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It’s really late.

And admittedly, I’m crazy exhausted from shooting a cast party at DPAC. 

But I only queued up 3 posts before I left, so here’s a bonus post proving that Freddy becomes an anime boy when wet.

Just because I like you.

lavenderdesires  asked:

Hi girly!! I know you go to Wilmington, but I was just wondering where exactly you're from in NC? I was scrolling through some of your pictures and a few of them look like places I go to run and hike when I'm back home. I saw a couple of pictures that looked like crowders mountain, and one even looked like a park I go to back home called Pharr Mill park. I could be completely off base here, but i was just curious! :)

I’m from Cary, NC (basically the Raleigh/Triangle area). My favorite place to run is Umstead State Park (basically endless trails.. seriously a gem. look this up!). My ex-bf lived in Charlotte and so I ran in some funky places out there over the past couple years. Crowders mountain was one of those places! Super pretty and fun, but I made the mistake of running straight to the summit (2mi straight up hill…) at the beginning of my long run haha. Hmm I’ve never heard of Pharr Mill (most of my non wilmington runs were probably in Umstead). I don’t really know of any good trails in the Charlotte area. I may attend grad school there next year, so I will have to figure out some good places if i do! 

postmodern-polarbear  asked:

Hey there! Just wanted to say that I've been a fan of your blog for a little while, and have enjoyed it greatly, but just discovered you live in NC! Hello from a local Carolinian!

Shh! Don’t blow my cover!

The internet’s supposed to think I’m a jet-setting international man of mystery, not a… uh, national man of mystery? Uninternational man of mystery? 

You get the idea.

Ok, all joking aside – yup, I live in Durham NC, The Portland of the South™ 

I do photo work all over the area, though, so keep an eye out if you’re local… I’ve got some ScoobyDooMistakes pins I’d love to give away!

…also, if anyone happens to live in Hillsborough: just FYI, your town is adorable. I took some photos of Iron & Wine being interviewed there this morning, and it continues to have the best style, and even better restaurants. Scooby would approve.



spent a third of my year unemployed and bounding around. a heart fluttering reflection on my travels of 2016 both solo and with awesome people.

Sarasota and Bradenton, FL | Charlotte, NC | Research Triangle Park, NC | Asheville, NC | Charokee, NC | Gatlinburg, TN | Knoxville, TN | Smoky Mountains | Toronto, CA | Calgary, CA | Banff, CA | Lake Louise | Canadian Rockies | York, ME | Santa Barbara, CA | Chicago, IL | Miami, FL | Milan, Italy | Venice, Italy | Genoa, Italy | Santa Margherita, Italy | Portofino, Italy | Cinque Terre, Italy | Bangkok, Thailand | Chiangmai, Thailand | Koh Samui, Thailand | Koh Phangan, Thailand | Salt Lake City, UT | Zion National Park | Appalachian Trail | Taconic Highlands

My most frequently asked question is usually something along the lines of “how do I start a yoga practice if I’ve never done it before?” I understand there are a million resources available, and there’s a different answer to this question for every individual, butI definitely have an unconventional opinion.

I think beginners are usually encouraged to try modified variations on physical exercise, but I’ve always felt as though vigorous yoga styles are accessible to everyone. Actually, I’ve often found that in an environment with instructors who don’t body shame or discriminate (THIS IS WHERE WE’RE FAILING, YOGA TEACHERS), beginners of all shapes and sizes are able to excel and break their boundaries. That’s why I often encourage new students to shy away from gentle or “beginner” specific classes in favor of all levels classes.

All levels doesn’t mean easy, it means that a wide range of people will find it helpful. Yes, that means you will be challenged- it might kick your ass in a way you’re not expecting. It will make you sweat, fall down, laugh, cry, fart, sweat more, fall down again, die a little, be reborn, cry again, sweat more, and then you’ll rest. And when you rest, regardless of if you never got up from your first child’s pose, you’ll be glad you did it. You’ll be glad you got your ass beat. Sometimes we need an ass beating- it makes us better people. Don’t shy away from something because it’s hard- life is hard. Asana prepares us for the obstacles of life- Embrace it.

NC Triangle, I’ll see you tomorrow for the noon flow at @Durhamyoga!

Our friends at @fullbeautystyle want to give you guys an opportunity to buy a new yoga outfit, and they’re giving away three $50 giftcards! To enter, comment on this post about your favorite kind of exercise- it can be anything, whatever makes your heart sing! I’ll pick a winner on Thursday- good luck!

Photo by the marvelous @zoelitaker

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Whoa, hello, y’all!

Yup, just before starting this blog, I moved from upstate NY-

(depicted: Rochester) 

-to the NC triangle,-  

(depicted: Durham) 

-the home of nice weather, entrepreneurship, diversity, epic food, friendliness… and all the tea you can drink.

Dang, at this rate, we’ll have to create a meetup for the NC SDM fans… or, alternatively, you can just try to stalk me, that’s cool too. Just look for the unbelieveably-handsome guy with the vintage cameras & leather cap.





this is kiki, my sweetest bean. she needs a home. my current situation doesn’t allow me to keep my cats and i have exhausted all my options. i will NOT take her to a shelter and she’s too healthy to be put down. i WILL be picky with who takes her. im looking for someone to either foster her long term or adopt her. she’s 16 years old and has all her original papers. up to date on shots and flea treatments. spayed and declawed. her last appointment was a few months ago and the vet couldn’t even tell she was that old! she’s super healthy and has lots of years left. i wish i could spend them with her. thats why im asking for someone to love her as much as i do to give her a good clean place to stay. she tolerates other cats and dogs as long as they mind their own business and don’t chase her. she loves to be left alone but will warm up to you quick if you left her come to you. i live in the RALEIGH/CARY/APEX area in NC and im willing to drive if she’s going to a permanent home. ideally someone would foster until my situation allows me to take her back. i can provide everything she needs and continue to if she’s fostered. if someone is happy to adopt her there will be a fee so i ensure she’s going to a home that really wants her and is willing to spend the time to care for her. she has no special needs and nothing wrong. please REBLOG if you see this post thank you so much for reading this and spreading it.


Yeah, I’m in a plane, and am running on 4 hours of sleep… but as an early birthday present, I was given custom SDM pins!

Alas, the random, sleepy plane-riding guy in the row behind me isn’t very excited.

I’ve got plenty, so if you see me somewhere, I’ll give you one!

(Though my normal stomping grounds is the NC triangle, I’ll be in upstate NY and Pittsburgh this week… one of those days, someone’s gonna recognize me, and it’ll be hilarious)


When I began practicing #plowpose, it seemed unreachable. It’s crazy to look back at my progress with this pose. Thanks to instagram, I can flip back a couple of years and watch the changes in my body- it was a slow journey, but I gradually worked my way from kicking off a wall to understanding core and shoulder strength enough to practice without wall support. And while my boobs still suffocate me (@amber_karnes has an awesome trick for wrapping a strap above your bustline if your breasts might actually choke you), I kinda can’t believe how far I’ve come. If you want to start practicing #yoga at home, I really recommend documenting your journey through photos. If nothing else, it will definitely help you accept your body exactly as it right now so you can appreciate it in the long run. Also, if you want to win some fresh new yoga gear, enter my twitter/instagram giveaway- scroll down to my last instagram shot for details! @nolatrees and I are teaching a backbend workshop this morning at Soho’s @inbodiedyoga, and (God willing and the creek don’t rise), I’ll be back in the NC triangle for tomorrow’s Pay What You Can (PWYC) classes! THIS WEEK: Monday- PWYC yoga at @HillsboroughYoga (10:30am) & Durham’s Rock Quarry Park (6:30pm) Tuesday- Flow Yoga @DurhamYoga at noon No matter how long its been since your last practice, your body is always happy to get on the mat- See y'all in class <3 Bra- @purelimesport Leggings- @lineagewear Bracelets- @soullovingjewelry Mat- @liforme Watch-@DanielWellingtonWatches (Use ‘JESSAMYNYOGA’ for 15% off)

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Choices, Options; Things Of Yesteryear Decisions, Ones You'll Regret [Submission]

Author: SnugglePuppyHug

Genre: Angst, Romance, Love-Triangle

Rating: NC-17

Kinks/Warnings: Infidelity

Summary: Such a complicated thing, love triangles. Kyungsoo realizes he’s selfish in love, learns that tall boys are aggressive when they fight over what they think is theirs.

Notes: I’m telling you, this fic is fucking long and fucking worth it I’m not even kidding right now. You’ll be pulled in so hard into the story and into the lives of ChanSoo and KaiSoo that you just — Oh my fuck, I have no words for this masterpiece. I DEMAND YOU GUYS TO READ THIS AND DON’T HESITATE. I’M FUCKING SERIOUS RIGHT NOW (I’m sorry for swearing but I really want you guys to read this T_______T). Enjoy this roller-coaster of emotions, guys. You guys are gonna regret it if you don’t read it I swear to God omg. I wish you luck. Adios!




The whole “unpack your new house” process has been predictably slow but I finally unpacked the box with my @healthmarkinc #yogacise and I FUCKING FORGOT ABOUT THIS AWESOME MACHINE. I have been working on the pressing action in my #inversion practice and integrating the yogacise has been so dope- I highly recommend it for those of you who are also trying to strengthen your life upside down. I posted a youtube video with a few of my favorite movements to practice- check out the link next to the camera in my instagram header to check it out!

Y'all, this weekend #mynameisnola moves on to Havertown’s @easteagleyoga & D.C.’s @buddhabyoga- click the link in my instagram header for registration info!

Traveling is awesome, but my schedule is changing constantly and I have to adjust my local teaching schedule for awhile. I’m extremely bummed about it, I have to cancel Monday PWYC yoga classes for the rest of the month. I know, it’s lame but I’m still teaching the Tuesday noon flow at @DurhamYoga and, if you’re local and you still want to practice with me, feel free to inquire about semi-private and private yoga classes.

If you’re not in the NC Triangle (or even if you are), @streamyoga released a couple of my online #yoga classes- there are several different viewing options, from 24hrs to monthly passes. Click the link in their instagram header for more info!

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Y'all, I love showing up to teach a class where my students are obviously expecting a more svelte teacher and they are surprised by a curvaceous black femme with the mouth of a drunken sailor.

My classes are pro-everything- swearing, laughing, farting, & everything in between. I like to create an environment where it’s cool to be yourself, especially if being yourself means sweating and farting your way through vinyasas and exhaling in expletives. If you’re down for a yoga class where you can truly be yoirself, check out the all-levels classes I teach locally in the NC triangle. This week’s schedule includes:

SUNDAY, 5/31, 8am- FREE YOGA IN THE PARK: Fuquay Varina’s Mineral Spring Park

MONDAY, 6/1, 10:30am & 6:30pm- PWYC (Pay What You Can) YOGA: Hillsborough Yoga Company

TUESDAY, 6/2, 12pm- FLOW YOGA at @DurhamYoga

THURSDAY, 6/4, 12pm- FLOW YOGA at @DurhamYoga (I’m subbing for @sagetree, high priestess of #nctriangle yoga & OG member of the bad bitch club)

Check my website for more details about my local classes- link is in my instagram header!

ALSO, hellooooo new followers! If you found yourself here because of @huffingtonpost, @nymag, @abcnews, @yahoo, @ellefr, or anyone else who showed me mad love this week, feel free to creep on my FAQ page to get a better idea about my yoga journey!

Top- @mymanifesta

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