ncis season 2


NCIS: Los Angeles - S8E24 Unleashed - Sneak peek 2 (no geoblock)

Tim: '84 Camaro Z-28 five-speed.

Tony: That’s a smoking-hot car, McGee. What the hell went wrong with you?

Tim: Well, the first day I got behind the wheel… I had a slight thing.

Tony: Head-on?

Tim: I was trying to figure out the wipers… took my eyes off the road for a second. When I looked up, there it was, right in front of me.

Tony: Car.

Tim: Bus. I got a student pass the day I got out of traction.

Tony: *hugs* I didn’t know.

-Season 2 Episode 21, Hometown Hero


DUCKY:  The language of silence may be hard to hear, Caitlin, but unlike the living, when the dead speak they do not lie.

NCIS, Season 2, Episode 2 - “Lt Jane Doe”

(Last night I watched the first few episodes of the serial “King of the Rocket Men”.  I only mention it because one of the main characters was a Dr Mallard!  Unlike his 1940s namesake, Ducky doesn’t have a secret laboratory hidden in a cave, but he is the centre of this episode when he investigates a murder similar to an unsolved case he worked on ten years earlier.) 

It was a good year in Densiland <3

7x01: “I love you”

7x02: “Kensi this is my mom”

7x03: “If you really want to get into my pants”

7x04: “I don’t care where I have breakfast as long as you’re there”

7x05: “You’re shipping us?”

7x06: “That little display of affection last week on Lincoln at the stop light”

7x07: “Love conquers all”

7x09: “You always look good”

7x10: “You’re cute”

7x11: “Do you have any idea how much I love you right know?”

7x12: “Twinkle twinkle little star”

7x13: “God I love when you talk math”

7x14: “We’re moving in together”

7x15: “Me, you, together, lying naked”

7x17: “At least you and I have somebody to go home to”

7x18: “I love you and you know I love you and I love living with you”

7x19: “Was it too crazy for two people to get married?”

7x20: “Roses are red violets are blue…you’re worth it…I love you”

7x21: “The love of my life”

7x22: “A small beach wedding sounds absolutely incredible”

7x23: “You couldn’t make it 2 days, 3 days tops. I’m irresistible, I’m a manimal”

7x24: “I appreciate your stealthy operational skills, Special Agent Blye”