ncis season 4

Ten things I thought re-watching NCIS season 4:

1) Jeanne is so manipulative in so many ways. Literally. 

2) Ziva is so in love with Tony.

3) Tiva definitely had sex between s3 and s4

5) Jenny was so awesome (but not a brilliant director not gonna lie)

6) When McGee said that he couldn’t imagine anyone on the team having a baby and not telling the others….

7) Gibbs showing more emotion at Franks’ son’s baby than Tony and Ziva’s child

8) Ziva worrying about Tony’s pneumonic plague is so heartbreaking

9) McGee as Thom E. Genmcity is so cute 

10) That one time Spencer Hastings was in NCIS

You’re making a mistake. You’re gonna wake up in a week or a month and you’re going to realize that you threw away something good, and it’s going to be too late. You know, I realize that there are 3 billion men in the world, and they don’t all have to want me, but you should want me. The fact that you don’t, it just makes me wonder why I just ever wanted you in the first place.

NCIS(season 4, episode 22)

A note to an old lover.