WILL GRAHAM IN HANNIBAL LECTER’S MASK IS SO ICONIC. I NEVER EVER EVER EXPECTED THIS. I knew season two was going to be scrappy Will Graham being motherfucking SCRAPPY from the bottom of the barrel but I had NO FUCKING CLUE that they would PUT HIM IN THE MASK.i mean, technically, he is not in the~ mask, it’s cleverly a similar but different one; but: the mask PLUS his expression PLUS his INCREDIBLY FEMININELY CURLY HAIR = more emotions than I can deal with. They could have cut his hair. They could have made him more masculine with a hair cut that better fits, idk, prison lifestyle; but his hair was the, i guess, now iconic~ Hugh Dancy’s Will Graham curls and it’s like SEASON TWO IS ABOUT WILL GRAHAM FUCKING SHIT UP FROM BEHIND BARS IN THE SAME~ WAY HANNIBAL LECTER FUCKED SHIT UP BEHIND BARS. that is so powerful that I want to straight up make out with whoever in nbc marketing was all I GOT IT. THIS IS THE PATH WE ARE TAKING.

because, that is marketing genius.