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can we as a fandom please not forget that bitty is a pretty hardcore athlete? he did figure skating for years and made it to junior regionals figure skaters do ballet as well for multiple reasons that’s some pretty hardcore stuff on its own but then he moved on to hockey and it probably overlapped with his figure skating at first and he made captain of his team in just a few short years and then got into a college on a hockey scholarship. college hockey is a pretty serious level its not just some beer league stuff about 30 percent of current nhl players were college players at one point 12 players on the pens roster were college players and players like toews played in college and samwell is a d1 ncaa hockey team which while not located in boston, it is pretty close and boston is a serious college hockey area (to put it in perspective boston college, boston university, and harvard are in the the top 10 in standings for d1 hockey right now. boston college is in 3rd. in the ecac conference standings harvard is in 6th). and bitty jumped from third line to first line his freshman year on a team that made it to the final four with jack zimmermann on his line a future nhl player and someone who he canonically makes him play better when they are together

im just so tired of bitty being seen as this small weak tiny dude in this fandom just because he’s smaller then the average hockey player and he is afraid of checking

Kyle Snyder wins heavyweight NCAA Championships.

Kyle Snyder lifted Medbery, a man who has a good 40lbs on him, above his head before slamming him down to the mat.

Since 2015 Snyder has two NCAA D1 Championships, a world championship, and an Olympic gold medal in freestyle. And he’s only 21 years old.

Guy still has one more year in college.

Step up to the line

Something I’ve learned is each time you walk up to the line, don’t look around.  Do not look at the girl to your right or left.  Don’t look to hip one or hip 12.  When you step to the line, look at yourself because you are the only one who matters.  Do not compare yourself to the girl in the lane next to you, you don’t know what she’s done.  Do not think how they are skinny, stronger or look more fit than you.  You have to step to the line and race with the body you’re in, because hip 1 and 12 are.  So don’t think about what those girls have to offer, think about all the ways you can put yourself ahead.  Stop comparing yourself to the other people.  Step up to the line and run.


From four to two: On April 11, Providence College and Boston University will square off to vie for the NCAA D1 men’s ice hockey National Championship. The Friars defeated the University of Nebraska Omaha 4-1 to advance, while the Terriers earned a 5-3 victory over the University of North Dakota. 

PC goals: Noel Acciari, Mark Jankowski, Trevor Mingoia, Nick Saracino
UNO goals: Jake Guentzel

BU goals: Jack Eichel (PP), Brandon Hickey (PP), A.J. Greer, Doyle Somerby, Jack Eichel
UND goals: Luke Johnson (PP), Troy Stecher (SH), Connor Gaarder (PP)

                                          CHAD MENDES

Training: 9:30-11am – drilling and live MMA sparring/grappling/wrestling. 2pm - Kickboxing and conditioning with Master Thong. 3 mile run. Monday and Thursday I work standup with coach Duane Ludwig.

When and why did you start training for fighting? I started wrestling at the age of five, so I have grown up competing pretty much my entire life. I met Urijah Faber when I was in high school and worked wrestling camps with him during my college summers. I did some jiu-jitsu with him at a few of these camps and really liked it. After college wrestling I still had the drive to compete, so I decided to move to Sacramento and start training with Team Alpha Male.

What ranks and titles have you held? 2x PAC 10 champ, 2x D1 NCAA All-American, second-degree black belt in wrestling.

Do you have any heroes? My Father. He has gone through a lot in his life and has really shown me what it means to never quit. 

What was your job before you started fighting? I was a student

What is your favorite technique? The wuxi finger hold.

Wow… that I look back on it…i have been running track for what seems like forever. I have run countless hurdles, jumped many high jump bars, and landed is tons of long jump pits. Now look where I am……I was recruited by Navy Women’s track and I am not officially part of the Indoor 2012 team. I cannot express how happy I am to be on such an amazing team! Indoor season…come at me bro :)

P.S. Im the one of the far left :)