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For anon…enjoy!

“So, I might be able to stop by,” your boyfriend stated over the phone.
“Really?” you asked in surprise, “Are you sure your boss won’t mind?”
You could hear his smile through the phone. “That’s actually why I’m in town.”
“You’re already in town?” you chittered.
“Yeah. Driving to work right now, actually.”
Tony, your coworker, drove over a speed bump. “Ow!”
“What? What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, Spence. My idiot coworker decided to speed over a speed bump.”

You smacked Tony’s chest from the passenger seat. He smirked while raising a brow. You rolled your eyes. You realized how close you were to the crime scene.

“I have to go,” you told Spencer, “I’ll call later so we can meet up.”
“Of course,” he agreed before whispering, “I love you.”

You smiled softly before remembering your coworkers were in the same car.

“You too,” you stated shortly, “I’ll see you later.”

With that, you hung up. Feeling Tony and Ziva’s stares on you made you sigh.

“You seeing someone, Y/N?” Tony teased.
You clenched your jaw to hide the blush. “Shut up, DiNozzo.”
Ziva laughed. “He’s incapable.”
“I’m just curious about this ‘Spence’ you were talking to,” the man defended, “Nothing wrong with learning a little about each other’s personal lives.”

You and Ziva shared a devious glance. She leaned forward, arching a brow.

“Is that so, Tony?”
The man nodded. “Yeah. It’s like learning each others favorite colors.”
“So,” you began to drawl, “you wouldn’t mind sharing where you sprinted off to last night?”
“More like leapt,” Ziva chimed.
Tony swallowed, parking the car. “Oh look, we’re here.”

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Gif source:  Tony  |  Spencer

Imagine Tony thinking it’s crazy that you’re so flustered around Spencer Reid since you’re usually so confident.

——— Request for anon ———

“I just don’t get it,” DiNozzo sighs as he leans a little too comfortably on your desk, distracting you from your shy glances towards the conference room where the BAU had set up. “You’ve always had an ego to rival my own, but as soon as that lanky one walks off the elevator, you’re mush!”

“Shut up, Tony!” you hiss, tearing your eyes away from Dr. Reid and towards your coworker to level him with a sharp glare.

“Hey, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were into him or something,” DiNozzo shrugs, only for his eyes to widen in shock as a flustered blush spreads over your face. “No way! You really are into the brainiac Fed?”

Gibbs x reader: He's not my boyfriend

Fandom: NCIS, Criminal Minds
Characters: Tony, Hotch, Gibbs, Mcgee, mentions of other people
Warnings: fluff, few seconds of angst, jealous Gibbs, Swearing(I said ass like one time), i think that’s it
Word count: 2,299
A/N: I thought of this watching SVU, weird right? Sorry if this sucks I’m bad at writing. Tell me if you see any mistakes.

You were sitting at your desk finishing up some paperwork. The office was quiet that day, no new cases, no annoying suspects that won’t cooperate. Just peace. You stood up to give Gibbs the file as you spotted Tony on his phone.

“Tony, did you know that-”

“That I don’t care?” he cut you off. How rude.

“Hurtful Tony, Hurtful,” you turned to him, put a hand over your heart and responded sarcastically. Tony was about to come back with some smartass retort when-

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Imagine the NCIS team believes Gus to be the prime murder suspect

An NCIS psych crossover maybe where they think Gus did it since they came over and the reader says he couldn’t because be runs and screams or faints when he sees a dead body?… ~requested by @janetthegiantt

“Y/n!” Gibbs barked at you as he reared into the bull pen, “Update!”

“No suspects as of now, sir” You replied, wincing as turned toward you (he hadn’t had his coffee yet and things were not faring well for the people around him for the rest of the day, that was obvious).

“What about Guster? The psychic’s assistant?”

You almost laughed at the though of Gus J-walking, let alone killing somebody, “We used to work together back in Santa Barbara and he would faint at the mere sight of a dead body. And when I interviewed him, he claimed that he was stuck at his office trying to keep his business partner from doing a taco eating contest with himself.”

Gibbs wasn’t sure how to respond, just glared a lot and took an angry sip of his coffee, “McGee, tell me you got something more.”


For @bear105…reader is a genius as requested. Enjoy!

“So,” Y/N drawled as they twirled in her chair, facing Tony, “when you say cooked, you mean…?”
“Fried,” Tony replied, looking disgusted, “Shriveled. Barely recognizable.”

Y/N cringed as Ziva quirked a brow. Tim looked down. He glanced around at his coworkers.

“I can’t imagine how that felt,” Tim commented.
“Not pleasant,” Y/N commented, “I mean, an oven is bad enough, but a flamethrower?”
“I was twelve,” Tony rebutted, “and it was an accident.”
Ziva chuckled. “Tell that to the bird.”

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Gif source:  Gibbs  |  Hotch

Imagine being part of Gibbs’ team and he’s always looked out for you because he’s secretly into you, but when the BAU gets consulted on a case, he gets jealous of the time you’re spending with FBI SSA Hotchner.

——— Request for anon ———

Gibbs had been prickly about it from the get-go, but you chalked it up to Gibbs being generally prickly as it was. Maybe it was the fact that the BAU unit chief reminded him of a lawyer or maybe it was the fact that he never really liked colluding with the Feds anyway.

Either way, Gibbs had given you the job of babysitting the profilers while this joint task-force of the FBI and NCIS lasted the duration of this case. What Gibbs hadn’t anticipated was that you would spend as much time as you did with the unit chief, SSA Hotchner.

And he didn’t like it one bit.

“Let’s go,” Gibbs orders as he grabs his creds off his desk at the first sign of a viable suspect’s location, thanks to McGee and Penelope’s hard work tracking down a phone call that had been encrypted and hidden through cell towers all around the world.

DiNozzo and Ziva are hot on his heels, scooping up their own things at the sound of your boss’ word, “Yes, Boss!”

You ask, “Should I inform the BAU?”

Gibbs doesn’t spare a glance as he brushes by you quickly, calling over his shoulder, “I don’t care.” You get an apologetic look from Ziva and a confused shrug from DiNozzo as the pass you by; clearly you were in the dog-house for some reason.

“What did I do?” you ask McGee as you watch your team file into the elevator without you.

“Who knows,” McGee sighs, nodding his head towards the area the BAU had set up in. “Might as well go tell Agent Hotchner about our lead just in case. Then, run after the boss.”

The Best Friend and the Boyfriend: An NCIS/CM Crossover

Ok so I wrote a little NCIS/Criminal Minds crossover fic based on this picture here:

So Derek is your best friend and Gibbs is you boyfriend and they’re meeting for the first time. I just had to write it because the group chat needed it lmao. Anyway, here it is! Enjoy!

“So,” Derek said, approaching you and your boyfriend with a wide smirk, “This is the infamous Gibbs, is it?”

“Yep,” You smiled at your boyfriend’s name, allowing Gibbs to throw a protective arm around your shoulders, “This is Jethro,”

“You must be Derek,” Gibbs said, offering his free hand to your best friend in welcome.

When their individual hands retreated, Morgan narrowed his eyes at Gibbs, looking your boyfriend up and down, sizing him up, his smirk never diminishing for a second, “Alright. Hey, man. Can I talk to you for a second?” He said

You glared at Derek, knowing full well what he was about to say to your boyfriend. How couldn’t you? He was being pretty obvious about it. But when you snuck a glance at Gibbs, he seemed ok with what was obviously about to happen, his expression unchanging.

Gibbs nodded in response, “Sure,” He pressed a gentle kiss to the top of your head, “I’ll be back, babe,” Gibbs unwound his arm from around you before following Derek away.

“Listen,” Derek turned around to face Gibbs a few yards away from you, out of earshot, his joyful smirk replaced by stone, “Y/n is my best friend, and if you hurt her, if you lay even a finger on her, I swear to God, I will make you regret it,”

“I understand your concern, Derek,” Gibbs said earnestly without a moment’s hesitation, “But you don’t have to worry about me. I care about y/n more than you could imagine. I’m not going to do anything to hurt her,” Gibbs matched Morgan’s confident stance.

For a moment, they just stared at each other, Derek deciding if Gibbs was really telling the truth, as Gibbs made sure not to give him anything to cause doubt. It was a stand-off of the greatest and strongest, but after a moment the tense questions hovering in the dense air melted away, and Derek broke the silence. 

“Alright,” Derek softened, allowing his easy smile to return. He pressed his fists to Gibbs’s chest in friendly acceptance, watching as a relieved smile devoured Gibbs’s face as well.

Even though Gibbs oozed confident nonchalance, he had known how much Derek meant to you, and if Derek were to tell you that he disapproved of your new boyfriend, then you would most likely dump him at the drop of a hat. But that didn’t seem to be a problem anymore. Derek approved.

Morgan wrapped a friendly, almost brotherly arm around Gibbs’s shoulders as the two of them began to wonder back to you, “Y/n tells you do some wood working, huh?”

“Yeah, I’ve been working on a boat in my basement. You renovate houses, right?”

“Oh yeah, a little something here and there, mhm,” Derek answered modestly as the two of them approached you.

“So?” You asked immediately, waiting impatiently as Gibbs wrapped his arm around you again.

They both chuckled at your unease, “This one’s a keeper, y/n,” Derek reassured you with a laugh

Your best friend watched kindly as Gibbs pressed another loving kiss your cheek, still smiling “Alright you two, get a room why don’t you,”

Cecile sees the glass as half full. I see it as half empty. That’s why we make a great team. Kit, on the other hand, just drinks right out of the bottle. Kirsten wonders why it has to be glass. And Felicity usually breaks the glass by putting her feet up on the table.
—  Marie-Grace Gardner, at some point probably

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YOU LIKE NCIS?!!? AWESOME! about the FMA crew as the NCIS crew.

This ask is SO old omg. And I thought about it for so long!! But in my opinion, this is the best way for a crossover:

Except for maybe Ed whose character is literally so unfitting for McGee…but Al doesn’t get mocked by Roy and Ed’s with Winry, so…ehhh whateverrr

Matthew Gray Gubler follows Michael Weatherly on Twitter; Brian follows Kirsten; Michael follows Matthew and Paget on Twitter; Renee, Michael, Pauley, all follow Matthew; Wilmer follows Adam; Matthew took a pic with Pauley like it was no big deal; and Shemar of all people follows NCIS and Pauley on Twitter.

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All the more reason to do a crossover.

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Am I the only one who desperately wants a NCIS/Criminal Minds crossover episode!? I want to see Alvez and Torres interact 😂

they would definitely act like Nick and Clayton, trying to be alpha males and shit

Food for thought...

Really contemplating whether or not I should let you guys read the first paragraph (or first few) of the NCIS/SPN crossover. Treat as maybe a little teaser because it’s been so long since I’ve posted. But I don’t know. I suppose like this post or reblog or whatever, if you want a teaser.

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Blindspot and NCIS fanfic crossover idea

So just reading some NCIS Gabby fics (yes I ship Gibbs and Abby) and she made a joke about conjugal visits with her babies and my mind flashed to Rich Dotcom which gave me a thought. What if NCIS teamed up with the NYO plus Rich on a case? I totally see Rich getting along with Abby and Tony, as well as Jane and Abby bonding over tattoos. I also see Gibbs and Kurt getting along well together especially when it comes to Rich lol and Gibbs head slapping people lol and Kurt picks it up.