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Okay, this is literally a oneshot that just looks at the immaturity of the Titans.

Might seem ooc or very unlikely but it really is just a humour piece. Don’t read too much into it.

It’s modelled after one of my favourite scenes of NCIS. It’s flippin’ hilarious and I found myself wondering what it would be like with our fave hero network. It would probably help to go and watch the scene I am talking about just so the context is kinda backing it up.


I just don’t want people commenting like oh my god, it isn’t something to joke about. I know but for this particular scene; it really is funny, especially if you are invested in NCIS as a show, like moi.

It is purely being written because it reminds me of some kind of high school situation.

The big screen buzzed with light as yet another slide appeared before them all.

Superman cleared his throat and turned to face them, with the remote still in hand, pressing a button to turn on the lights in the room.

“As you can all see from the presentation, there are many forms of harassment in the workplace that can go somewhat… unnoticed. These little signs shouldn’t go without being addressed when you feel uncomfortable.” He paused and glanced over the faces staring back at him.

Rows of Titans sat there, staring back at him as he spoke. Their expressions varied from mildly interested to absolutely bored senseless. And, Superman was fairly certain he could hear snoring but he wasn’t sure who exactly it was.

Cyborg sighed, his fingers clasped together atop of the small desk he had been sat at. He was struggling but his eyes were on the Kryptonian as he continued to drone on about the topic at hand. They had all, needless to say, been reluctant to turn up to the watchtower this morning for the mandatory meeting.

The league had suggested that they were all very young still, despite being in their early 20’s and needed to be made aware of the dangers that can occur in the workplace; even if the occupation in question was a superhero.

There was a whole bunch of meetings like this they still had to look forward to such as health and safety, performance issues, discrimination… things like that. Things that normal, white collared folks usually had to worry about.

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Incorrect L&C

Lucy: Do you remember the good old days?

George: What good old days?

Lucy: When Lockwood would confide in us and treat us like peers.

George: No.

Lucy: Good, I thought I was the only one.

Indescribable Abnormalities

honestly i’m not sure where i got this idea but like what if nico and will were both parts of a bank robbery when they were, like, 7 and afterward at the station they refused to leave each other’s sides and like what if nico went to live with will or something afterward and now they’re virtually inseparable? so i decided to write it. 3732 words

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  • [Terra returns to the Titans]
  • Beast Boy: Everybody else gave you up for dead, even Robin.
  • Robin: Okay, so I may have acted a little hastily.
  • Terra: That’s my letter opener.
  • Robin: Excellent balance and weight. The edge is a little dull, but I’ve always admired it.
  • Terra: Where’s my American Pie coffee mug?
  • Beast Boy: Cyborg.
  • Terra: Mighty Mouse stapler?
  • Beast Boy: Starfire... hey, Star.
  • [Starfire is attempting to return the stapler to Terra’s room when she’s spotted]
  • Starfire: My dear friend, I never believed it for a moment! Welcome home!
The Boys of NCIS

It’s late. You’ve all been working for what feels like three days straight and you still can’t find the jackass. Gabe Hensen. Wanted for stalking and killing a petty officer in the US Navy. Poor girl must have been terrified, knowing he was out there, watching her, never knowing when she was safe. At least you had the Navy Yard. She had to have been counting down the days until her ship was deployed. Unfortunately Hensen decided to strike before it set sail and now here you, Tim, Torres and Gibbs were. Ellie and Quinn were out chasing a possible sighting while you and the boys continued to try and track Hensen down via technology, or in Gibbs case a file folder.
“Okay. I need coffee.” Torres says with a groan before standing up and tossing his now empty cup into his trash can. “Anyone else?” You raise your hand and when you glance up you can’t help but smile at the other two hands in the air.
“I’ll come with.” You offer, it’ll be nice to stretch your legs a little bit.
You and Torres walk down to the break room together, the building is so empty, then again it is nearly 3am. Neither you or Nick speak until you get to the coffee maker and find the pot is empty.
“¡Maldito sea!” Nick curses, you don’t speak Spanish but you’ve worked with him long enough to know the swear words and insults. That one means damn it.
“It’s fine. At least it’ll be fresh.” You tell him getting started on a new pot, “and this way we can bring the whole thing to our section.” You point out with a half smile. Nick is still swearing softly under his breath while the larger thermos like coffee maker gets to work heating and straining the coffee.
“How are you doing? Things better?” Nick asks in a surprisingly open moment from him.
“I’m good.” He looks at you skeptically, “I swear. He was getting creepy about our relationship. We only dated for like, two months and he already told me he loved me, asked me to move in with him and told me he wanted me to have his babies.” Torres jerks his head back in surprise and you laugh softly.
“Okay I can see why you’d be fine. You were sad for a while.”
“I wasn’t sad.”
“Um. I caught you crying.”
“I was, I was scared Nick. He was following me. Calling me, sending me emails.”
“Did he threaten you?”
“No. Of course not. If he had I would have told you guys.” The coffee maker signals that it’s finished and you grab the cups, sugar and creamers while Nick takes the coffee and the two of you head back to the bull pen. You don’t notice the third person standing there talking with Director Vance until you round the corner. Vance sees you and nods in your direction and the man turns.
You freeze where you’re standing and Torres almost collides with you.
“Whoa!” He says side stepping you before looking down at your suddenly pale face. Gibbs and McGee are both looking your way too, it seems to click for Torres first. He steps in front of you, blocking Jamie’s view of you. “What do you want?” He growls.
“Agent Conway is here to help with the case Agent Torres. He said he had some leads.” Vance tells him, looking a bit perplexed.
“Yea leads to where his ex was and how to stalk her.” Torres growls and you hear two desk drawers slide open.
“Stalking?” Jamie laughs, “What is he talkin about babe?”
“You don’t get to talk to her.” Gibbs snaps drawing Jamie’s attention to him while you and Nick put everything you’re carrying down on a nearby desk.
“We’re dating!”
“No, they’re not boss. Delilah was telling me about this guy. I just didn’t realize who exactly it was he was following.” Vance has moved closer to Gibbs and McGee and all four men are glaring at Jamie.
“Agent Conway I think it’s time you leave.” Vance says coolly and Jamie actually has the nerve to look surprised. “You can email Agent McGee the information you have.”
“Babe I just wanna talk to you. Fix this.”
“I already told you no.” You snap stepping just enough to the side of Nick that you can actually look at Jamie. “No. I do not want to work this out. No. I do not want to get back together. No. I do not love you. I want you to leave me alone. That’s all I want. For you to go back to your life and stay out of mine.”
“But babe.”
“Don’t make her have to tell you again.” Gibbs warns, when you look over at him you see his gun in his hand. McGee has his in his hand too. You weren’t expecting this ferocious of a response from your male coworkers.
“This is crazy! I didn’t do anything wrong!”
“Didn’t do anything wrong?” You cry moving past Torres. “I told you to leave me alone. Told you we were over and what did you do? You told me that you loved me and that we were destined to be together! That you’d always know how to find me! That you were the only one who could keep me safe. I’ve been sleeping with a gun under my pillow for weeks because of you!” You jab a finger into his chest and glare up at him. “Now you’re coming to my job! Lying about what you do to actual federal agents! I didn’t tell them about you because I was trying to keep them from hurting you!”
“The only reason you can still walk is because we didn’t know about you.” Nick says from behind you.
“What is this about him lying about what he does?” Gibbs asks, gun raising higher.
“Oh, yea he’s not an FBI Agent he’s a barista. I don’t know where he got a badge but you can assume it’s stolen or fake.”
“Babe!” Jamie cries as Tim moves behind him and cuffs him. “Why would you do this to me?”
“Because. I don’t love you and I’d be happy if I never, ever saw you again.” You tell him before walking away.
“Babe! No babe! Wait! I love you! Babe! Please come back!”
You don’t even look back.

  • Mafia: How's Mello to work with?
  • Matt: What have you heard? That bad guys would rather confess than be interrogated by him? That his steely gaze can cool a room by five degrees? That he can be killed only by a silver bullet, like a werewolf? They're all true. Except for the silver bullet part. It might give him indigestion or heartburn, but I don't think it'd kill him.
  • Kid Flash: How's Robin to work with?
  • Beast Boy: What have you heard? That bad guys would rather confess than be interrogated by him? That his steely gaze can cool a room by five degrees? That he can only be killed with a silver bullet, like a werewolf? They're all true, except for the silver bullet part. It might give him indigestion or heartburn, but I don't think it'd kill him.
“Dude, check out my sweater!”

Halloween Drabble Challenge

Day 10

Originally posted by loveviral

Universe: NCIS

“Dude, check out my sweater!” Y/N grinned at Sebastian, who turned to see the woman clad in a black sweater with a vivid orange pumpkin pattern covering it.

“It’s definitely noticeable.” Sebastian smiled at her lovingly from the sofa he was sat on, an earphone in one ear as he listened to a podcast on his laptop about supernatural and extra-terrestrial sightings. “Oh, for the love of God!” He cried suddenly as Y/N walked towards him. “Zombies aren’t supernatural creatures! They’re humans just… does nobody do their homework on this!”

Chuckling lightly at Sebastian’s anger, Y/N sat next to him, by the corner of the sofa, before wrapping her arms around his torso and pulling him into herself like an oversized teddy bear, which Sebastian complied to rather easily as he was still ranting about zombies. Y/N wrapped her legs gently around his waist, while Sebastian was now lounged into her body, his head cushioned against her shoulder by the soft Halloween jumper.

Y/N kissed him lightly on the top of his head, took the other earphone from him and began to listen to the podcast with him, as they cuddled.