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Welcome to VICE Sports

So what exactly can one expect to see in this new space? An abundance of compelling original video content along with insightful commentary that will more often than not be presented in a glaringly honest fashion. The spirit of this site is really all about original thought and embracing the complicated mess that is the world of sports.

While a topic like skateboarding might be the first to come to mind when you hear a mention of VICE and sports, what we’re doing with this space leaps far beyond that. We will be covering all the major sports along with the unique and unusual that you’ve come to expect from VICE.

Please follow the fun by subscribing to our YouTube channel and our Twitter feed, and please don’t be shy in providing us with feedback. Glowing thoughts and harsh opinions are not only welcomed, but encouraged.

We also strongly recommend meeting the new Delonte West and taking in Marshawn Lynch’s ridiculous teeth tales

We’re pretty confident you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for joining us.