Okay, because apparently I have to clarify myself seven thousand times....

lesbian-leg-breaker said: “No one ever brings it up”? Maybe not in the hetero-pop-verse…

Well then, I’d like to know what kind of music you’re listening to.

brashblacknonbeliever said: It’s not courage at all to use the word gay as an insult. People do that all the time. What in the world are they smoking?

I was talking about using the word “gay” in a song, not using it as an insult. What in the world are you reading?

vile-goblin-daughter said: The problem is that she’s using it in retaliation for being called “obsessive and crazy”. As in “you said x bad thing about me, so I will say y bad thing about you” and inserting “gay” as “y bad thing”, which of course implies that being gay is bad.

I didn’t say “bad thing”, and Taylor didn’t mean “bad thing”. She meant “lie”. There’s a difference. It doesn’t imply anything.

nchl said: Courage to use the word gay? Listen, sweety commenter, if people like you are saying gay is okay to be used even as an insult, I would somehow like to revoke your LGBT status card. Please turn in all rainbows on the way out.

Don’t fucking call me sweety. I NEVER FUCKING SAID IT WAS AN INSULT, AND NEITHER DID TAYLOR. It’s never okay as an insult. I’d like to revoke your status card. Please turn in all rainbows and assholery on the way out.

revolutionizeintelligence said: she could’ve done the same thing by going “you can tell your friends i’m crazy, i’ll say the same for you,” something else- ANYTHING else, but nah, she lacks basic respect for others. or she coulda took the high road as well and just been like “w/e”

It wouldn’t rhyme then.

Listen, everyone ALWAYS fucking overthinks this. LET IT GO. IT’S NOT MEANT AS AN INSULT, AND IT’S NOT INSULTING. I’ve yet to meet anyone else in the LGBT community who finds it offensive. Actually, it offends me when straight people assume something will offend me. In what world is it wrong to point out a fucking fact? If you have a problem with me or with the truth, bring it to me directly. I’m not always gonna look at the notes for a question I asked someone.

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½) We had a “live baby” project. It was taking a robotic baby home for the weekend and tending to it when it cried. You first had to shove a magnectic chip against its back to make it acknowledge you did anything. This chip was also attached

to a hospital type bracelet so your mom or whoever couldn’t do it for you. Mine cried literally every 35 minutes are reassured me, even though I knew I didn’t want kids, it’d be the worst idea ever. Oh, as a PS, over half the girls in my class ended up with wicked, non-noisy babies and then, not wanting kids before, couldn’t wait to have kids. I really didn’t understand this project.

FYSE: that’s the exact same one I have! Mine was actually really good about sleeping through the night and rarely cried. I have super small hands that I can make almost the same size as my wrist so I could slip the bracelet and cheat.