

The two of you were alone in the car and he decided now was a good time as any to bring up the subject of your feelings.  The agent took a quick glance over at you before returning his eyes to the road.  “I didn’t wanna say anything in front of the others,” Pride began, “but is everythin’ okay between us?  I didn’t upset you did I?”

You turned your head in Pride’s direction and let your hand fall to your lap.  “What?” you said, your eyebrows furrowing forward.  “Of course not, why would you think that?”

Although it was nice to hear that you weren’t upset with him, he was still worried that there was something you weren’t talking about.  “What’s got you so down baby,” Pride asked.  “I haven’t seen you like this since your momma left town last month.  This isn’t about her is it?”

You shook your head and looked down at your hands.  “No, I’m just not having a great day, that’s all,” you spoke, your voice hushed.  “I’m sorry I made you think it was you.”

Pride reached over to grab your hand.  He brought the back of your hand to his lips and took a brief glance over at you.  “When we get home, I’ll make you some tea and we can relax for the night, okay?”

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A Handsome Lab Geek

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: A Handsome Lab Geek

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader

Word Count: 642

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by @girl-next-door-writes! I hope you all enjoy my FIRST Sebastian Lund fic! It certainly wasn’t easy, but I do like how it came out! I love you all so much! <3

It wasn’t easy being the “nerd” on the team.  He would often anticipate you coming down to the lab.  Most of the time you would flash him a smile, and his heart would race as if he had just finished a marathon.  However, every time you would come down to his lab, you would be with LaSalle.  He felt defeated.  He was hoping that you were coming down there for him, but it seemed like you were there for LaSalle.

You entered the lab, a smile adorning your face.  Sebastian was shocked to not see LaSalle by your side.  This had to be one of the first times that you came to his lab without the agent.

“[Y/N] you came alone,” Sebastian stated, a hint of surprise in his tone.  

“I did,” you affirmed, happily walking over to Sebastian.  “Surprised to see me?”

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Caught in the Rain

gif belongs to child-of-loki-blogs

Title: Caught in the Rain

Pairing: LaSalle x Reader

Word Count: 1,073

Warnings: Angst & Fluff

A/N: I wanted to surprise all of you with something! I want to start writing for LaSalle! So here is a little something I wrote last night.  I hope to get some LaSalle requests <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!! I love you all so much!! <3 <3

The warm rain pelted your skin as you stood outside of LaSalle’s house.  You had only been working here for a year.  Everyone was so welcoming, especially LaSalle.  They made sure you had a place to stay until you eventually had one of your own.  You were supposed to move into your new place this week.  LaSalle was excited to help you move into your new place.  For some reason you didn’t feel the same.

Ever since you moved to New Orleans to be on Pride’s team, LaSalle was always by your side no matter what.  It wasn’t common for you to get that kind of support.  It didn’t help that you felt attracted to LaSalle.  Living with him only made you fall deeper in love with the agent.

LaSalle knew that you suffered from depression and anxiety.  He was always there when you needed him; even if it was late at night.  There were times where he would sacrifice his chance to sleep, just to help you.  On occasion he would let you sleep in his bed.  Those were the nights you loved the most.  When you were with LaSalle, you were happy; you felt like nothing in the world could ever drag you down.  Now you weren’t sure what would happen.  There was no way LaSalle would drive in the middle of the night just to comfort you or calm you down.

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LaSalle Prompt Request

This was requested by @hungrybishop: 10. Stop telling me you’re okay. With LaSalle 😍 

Word count: 426

Warnings: angst/fluff

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

This had been the third night in a row that you would skip going to the bar with the rest of the team.  Everyone assumed that you were tired, but LaSalle was your partner, he knew better.  After he excused himself, he decided to drive to your apartment to check up on you.  He felt as if you were hiding something.

When you opened your apartment door, you were shocked to see LaSalle.  He brushed past you as you closed the door.  “Did you need something Chris,” you asked, turning around and sticking your hands in your pockets.

“Why didn’t’cha come’ta the bar with us [Y/N],” LaSalle questioned.  “This is the third night in a row.  Is somethin’ wrong?”

“No,” you lied.  “I’m okay, everything is fine.”  You looked away from LaSalle.  You wanted to be honest, but how could you?

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Pride Prompt Request

This was requested by Anon: 41. “You’re sweet.” + Pride.

Word count: 231

Warnings: fluff

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

You thought you could get away with being sick.  Not on Pride’s watch.  He ordered you to stay in bed until you were better.  You wanted to be out in the field with your team, but Pride was having none of it.  He did however compromise with you.  Now you were going over case files, finding possible connections to the murder.

The agent poked his head into the bedroom, offering you a warm smile as he walked in with a cup of warm tea.  “Ah thought ya might like somethin’ta drink,” Pride spoke in a low, loving voice.  “How’s it comin’ along [Y/N]?”  Pride laid down at your feet, letting out a long sigh.

“You’re sweet, you know that?”  Once you set your tea on the nightstand, you placed a file on his tummy, smiling confidently.  “That’s your guy.  He’s the connection.”  You retrieved the cup of tea from the nightstand, taking a sip.  He always made the best tea, iced or not.  “How’s the case?”

Pride sat up, reading the file you handed him.  “Well it just got a whole lot easier thanks to you,” Pride smiled.  He got up from the bed, pressing a kiss to your forehead.  “Great work darlin’.”

You sighed contently, gathering the other files beside you and putting them back in the box.  You felt a little better knowing that you helped the team.  

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Professor Pride Week 12

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Title: Professor Pride Week 12

Pairing: Professor!Pride x Reader

Word Count: 1,261

Warnings: fluff

A/N: I know this is a little late, but NEVER FEAR! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

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You thought Dwayne’s reaction to a coffee on his desk would change after all this time, but it never did.  He always smiled at the coffee cup on his desk.  You’d always look down at your laptop and smile to yourself.  There was something about his smile that made it worth it every time.

When Pride set down his coffee, he stepped away from his desk, instantly gaining everyone’s attention.  He always seemed to rub his hands together when he wanted to start class.

“Ah’m gonna give y’all your last assignment for the semester,” Pride announced to the class.  “It’s a pretty simple task.  Ah’m gonna give y’all the whole week to do it.  Just in case you’re tryin’ta finish other class work.”  He waited for the chatter to die down before continuing.  “Ah want y’all to write a report on what’cha’ve learned ‘bout New Orleans.  What have you experienced?  Did somethin’ change your opinion ‘bout New Orleans?  Would ya ever come back to New Orleans on your own?  Why or why not?  I think ya get the gist of it.”  

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Meeting Pride

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Title: Meeting Pride

Pairing: Dwayne Pride x Reader

Word Count: 886

Warnings: FLUFF

A/N: I know it’s late, and I NEVER post this late, but I was encouraged by a close friend to try my hand at writing Pride from NCIS: New Orleans (NOLA). I love Pride because he’s just so adorable. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated. I hope I just didn’t butcher this wonderful man omg. I hope you all enjoy this <3 <3

You strolled into the bullpen, tilting your head to the side.  There was someone unfamiliar standing next to your boss.  Every one of Gibbs’ friends was always a pleasure to meet, but this one was different.  This man was handsome; this man had caught your eye.  He had been watching you since you stepped out of the elevator.  

The strange man pardoned himself from Gibbs, making his way to your desk.  Your cheeks quickly flushed pink.  What should you do?  What should you say?  Why were you so nervous meeting this man?  In the few seconds you had, you pulled yourself together, flashing him a warm smile.

The tall man extended his hand out to you, “hello there miss.  You must be [Y/N] [Y/L/N].  Gibbs told me you apart of his team, but he didn’t tell me how beautiful you are.”  He chuckled at your obvious nervousness, “name’s Dwayne Pride, but most people call me King.”  His smile was contagious; you couldn’t help but smile back at him.

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