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"Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn. My God, do you learn." With Gibbs, please? Congrats!!💕

As you stood in the mirror, looking at the cascading bruises down your body, your legs teetered as you swayed in the moonlight.

He told you.

He had told you time and time again.

He knew that if you went back, he would do it again.  He knew that if you went back, he would betray his word again.

He knew that if you returned, things would never be the same again.

Gibbs knew, but you were stubborn.

So, there you stood…your bruises cascading down your body as your blood dripped down your nose, and your eye began to swell as the bruise began to bubble to the surface.

Then, your eyes drifted down to your hand.

Your bloodied, battered hand.

And it all came rushing back as you began to tremble and sob.

You thought things would be different.

You knew things had to be different.

After all, to you there was nothing sexier than a man begging for your presence.

“Y/N,” Gibbs murmurs lowly in your ear, “let go of the knife.”

And you released the murder weapon into his hand as Ducky and Jimmy quickly hurried the body out of your room.

“What happened?” Gibbs asked as you slowly raised your gaze to meet his in the mirror.

And it make you sick that he knew.

The Music Box - Part One

A/n: Hey everybody! I’ve gotten a request from @whatcha-gonna-do-about-it-huh to write something I’ve always wanted to write but never got a request for. So here it goes! I’ve been wanting to write this for forever but I’ve never stopped to do it. This will more than likely end up being a series, so if you like it, please comment, reblog, and let me know! Enjoy💚

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a basic summary of any given NCIS episode seasons
  • random person: *doing random every day thing*
  • random person: cause kid we are on a tv show where a lot of people die
  • ~foof~
  • tony: bla bla bla funny stuff bla
  • mcgee: bla bla bla tech stuff banter bla
  • kate/ziva/bishop: *done with both of their shit*
  • ziva: *flirts with tony for good measure*
  • tiva eyesex: *ensues*
  • gibbs: dead marine found stuffed into a grocery store display grab your gear
  • tony: what the fuck boss
  • -cut to crime scene-
  • team: *investigates*
  • team: *banter*
  • ducky: *wise observation about Strange Case of the Week™*
  • palmer: *falls off a hill*
  • tony: boss i think it might be a suicide
  • gibbs: *broods* nah
  • ~foof~
  • *later in bullpen*
  • jenny shepherd/vance: gibbs don't do the thing
  • gibbs: *does the thing*
  • ducky: *autopsy stuff*
  • abby: *does forensic stuff in a lovable way*
  • tiva: *more eyesex in the bullpen*
  • tony: boss we found a guy who's totally not a red herring
  • gibbs: *interrogates totally not red herring*
  • gibbs: this isn't our guy
  • tony: *eats an entire burrito to make him look like more of an asshole*
  • kate/ziva/bishop: wtf
  • ~foof~
  • everybody: *more investigating stuff*
  • gibbs: my gut says it's the guy's exlover's son's dentist's ex wife that killed him and stuffed him in the display
  • shepherd/vance: what the fuck gibbs
  • abby: gibbs is right
  • the guy's ex lover's son's dentist's ex wife: yes tis I that killed him
  • ziva: *probably fights him*
  • gibbs: rule #124: it's always the dentist
  • everyone: *nod in appreciation of Gibbs Wisdom*
  • tiva: *more eyesex*
  • ~foof~
  • *credits*