nc17: kitty!kurt

Kitty!Kurt/Future!Klaine AU in which Kurt and Blaine become parents. 

“Well, Mr. and Mr. Anderson-Hummel. Everything seems to be in order. Just follow me, I’ll take you to see the kids.”

Kurt squeals, squeezing Blaine’s hand in his. His ears are high up and alert and his tail keeps brushing against Blaine’s leg as it swishes from side to side.

“We’re about to become parents…” he says quietly as Mrs. Peters leads them to the playroom.

“I know,” Blaine replies. His voice betrays all of his emotions, everything from the over-powering excitement to the slight fear of the new life they were about to start.

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“This looks boring,” Kurt says, his fingers digging into Blaine’s shoulders. “Why are you doing boring stuff?”

Blaine chuckles at that. “I have to, Kurt. It’s called studying.”

“I don’t like studying,” Kurt pouts, nuzzling his nose against the side of Blaine’s cheek.

“Well, me neither,” Blaine says with a warm smile, turning his neck and finding the right moment to catch Kurt’s nose in a quick kiss. “But you know what? I think right now is the perfect time for a small break.”


helenandherimperfectworld prompted (shortened): Blaine has to spend the night in a hospital due to a minor accident but no one calls Kurt. So after a night of freaking out, when Blaine comes home, the poor hybrid won’t let him out of his sight. 

“Hi, you’ve reached Blaine Anderson. I can’t come to the phone right  now…" 

Kurt hisses in frustration, his ears flat against his head and tail swishing nervously from side to side. Blaine should have been home hours ago and he always, always calls if he’s even 10 minutes late. 

Unable to stay still, Kurt walks in circles around the living room, trying to remember if Blaine had said anything about meeting friends. But even if he had, he would have at least texted Kurt at some point, if for no other reason than to tell Kurt he loved him. 

Because that’s what Blaine does. 

When yet another call goes to voice mail, Kurt actually yells out and throws the phone across the room. He hears a crack but ignores it as he slumps down onto the floor and leans his back against the couch. 

As fear takes over any rational senses, Kurt buries his face into his knees and starts crying. 

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