Yael’s DNC4 Plot and some Misinformation On It

So there’s been some reaction to it as ‘why couldn’t they have used a nb actor to run that plot’ which makes it seem like the options were:

  • Do the plot with a cis actor.
  • Do the plot with a nb actor.

That isn’t the choice here. This is the choice.

  • Do the plot with a current actor.
  • Don’t do the plot at all this season.

You see the double edged sword here, right? Either we have another year without a series having a nb lead character, or they do it with an actor they have, because, and I’m going to write this in big easy to read letters.

There was no room to add any new actors this season on Degrassi. The season was already spread so thin trying to do the two other things they had to do this season.

NC4 split the cast into groups of 3 or 4 to cover running plots so that sub-plots and sub-activity could lead into one another. With the primary running threads being:

  • Saad, Lola, Yael
  • Frankie, Esme, Zig
  • Miles, Maya, Tristan
  • Grace, Jonah, Zoe
  • Goldi, Winston, Rasha
  • …Hunter, Baaz, Vijay

To introduce a new character involves cementing them into a group (costs time), then revealing they’re nb (which takes time from an existing character), and without the previous emotional weight of their story (which makes BvS DoJ level storytelling) and that’s on top of having to write goodbyes to half the cast and cement a new class ready to run the school S5.

And if you think ‘well what about introducing them in NC3, you said NC3 Yael was set-up for this plot’ there isn’t any room for any new characters there either unless you want to completely rip Yael out of the plot and give her position to someone new which is bad writing.

Quick Aside: I didn’t go into the logistical aspects of casting a nb actor specifically on Degrassi which is to find an actor, who is a Canadian Citizen, between the ages of 14-18, free to be in Toronto for the production period. Mostly because I don’t know the exact number of 14-18 year old Canadian NB actors who would willingly pass for cisgendered for a season/half a season to prep for a plot to play a nb coming out story. 

If I did I’d go into that. Honestly I wonder how to find out that…

Which I guess brings the rhetorical question. Would you rather a strong, flawed, attempt, or no attempt at all for the time being. Would you prefer giving an imperfect face to the topic, or the topic to just stay in the shadows another year? Possibly longer since NC5+6 isn’t in production at the moment.

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