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Do you know some good fanfics with Hotch? Only famale/male. Thanks a lot xx

Hey anon, I’m so sorry I’ve taken so long to answer this, with everything that’s happened I just haven’t been able to and I wanted to try and get some sleep first to see if I feel better. But I’m pretty obsessed with Hotch reader inserts, so i can point you (and anyone else who’s interested) to a few blogs that have some good Hotch fics. Some of the fics on these blogs are fluff and/or comfort(which I think we could all use right now) and some are smut and some have some angst (they usually warn you if they have angst though). Most of them are female/male as well, I think I’ve only really seen maybe one or two reader inserts with Hotch that aren’t. Most of these have masterlists as well, so you can just go to their lists and look up Aaron Hotchner to find what you’re looking for and for the ones who don’t you can search the tags on their blogs for aaron hotchner imagine, aaron hotchner x reader, aaron hotchner, hotch x reader and tags like that.

 @kaunis-sielu has tons of Hotch fics on her blog, most of them are more fluffy with a few that have a little bit of smut here and there, but not a lot. @wrecklessimagine has some good stuff, some smut, some fluff, some really angsy stuff (just a warning). @criminallysupernatural has great stuff, mostly fluff, a couple smutty ones. @imaginingcriminalminds has all sorts of stuff, they post fics and imagines that people submit for all the characters, but they have a masterlist so you can look up just the Hotch ones. @x-criminalminds-x has good ones, no smut, just fluff. @timeforsmut has some great smut, like “I need a cold shower now” smut, just go to her masterlist and look up Aaron Hotchner and have fun. @dirtyimaginecriminalminds also has plenty of smutty stuff, with a little bit of fluff in the odd corner. @cm-ncis-writings has some Hotch stuff, cute preferences/headcanons and some smut. @zugzwangcm has some, a mix of cute and some kinda smutty ones. @profiler-in-training has written some really great and cute Hotch fics.

There are a whole bunch more blogs that post Hotch fics and imagines, these were just the ones that I thought of off the top of my head. You can also go to the tumblr search bar and search with keywords like aaron hotchner imagine, aaron hotchner x reader, hotch x reader, hotch reader insert and stuff like that. I hope this helps!