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My Thoughts on Small College Athletics

A couple of days ago, I posted a lengthy piece on Facebook that related to small college athletics (not basketball-specific) that has caught quite a bit of attention an has been shared quite a bit. 

As such, I thought that I would share here…..enjoy!

This may be a little lengthy (o.k…..I think that it’s probably the longest post that I’ve ever had), but I’ve had a few thoughts on the brain that I wanted to share, so here goes.  If you take the time to read the whole thing, this may provide a good amount of insight, and (hopefully) cause you to think a little different about collegiate athletics.

Since I’ve been involved in collegiate athletics for 20+ years now (wow, where has the time gone?), I often get asked a lot of questions about intercollegiate athletics.  Some are great questions.  Some, well, not so much.  Some come from people that are well-informed….and others, well, again, not so much. 

I often hear comments about the large sums of money that coaches make at the collegiate level.  I hear people talk about the prima donnas within collegiate athletics.  People have commented to me about the “corruption” in athletics.  I hear about how student-athletes aren’t really going to school to get a degree, but just to showcase themselves for their professional career. 

Then they bring up the subject of student-athletes getting paid…..oh, good Lord.  Unions are now a topic of discussion. 

Then people want to talk about television contracts, the money involved in bowl games, the CBS contract with the NCAA for March Madness (and the rest of NCAA championships - except, of course, football). 

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