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“Sometimes you meet someone, and it’s so clear that the two of you, on some level belong together. As lovers, or as friends, or as family, or as something entirely different. You just work, whether you understand one another or you’re in love or you’re partners in crime. You meet these people throughout your life, out of nowhere, under the strangest circumstances, and they help you feel alive. I don’t know if that makes me believe in coincidence, or fate, or sheer blind luck, but it definitely makes me believe in something.”

a basic summary of any given NCIS episode seasons
  • random person: *doing random every day thing*
  • random person: cause kid we are on a tv show where a lot of people die
  • ~foof~
  • tony: bla bla bla funny stuff bla
  • mcgee: bla bla bla tech stuff banter bla
  • kate/ziva/bishop: *done with both of their shit*
  • ziva: *flirts with tony for good measure*
  • tiva eyesex: *ensues*
  • gibbs: dead marine found stuffed into a grocery store display grab your gear
  • tony: what the fuck boss
  • -cut to crime scene-
  • team: *investigates*
  • team: *banter*
  • ducky: *wise observation about Strange Case of the Week™*
  • palmer: *falls off a hill*
  • tony: boss i think it might be a suicide
  • gibbs: *broods* nah
  • ~foof~
  • *later in bullpen*
  • jenny shepherd/vance: gibbs don't do the thing
  • gibbs: *does the thing*
  • ducky: *autopsy stuff*
  • abby: *does forensic stuff in a lovable way*
  • tiva: *more eyesex in the bullpen*
  • tony: boss we found a guy who's totally not a red herring
  • gibbs: *interrogates totally not red herring*
  • gibbs: this isn't our guy
  • tony: *eats an entire burrito to make him look like more of an asshole*
  • kate/ziva/bishop: wtf
  • ~foof~
  • everybody: *more investigating stuff*
  • gibbs: my gut says it's the guy's exlover's son's dentist's ex wife that killed him and stuffed him in the display
  • shepherd/vance: what the fuck gibbs
  • abby: gibbs is right
  • the guy's ex lover's son's dentist's ex wife: yes tis I that killed him
  • ziva: *probably fights him*
  • gibbs: rule #124: it's always the dentist
  • everyone: *nod in appreciation of Gibbs Wisdom*
  • tiva: *more eyesex*
  • ~foof~
  • *credits*
20 Reasons Why Ziva David Is Alive

This is the list I mentioned earlier of 20 reasons I have of why I firmly believe Ziva is alive. This does get lengthy and some of you may completely disagree what I’ve said but please stick with me through it!

  1. Ziva David has been taken hostage, escaped Somalia, been close to death countless times and is a trained assassin that can catch things thrown at her in her sleep. No way would Ziva die in her sleep while her home with her daughter in it burned.
  2. We know that Ziva was in contact with Orli and by extension Mossad. Mossad knew she was a target from Jacob Scott trying to locate her because let’s face it, there is nothing that they don’t know plus she’s the daughter of a previous Mossad director. If Orli was as close to Ziva as she said she was Ziva would have known she was a target before Kort ever knew himself.
  3. The thing about Tali sleeping in a separate wing of the farm house. Tali is a young infant so why would Ziva sleep so far away from her daughter? It makes no sense.
  4. Tali was meant to have been ‘pulled’ from the rubble and yet there she was 24 hours (or so) later with not a scratch on her. Even if her bedroom wasn’t harmed in the fire she still would have been treated for smoke inhalation especially being a child her age. 
  5. How does a child that small survive mortar fire when her grown mother doesn’t? Ducky himself said that the house was reduced to nothing so even if Tali was in a different wing, nothing was safe from the blaze.
  6. THERE WAS NO BODY! Not once did they ever show us physical evidence that Ziva’s body was found in that house.Maybe I’ve been watching NCIS for too long but I firmly believe ‘no body, no proof’.
  7. Orli didn’t answer Tony’s question when he asked her if Mossad were sure it was Ziva. She made no attempt to emphasise that they had indeed found Ziva, infact she didn’t seem that convinced herself. Orli herself isn’t exactly known for being truthful and neither is Mossad.
  8. Tali’s bag was packed as if Ziva knew that their daughter would be with Tony soon, not just a casual everyday baby bag with essentials. Why would her daughter’s favourite toy be put into it unless Tali and the bag were being moved elsewhere because she knew her house was in danger of being destroyed?
  9. THE PARIS PHOTO IN THE BAG! That photo was framed and looked pretty damn big to be a photo that is constantly carried around in Tali’s everyday baby bag. Maybe a small photo of Tali’s Abba yes, but a framed photo of the two of them together from an intimate time they shared together? No way. That photo was placed there for a reason.
  10. The photo itself, a photo of Paris. Paris was a significant moment in the relationship of Ziva and Tony, a place with memories of specific places and times. Not just a photo of Tony but of the two of them abroad in a city where the places they went are known only to them. Clearly that photo had hidden meanings.
  11. Ziva has used photos before in order to give Tony hints to her location. Remember her last two episodes with the photo of her as a child leading back to Eli’s house? Ziva would never be as stupid as to leave a clear message with her location because how could she know that the threat on her life (and by extension Tali’s) had been neutralised? She left clues that only Tony would understand.
  12. Ziva’s scarf in the bag was last seen when Ziva was on the run. ANOTHER SIGN!
  13. If that bag was in the house and pulled out the rubble, whether in the main part or the random wing where Tali supposedly was, that bag would be covered in soot and ash and not packed neatly with Ziva’s scent still on the scarf! It was all too neat and organised so everything would be found by Tony and Senior too.
  14. GIBBS’S FREAKING INDIFFERENCE TOWARDS ZIVA DYING! This pissed me off so much at first because Ziva was his daughter, his Ziver and he acted like her dying meant nothing to him but then I realised that Gibbs knows Ziva. He knows how strong and smart she is. He doesn’t believe she’s dead otherwise he never would have acted like that. Gibbs was majorly OOC but I believe there was a reason for that.
  15. The constant referring to Ziva in the present tense! I get that people going through grief maybe would do this but the things that were said were too significant.
  16. “We have a daughter, me and Ziva”
  17. “Ziva loves Paris”
  18. “You gotta believe what you gotta believe” - This was so signficant because everyone believes she’s dead except those closest to her and know her.
  19. Also, Tony is taking Tali to ‘find answers’. He addresses the fact that a body was never recovered, there is no evidence to prove she died in that blaze. Tony recognised the subtle meanings of the scarf (Israel) and of the photo (Paris) and is following them because that’s where Ziva will be.
  20. Gary Glasberg told us to watch the episode carefully hinting at hidden meanings and if these aren’t hidden meanings then I don’t know what is. And lastly, GG the man who single handedly sent the fandom into meltdown by letting everyone think that our ninja was killed in that fire has all but confirmed that she is infact alive. Keep in mind that this guy is known for his random plotlines and contradictions.

Sorry for the length and ramblings but I will never stop believing our Israeli ninja assassin is alive and well and waiting on Tony and Tali finding her. Because this is Ziva, who would know if she was a target and knows how to handle herself.