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KWIKN:  Knowing What I Know Now.

Oh Mary, those cigarettes are going to kill you but not in the way you’d normally think.

By the way, in New York, you can’t smoke in an outdoor café.  Can you really smoke in an outdoor café in LA?  I realize that our outdoor cafes are likely smaller and more packed in but Mary is really close to her fellow patrons.

Nice little foreshadowing about Kensi and the Moms.  Sam’s final Thanksgiving with Michelle too.

Oh, Nell mentioned Granger.  Poor Miguel Ferrer.

“Fedor is in the prison, how much trouble can Eric get into?”  Really Callen?  You underestimate the man once he’s in long pants.

“Stop it!”
Deeks is so ready to pull over the car and end this trip right now.

India de Beaufort (Alex) is one of the women who signed on to the letter stating the abuse by One Tree Hill executive producer Mark Schwahn.  

Could someone take that Deeks shirt to the burn room?  It does nothing for him.  (The depths of my shallowness even surprises me sometimes).

The cigarette found four days later – really?

Deeks tried to save Eric from “Dead Homeless Guy”.  

Oh Arkady, Russia’s gift to America.

I’m just old enough to remember Hill Street Blues as a primetime series.  If you would have told me that Frank Furillo would be playing a bald Russian spy on a show with the guy rapping “I Can’t Live Without My Radio”, I’d have been surprised.

The characterization of Eric in this episode was annoying.  He was Kensi’s greatest champion, saved Deeks in the shoot-out and was an absolute fool in most of his other scenes.  

They’re using Hall & Oates music to sell Applebee’s.  What has this world come to?

I’d like to see some more scenes between Hetty and Garrison.  

All these Kensi/Sullivan/Ferris scenes take on a new meaning.  Why exactly is he hanging around for her rehab with her hand?

“Did you put a tracker on your Dad?”
“Have you met his Dad?”

“I was done with war but somehow it wasn’t done with me” is a terrific line.

Deeks would have been better off being jealous and checking out Sullivan/Ferris.  But he isn’t that guy and Kensi is as loyal as they come.

Poor Miguel Ferrer.  He had such a beautiful speaking voice and used it so well.

Up there with finding a cigarette four days later, Katarina/Mary being buried a few yards away from the “orphan” Hannah Lawson - no.


K: It’s been a while since I slept that well. I feel really good.

D: Well that’s awesome and we should celebrate, you know how we should celebrate then? Deeks’ Frittatas, Deeks’ famous Frittatas and then we should go paddle-boarding down the Marina. You know the guy renting out all the boards…

Full list of the Hamilton cast + their appearance on crime shows

(+ gifs !!) (me making this list: why the hell is everyone in Law & Order…)

note: this isn’t all Law & Order though.

Renée Elise Goldsberry

Law & Order: SVU (as Martha Marron)

  • Season 14, Episode 11: Beautful Frame
  • Season 15, Episode 10: Psycho/Therapist
  • Season 15, Episode 20: Beast’s Obsession

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