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The Frozen Lake (5x10) - DensiLand: Analysis of all things Deeks & Kensi

The Frozen Lake (5x10)The one about “The Frozen Lake”

Written by: Dave Kalstein  - Directed by: John Peter Kousakis

Author’s note: Quiet possibly the longest analysis post of the entire series (to date). You might want to grab a snack and settle in or possibly tackle it in parts.

As the sun rises, Deeks is diligently hard at work when the guys arrive.
CALLEN: What the…? Anomaly in the room.
SAM: Deeks hard at work. Deeks pulls a face indicating his focused work status shouldn’t be a surprise.

CALLEN: Deeks not talking.
SAM: Interesting.
CALLEN: Mm-hmm. Very interesting.
DEEKS: Interesting? No, no. I’m, uh, not interesting.
SAM: Now that’s interesting.
CALLEN: Don’t mind us, Deeks. The guys sit at their desks.
SAM: Won’t make eye contact.
CALLEN: Elevated heart rate.
SAM: Fidgety–not from the coffee.
CALLEN: Sweaty– and it’s not the climate.
DEEKS: Come on, guys.
SAM: Defensive.
DEEKS: I just… I think that maybe the coffee is just stronger today. Deeks grabs for one of the three(!) cups of coffee on his desk.
CALLEN: Changing the subject. And he’s got some dark rings under his eyes.
KENSI: Naturally, Morning. Deeks looks to her cautiously before averting his eyes back to his work.
SAM: Your partner’s acting weird.
KENSI: My partner is weird.

CALLEN: She has a point.
SAM: Oh, he’s unresponsive.
CALLEN: Creative avoidance. To Kensi, What do you think? Kensi literally shrugs it off.
SAM: Isn’t that the same shirt you had on yesterday? Kensi gives a wide-eyed look of tempered fright to Sam, but remains silent.

CALLEN: Wow. This is a first. Neither of you have anything to say.
KENSI: No, no, I… Deeks moves to respond, but is interrupted by Eric’s whistle.
ERIC: Case on deck– quick briefing, and then our day gets tactical.
Densi each rises and heads to Ops, but halts when nearing each other.
DEEKS: Motioning her forward, Go ahead.
KENSI: It’s ok.
DEEKS: No, go ahead.
KENSI: That’s right.
DEEKS: No, go ahead.
KENSI: Sorry.
DEEKS: No, I think you should go first, ‘cause we should go to ops…
KENSI: Okay.
DEEKS: …separately. Sam smirks as Callen chuckles.
SAM: Smiling the entire time, No… no…no!
Hetty observes from the balcony above.

Ok. So let’s see if we can work our way through the scene before I get into my continuation of the “End of ‘Recovery’” analysis. How’s that sound? So, Deeks in early. Deeks focused on work. Deeks quiet. Any one of these things would tip off the guys, but together is a screaming neon sign that something is amiss. The way Sam and Callen effortlessly rip Deeks apart bit by bit is actually warranted. It’s as if laid-back California surfer has had a personality transplant. Seriously? What happened to our beloved Master of Undercover? Apparently when the issues are core to his personal life, his secret thoughts and emotions, all sense of professional disposition is wholly elusive. Forget about simply a crack in his expected demeanor. No. The rambling is the only tell we really need. (Actually I’m surprised the expressive scratch to his head or face is absent.) All the rest simply compounds the situation. This is more akin to Superman trapped in a cage of Kryptonite.

Speaking of Kryptonite, in walks his partner, who Deeks notably does not greet and sneaks only the briefest of glances. Kensi plays her role exponentially better than her partner as she easily responds with a traditional dig at the detective with “My partner is weird.” (A favorite Densi line of mine, FYI.) However, Kensi’s façade is quickly failing as well when she’s unsure of how to respond to Deeks’ behavior (or lack thereof). Perhaps she expected him to be his “normal” self – or at least pull off a believable facsimile.

Then like a targeted heat-seeking missile (& by now their temperatures are surely rising), Sam hits the bull’s-eye of the target with an inquiry about Kensi’s shirt. Busted. Kensi’s likely so in her own head, she’s ill-prepared to fight off the morning onslaught of her senior teammates.

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If you ever feel bad about yourself remember that if you were a fictional character people would probably love you for all your flaws and quirks and mannerisms that you probably hate.

After a night of Wyatt saying “ dada please hold you” between the hours of 2am and 5am ..Wyatt ran out first thing this morning and played in delilahs water .. He Threw a glove in the toilet .. dumped an entire box of pepper all over our room and closet and said “mama get it with vacuum” … Then he peed on the floor, dumped his cup of milk in the kitchen and is now reading a book about trucks … It’s 8:15#ihaventhadcoffee #toddlers#momsgetit #littlebear #isitnaptimeyet ? - Sarah Wright Olsen’s instagram

My problem isn’t that my favourite characters aren’t real; it’s that I’m not fictional. I don’t want them to be real. What I desperately wish is that I could be fictional with them. It’s not that I want them here with me in this mundane and ordinary world; it’s that I want to join them in their extraordinary one


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Speculation, speculation...

Regarding the upcoming episodes and the writers and spoilers we have so far, I thought about how everything could work out…:

7x01 (season premiere, the Gemmill/JPK epi) starts as a usual case but sooner or later we’re being reminded of the IA thing (tension is building up). The end should be a little cliffhanger leading up to the events of the second episode.

7x02 (Kalstein/Laneuville) Here it’s being revealed what Deeks is hiding/unexpected turn. How much of a game changer it is (and how much Khanstein is advertising himself) remains to be seen. I guess the ending is open as Deeks is being forced to make a decision (the decision could be the game changer too and not what’s being revealed btw).

7x03 (produced as 6x23) The Tony episode. I don’t think Deeks is being suspended, we saw him with Tony in the field and tvline announced fun stuff. I doubt a suspended Deeks is up for fun stuff and Tony has no obligation to visit someone at home he doesn’t even know and give him a pep talk. Being aired as the 3rd episode would also give the mothership time to recover from whatever is going to happen with Gibbs in their season premiere so Tony has time to come to LA. I think in one way or the other Tony will help Deeks to come to a decision, which should happen towards the end of the episode.

7x04 episode 150. I guess we all think this is gonna be Callen-centric and I think so too. The IA stuff should mostly end with ep 7x03 but maybe we’re gonna get repercussions resulting out of Deeks’ decision.

7x05 (produced as 6x24) The epi COD directed. This is pretty much open story wise. But depending what happens to/with Callen in the episode before, it could serve as an explanation if COD isn’t in this one too much. Maybe a Sam-centric episode, as chrisodonline suggested, would make sense here..

These are just guesses. In November we can all meet again and laugh about what I just wrote…

ETA: Thanks to chrisodonline I just realized I messed up the episode order. Ep 150 will be the 6th to air. Not the 4th. Oh well… I should really eat during my lunch break and not muse about tv shows and their episode orders…