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NCAA March Madness game soured as Confederate flag is raised outside South Carolina arena

  • A group calling itself the South Carolina Secessionist Party erected a large Confederate flag next to the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina, where two games in the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament were being played on Sunday.
  • The display — which was up from roughly 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. — added a sour note to the day’s festivities, which included a stunning upset victory by the University of South Carolina over the Duke.
  • Demonstrators saod they were waving the flag to show off their heritage and to protest the state’s failure to preserve the banner in a museum.
  • “It’s a piece of our heritage,” James Bessenger, chairman of the South Carolina Secessionist Party, told WYFF. “Twenty-five thousand South Carolinians died in defense of that flag, and 250,000 southerners.”
  • “It’s unfortunate, but it’s America,” South Carolina head coach Frank Martin said of the display after his game, according to USA Today.  Read more (3/20/17 1:42 PM)

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Okay, so hear me out: Chowder signs with the Las Vegas Aces his senior year at Samwell:

  • (Okay fair warning I’m not a hockey fan I’m a baseball person so my perception of how signings and trading happens is largely dominating by that so let me know if I’m glaringly wrong anywhere and also this got really long whoops)
  • Chowder hadn’t really thought too much about the NHL until his junior year, when Jack pulls him aside after the first game he had been able to get away from Providence to see
  • Jack says “there’s at least two teams with scouts in the stands looking at you thinking about prospect camp spots for the summer, so if you need advice - or an agent - let me know and at the very least I can put you in touch with my dad”.
  • Then Chowder starts thinking about it. Like, a lot.

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hazylucozade  asked:

Hey idk if you are still looking for prompts because I scrolled pretty far back, but if so, how about "that's the dumbest shit I've ever heard let's do it" or ”it’s a long story that involves a lot of blood, a couple squirrels, and one hell of a headache” for any of the foxes? Thanks, I love love love your writing and I've really enjoyed looking through your blog!

I’m always accepting prompts! And thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I hope you enjoy! This is basically a shitpost in fic form. It’s a crack fic. I’m not even sorry. Also you probably need to suspend a lot of disbelief for this; just roll with it

“That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard; let’s do it”

Neil is still trying to get the hang of his new phone. Nicky had insisted that he upgrade to this century and had practically dragged Neil to the mall to purchase an iPhone. The rest of the Foxes were more than happy about the change, some money even exchanging hands, but there’s so much going on with his phone now. Before, all Neil had to worry about were text messages and phone calls, but now there’s a bunch of apps that Nicky keeps trying to teach him. He thinks he’s starting to get a handle on Snapchat thanks to the daily snaps from Allison. At the very least, he’s no longer confused by the way they disappear after opening them. And Instagram seems easy enough, so Neil tries to keep track of that so he can see Renee’s posts from around the world.

Neil can admit that the ESPN app is great. It’s set up to send him notifications for Exy news and score updates. It’s that app that is currently dinging at Neil as he makes his way across campus. The trade deadline is coming up for the National Exy League, and Neil’s been trying to keep up and follow the changes. After Neil reads the latest update, the striker tries to see the current NCAA standings, but his new phone isn’t cooperating. He bats at the screen a few times, but when it finally switches over to NCAA Exy, it’s the news page. Neil lets out a frustrated noise and is about to just give up when a headline catches his eye.

Neil scrolls through and reads the article the whole way back to Fox Tower. He still has his phone out and the page open as he unlocks the door to his dorm. The room is full of people, but Neil has learnt to be unsurprised by that. Nicky and Aaron are in the beanbags, a video game of some sort blaring on the television. Kevin is sprawled out on the couch with his laptop in his lap while Andrew is perched on his desk by the window.

“Hey, Neil,” Nicky greets, not taking his eyes off the game he’s playing. “How was class?”

“Did you guys know someone tried to steal the University of Texas’ mascot last night? Not the costume; the actual longhorn.”

“How unoriginal,” Nicky says. “That’s like the oldest prank in the book. I mean everyone’s—”

Nicky cuts off as he finally draws his eyes away and meets Neil’s, his face contorting into a mix of guilt and regret. The backliner opens his mouth again, but whatever rambling remedy was on the tip of his tongue, he swallows it down and snaps his lips shut. When no one else in the room has anything to add, Neil resigns himself to his desk. He can feel Andrew’s eyes boring into his cheek, but the striker focuses on outlining his upcoming essay until practice.

The news story gets forgotten, blurred away by drills and bickering freshmen and a scrimmage. But it’s still nestled a place in the back of Neil’s mind, niggling in the periphery of his thoughts persistently. By the time he’s changing out after practice, it’s made its way back to the forefront.

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In1984, Georgeann Wells became the first woman to dunk. The African American all-star originates from Columbus, Ohio. She stood six foot seven in height and was a four year letterman at West Virginia University. While attending the university, she was raw with her blockage game averaging a record of 436 blocked shots!  The year 2006, Candace Parker of Tennessee was recognized as the first woman to dunk in an NCAA tournament game, which she executed by dunking twice in one game. Queens Crown Yourself!

William Nylander on the cover of The Hockey News Future watch issue. The world’s top 75 prospects are ranked and here are the swedes that made the list:  

 2) William Nylander, c, Toronto (NHL)
19) Adrian Kempe, fw, Ontario Reign (AHL)
23) Joel Eriksson Ek, c/fw, Färjestad (SHL)
50) Jacob Larsson, b, Frölunda (SHL)
67) Jakob Forsbacka Karlsson, c, Boston University (NCAA)
70) Gustav Olofsson, Iowa Wild (AHL)
75) Jacob de la Rose, Montréal (NHL)


VIDEO: Wisconsin’s Nigel Hayes Gets Really, Really Embarrassed At Press Conference

Guess he forgot his microphone was on…

Last month, it was the NBA. Monday, it was the NCAA. Today, the ACC stood up for the safety of its employees, players, and fans by moving certain championship games out of North Carolina due to the state’s anti-LGBTQ HB2 law. The fact that Governor McCrory and other lawmakers continue to play politics with discrimination is inexcusable, enormously costly, and simply wrong.


The NCAA is moving 7 championship games out of North Carolina to protest HB2

The NCAA is taking a stand against North Carolina’s anti-transgender bathroom law and announced Monday it will move seven championship games. In response to the NCAA protest, the North Carolina GOP issued an official statement mocking the organization and accusing it of ignoring logic. One tweet nailed just how rare and this is (and how bad it makes N.C. look).

This tweet doesn’t sum up everything wrong with college sports — but the reaction does 

It’s a millennial’s worst nightmare: Everyone’s making fun of something you tweeted years ago. 

For Ohio State University quarterback Cardale Jones, set to start in Thursday’s NCAA playoff game against the University of Alabama, that tweet just happens to have been published on the front page of the New York Times.

Jones’ tweet was roundly mocked when it was sent (and then deleted) back in 2012 (this NCAA athlete doesn’t even want to take classes?!). Now the New York Times is using it to illustrate a big story about the business of college football, with its billions of dollars in revenue and its not-too-secret lack of regard for classes. Jones’ newfound prominence, thanks to his team’s quarterback injury problems — this is only his second career start in college — has dragged his ill-timed complaint back into the limelight.

The problem doesn’t lie with the athletes