NCIS Imagine: McGee Saving You From Drowning

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Breath of Fresh Air

It’s cruel how something that’s necessary to keep you alive is now what’s killing you.

The frigid water burns your lungs as you fight to keep your head above the surface.  So many contradictions.

Water to keep you cool. Water to keep you from dying of thirst.

Water burning your lungs. Water drowning you.

Your hands switch from keeping you from sinking in this rushing river and from reaching out desperately for anything to hold onto. You can barely see, water constantly blinding you so that the world is a fight between black and swirls of the blue of the sky and the harsh white of the snow.

It doesn’t take long before the black fuzzy spots stay in your vision and there’s less recovery of oxygen as you lose energy to keep yourself from sinking.

You should be panicking about it but perhaps it’s the fact that everything is going numb that prevents you from it.

You barely even register the grip on your wrist when strong fingers curl around it suddenly. Wonderful oxygen floods your lungs and you suck it down eagerly as your saviour pulls you out of the water.

“What were you thinking, [Y/N]?!”

McGee’s angry voice brings the whole world back to you. No longer in the rapid’s grasp, the fight for survival is gone, only to be replaced with horror. Tears fill your eyes as numbness gives way to fear.

McGee’s anger dissipates at the sight of your face and he pulls you to him, uncaring of your wet clothes. “Hey, hey. It’s okay. I got you out of there. You’re safe. I’ve got you.”

And he does. And unlike water, the thing that was supposed to keep you alive, you can always depend on McGee.

And while the water had ripped the air from your lungs, McGee’s reassuring kiss will always be like a breath of fresh air to you.

Madness, Utter Madness





Madness, to McGee, was something he was all to familiar with. 

Every case to him, seemed full of madness, purely because he still found it difficult to comprehend the fact that there were in fact people in the world, who thought that murder was a perfectly logical response to their problems. 

The fact he, Timothy McGee, had infact published several books, several successful books, seemed mad to him. “Thom. E. Gemcity” had become a minor celebrity, and the perks that had come along with it were incredibly ‘mad’. 

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Christmas Meeting Chapter 9, a ncis fanfic | FanFiction
Christmas 2015. Prague, Czech Republic. An unexpected meeting between two former co-workers after more than two years from their parting in Israel that will make them realize that their feelings towards each other are stronger than before. But will they do anything about it? And what does the future look like for them? AU Season 13. TIVA. Dedicated to my surrogate sister Athina.

Newest chapter of my fanfic. Enjoy TIVA shippers!

A Nautical Serial Killer: 8

You move into the space behind Hotch. Gibbs and his team head in the other side, Morgan, JJ and Reid are around back and Rossi is with Tony in front of the building. You were quick about the turn around between your escape and getting the teams back here so you were hopeful that you’d gotten here before they’d gotten away. It doesn’t seem like you’ve gotten lucky when you hear Tony call, “Clear!” Then Morgan respond with his own, “Clear!”
“Clear!” You call back then lower your gun, not quite ready to put it away.
“Clear!” Comes Gibbs voice from the other side of the warehouse. You look over at Hotch then around the room. The room that you’d been held in and sigh softly. The chairs are still there, your blood still on the floor.
“Hey.” Hotch whispers, “You okay?”
“Yea, this is where Gibbs and I were held. I thought this was going to be the last place I ever saw alive.” You take a deep breath, and close your eyes. Hotch pulls you to him and kisses your forehead, and you breathe him in. For a minute you weren’t sure you’d ever see him again, or that you were ever going to get to tell him you love him again. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” He says kissing you softly. “Let’s get out of here and see if Garcia can find out where these two went.” He says looking down at you.
“Good. I want these guys Hotch.”
“You and me both Snow.” Gibbs growls as he comes into the room. “Abby and your Garcia are working on tracking them down. I’ve got the rest of our teams processing the scene and gathering evidence.”
“There had to be three Gibbs. We were shoved in that van and on our way too fast for it to be only two.”
“I was coming to the same conclusion.” Hotch’s phone rings, pulling it from his pocket you see Garcia’s face on the screen.
“Go Garcia.” She says something to him and his face completely changes. “Out! Everybody out!” He bellows grabbing your arm the two of you sprint out of the building Gibbs, Ziva and McGee hot on your heels. The explosion throws you off of your feet, the heat hits you through your clothes and bulletproof vest like you’re not even wearing them. The last thing your fully conscious of is Aaron covering your body with his in an effort to protect you from the flying debris.

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