i just saw split

i was foolish enough to think “theyre gonna deal with DID in a positive light right? like sure the villain has DID and all of the trailers show him to be unstable and violent but im sure he gets the help me needs and is able to find a proper ending right? this will bring awareness to those actually suffering from DID right?”

nah. he literally turns into an actual real monster at the end that crawls on walls, can survive point blank shotgun shots, and can bend metal bars with his hands

so much for using the movie as an opportunity to bring light to a subject that the public ignores, or is too afraid to approach.

Posso te pedir um favor? Não desperte meu amor se tiver intenção de desprezar depois. Não me deixe de lado se me colocou no centro. Não me faça sentir menos do que eu tenho a capacidade de ser.
—  Duzentas linhas.