UPS workers claim holiday disaster looms as they threaten to strike
UPS workers say the company is cutting their health benefits.
By Hayley Peterson

UPS workers are threatening to go on strike amid the busy holiday shipping season because of a disagreement over changes to their health care benefits.

UPS aircraft mechanics and related employees who maintain the company’s air cargo fleet are taking out ads in USA Today and the Seattle Times that state: “What every American should know before they ship with UPS during the holidays: UPS wants to make deep cuts to its aircraft mechanics’ health care benefits. That’s why the 1,300 aircraft mechanics who keep UPS planes running during the holiday season are ready to strike.”

The workers, represented by the Teamsters Local 2727 union, say UPS wants to make massive cuts to their health care benefits.

“The holiday shipping season is UPS’ busiest and most critical time, and before our customers ship with UPS, we want them to know about the instability in our already distressed workforce,” Tim Boyle, president of Teamsters Local 2727, said in a statement. “The aircraft maintenance workforce is united and won’t let UPS executives gamble with our families’ health care.”

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