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What about one where the reader is Tony DiNozzo's sister, and married to Shawn, and gets shot?? Happy ending please w. some fluff maybe???

The two men in your life were having a staredown. Tony narrowed his eyes as he judged Shawn. He didn’t like Californians. And now his sister was married to one.
Shawn smiled coyly. “Are we having an eye battle, or are we eye lovemaking?”
Tony’s eyes slightly widened, but he didn’t let it phase him. “I’m just sizing you up.”
“Well, don’t forget my hair.” Tony’s brother in law reached up and smoothed back his locks. Tony grimaced. Great. Californians.
“Mister Spencer?” A nurse asked as He approached.
Shawn and Tony sprung up. “Yes?” They both said.
“I’m her husband.”
“And I’m her brother.”
The nurse nodded and looked down at his clipboard. “We removed the bullet from (Y/N) and stopped the blood loss, so she’s stable now. She’s in and out of conciseness. She said if you were both here,” he flipped another page. “You needed to get along or she would die.”
“Mm, she’s always been extreme.” Shawn nodded. “Especially when it comes to food. (Y/N)’s very passionate about gummy worms. Did you know that, Tony?”
Tony’s brows raised as the nurse walked away. Was… was this guy SERIOUSLY challenging him? “Yeah. Sour only. No gummy bears unless she’s sad.”
This time, Spencer was the one who looked slightly surprised. “Cheese?”
“On salad and soup, orange is fine. On sandwiches, white only.”
“She’s a little racist about her cheese colors.” Shawn leaned a little to Tony’s face. “What about onions?”
“Soft. No crunch.”
Shawn and Tony stared for a little while more, then sat back down. Even though they’d clash, maybe they could bond over one thing: how much you mattered to them.


For anon…enjoy!

“So, I might be able to stop by,” your boyfriend stated over the phone.
“Really?” you asked in surprise, “Are you sure your boss won’t mind?”
You could hear his smile through the phone. “That’s actually why I’m in town.”
“You’re already in town?” you chittered.
“Yeah. Driving to work right now, actually.”
Tony, your coworker, drove over a speed bump. “Ow!”
“What? What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, Spence. My idiot coworker decided to speed over a speed bump.”

You smacked Tony’s chest from the passenger seat. He smirked while raising a brow. You rolled your eyes. You realized how close you were to the crime scene.

“I have to go,” you told Spencer, “I’ll call later so we can meet up.”
“Of course,” he agreed before whispering, “I love you.”

You smiled softly before remembering your coworkers were in the same car.

“You too,” you stated shortly, “I’ll see you later.”

With that, you hung up. Feeling Tony and Ziva’s stares on you made you sigh.

“You seeing someone, Y/N?” Tony teased.
You clenched your jaw to hide the blush. “Shut up, DiNozzo.”
Ziva laughed. “He’s incapable.”
“I’m just curious about this ‘Spence’ you were talking to,” the man defended, “Nothing wrong with learning a little about each other’s personal lives.”

You and Ziva shared a devious glance. She leaned forward, arching a brow.

“Is that so, Tony?”
The man nodded. “Yeah. It’s like learning each others favorite colors.”
“So,” you began to drawl, “you wouldn’t mind sharing where you sprinted off to last night?”
“More like leapt,” Ziva chimed.
Tony swallowed, parking the car. “Oh look, we’re here.”

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Imagine being a member of Gibbs’ team while NCIS and the BAU are working together on a terrorism case involving a marine, so you get loaned out to the BAU and Hotch calling Gibbs when a bomb goes off with you inside the building, and they’re both really worried because they’re both in love with you.

——— Request for anon ———

“She didn’t get out in time, Gibbs,” Hotch’s voice through the phone is raised to be heard over the chaos, and quick due to the fact that he had to make it quick before he could get back to the crisis at hand. “Her radio’s silent. We don’t know if she’s hurt or not yet, but with the way that building collapsed, the area she’s in was the only part still standing, so we’re hoping for the best.”

Gibbs keeps his composure much better than he feels at hearing the news of your status, wishing immediately he hadn’t let the Director talk him into loaning you out to BAU for this case, “My team will keep working on our end, but I’m coming down there.”

Hotch doesn’t argue, “Alright. I’m sending Penelope to see what she can do to help McGee on tracking that terrorist.”


For @bear105…reader is a genius as requested. Enjoy!

“So,” Y/N drawled as they twirled in her chair, facing Tony, “when you say cooked, you mean…?”
“Fried,” Tony replied, looking disgusted, “Shriveled. Barely recognizable.”

Y/N cringed as Ziva quirked a brow. Tim looked down. He glanced around at his coworkers.

“I can’t imagine how that felt,” Tim commented.
“Not pleasant,” Y/N commented, “I mean, an oven is bad enough, but a flamethrower?”
“I was twelve,” Tony rebutted, “and it was an accident.”
Ziva chuckled. “Tell that to the bird.”

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Tony DiNozzo and Jimmy Palmer visit Dr Phil.

I … just … I love this, please let there be more

Food for thought...

Really contemplating whether or not I should let you guys read the first paragraph (or first few) of the NCIS/SPN crossover. Treat as maybe a little teaser because it’s been so long since I’ve posted. But I don’t know. I suppose like this post or reblog or whatever, if you want a teaser.

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  • [Pride shows Brody a folder]
  • Pride: Why didn't you say something?
  • Brody: Say what, exactly? I saw the bomber on board the U.S.S. Moultrie and I froze?
  • Pride: Well, maybe, sure
  • Brody: Hi. I'm Special Agent Brody from the Great Lakes Office. You might want to watch your back. My reaction time can be unpredictable.
  • Pride: Now, see, that's not what I...
  • Brody: I drew my gun, sir. He hit the button first.
  • Pride: Like Jeopardy?
  • Brody: What?
  • Pride: The game show. Believe what you want, but some folks say the buzzers don't work right away. Alex Trebek gives the answer, we see them pushing their buttons crazy fast -- nothing. Doesn't mean they didn't have the right question. Some folks just have better buttons

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“The thing is, officer, I didn’t mean to break his arm,” Jo told him, her voice softer and higher pitched than her natural tone. She was twirling a  strand of hair around her finger, trying to look as sweet and innocent as possible.

“My men find that a little hard to believe, Miss…” the officer trailed off, waiting for her to fill in the blank.

“Kaine,” Jo lied easily. “Amy Kaine. And I promise I didn’t mean to. I mean… the guy’s twice my size. It was an accident, honest!” It hadn’t been an accident, far from it. Had she known an off-duty cop was in the store she wouldn’t have reacted quite so violently but… the man had smacked her ass and ever since Very Special Agent DiNozzo made an appearance in her life, things had gotten complicated. Which is exactly why she was trying to get away from DC as quickly as possible.

“Right. Miss Kaine. And you don’t have any form of identification because…?” The man was going over questions she’d already been asked before and it was starting to annoy the crap out of her.

“I told the other guy… Officer Brady? Not nearly as handsome as you, mind but… like I told him, I lost my wallet a couple days ago and haven’t gotten around to replacing anything yet,” Jo lied yet again, pouting a bit. “It was my favorite wallet, too.”

Before the officer could say anything else, a knocking on the glass interrupted him, causing him to narrow his eyes. “Just a moment,” he grumbled before slipping out of the interrogation room.

things that could easily come out of a proper scorpion/ncis la crossover:

toby and deeks having a sass off, then finding out they both bought their girlfriends engagement rings from shady characters in parking lots

cabe and sam bonding over their shared military histories

sly and eric completely geeking out over comics and tech together

walter, callen and sam getting into constant arguments but they eventually start to respect him because he does shit like jumping onto moving trains

cabe, hetty and granger standing around like OH SHIT WHAT ARE THESE KIDS GETTING INTO NOW

happy and kensi kicking ass while simultaneously rolling their eyes at their ridiculous boyfriends/fiancés

NCIS/Supernatural Crossover...

I just really wanna write about a dick measuring contest between Dean and DiNozzo. Honestly…like…

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I need it like air…honestly. Someone who is more talented than me should do this. Please…pretty please. Back me up on this @theerinpage