this weekend

was for a friday night spent in, and an early saturday morning workout before a glorious day of tailgating + watching the wolfpack [almost] get their tails handed to them by the richmond spiders. the weather was absolutely perfect, and it was so nice catching up with good friends over cold beers before the game. sunday morning was for an early morning 5 miler [rounding out week 5 of tough mudder training] before a leisurely afternoon spent finishing a book + soaking up the sun. errands were ran, and a quick trip to the library unearthed an old photo of rhyan in the carolina parent magazine from an event we attended years ago. he was thrilled, and obviously thinks he’s famous. [which he kinda is, right?!] cooked dinner + watched the movie kids with friends and loved it, was in bed by 10 for a good night’s sleep before the new week began.

all in all, it was a weekend with just the right amount of rest + relaxation.

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Rock Me Mama (by Bill HerreroWagon Wheel

When the Chancellor and the football coach rock out with a country music star, who also happens to be a student, you know you graduated from the right school!


this weekend was for

a friday night spent at home with rhyan, catching up on our dvr’d shows, and making a batch of the most amazing chocolate-chip cheesecake cookie bars for the nc state tailgate. got up early saturday + worked out before taking rhyan to a birthday/slumber party, and tailgating/watching the wolfpack get beat by syracuse. [ugh] was in bed at a decent hour after stopping by a friends house to catch up over the incredible penn state vs michigan game. i forced myself out of bed for a long run sunday morning, and while i only ran 6 miles [i paced my fastest time yet!] all i could think about was the chicago marathoners running 20 miles further than me. [it still boggles my mind] picked up rhyan, made breakfast + showered, and we snuggled in his bed watching movies/napping until it was time to celebrate me niece’s 5th birthday.

it was such a relaxing weekend, which was exactly what i needed. 

this weekend was for

cleaning the house from top to bottom before

an amazing date on friday night.

a skipped saturday morning workout

due to staying in bed entirely too long.

squeezing an hour in at the pool before

tailgating for the ncsu vs fsu football game.

cold beers & delicious food with friends

paired perfectly with the weather.

and a HUGE wolfpack win at home!

waking up on a rainy and cool sunday,

attending my niece’s 4th birthday party

and having a lazy evening at home with rhyan.

this weekend was another one full of the good stuff …