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So I was listening to Royksopp’s “I Had This Thing” and this happened. I don’t even fucking know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  It’s just angst. That’s it.

written for @capseycartwright because gdi she appreciates angst

i had this thing to call my own (nc-17)| ao3 link


750 words of smutty angst

 He chokes back on the words, bites hard on his lip, metallic taste of blood floods his mouth. His aching cock throbs, grazes against the sheets and Robert whimpers. He can’t say them, he can’t say them, he can’t let it slip out or it’ll stop. Aaron will stop. It happened the last time and Robert remembers that emptiness when Aaron walked away.

They weren’t what they used to be. He doesn’t have that right.

His gaze falls to his hand, clutching on the sheet in a white-knuckled grip, light glinting off his ring then to Aaron’s ring less finger. He closes his eyes. If he doesn’t look, if he can’t see, then he can pretend. Even if it’s just for an hour, he can take the heat of Aaron’s skin, let it warm him inside and out, store it for when he is alone.

Robert doesn’t know how they’ve got here.

Aaron pushes in, bottoms out and Robert hangs his head, chest stuttering with emotions he reins in. It’s not gentle, it never is anymore. He strains against Aaron’s hold, feels one of his hands grip Robert’s hair and pull, tight and rough. The pain centers Robert, reminds him that it’s not what he wants them to be but it is what they are.

He wishes he’d said no when Aaron came to him those few months ago. Angry and resentful, broken hearted from another failed relationship. He probably should have closed the door but there was never a time he wouldn’t do anything for Aaron. He needed Robert even if it was just for this.

It meant nothing. They were polite outside these walls. Aaron barely looks at Robert most days. It’s not even a regular arrangement. Robert never knew when Aaron would show up at his flat. He would just be there, pushing his way into Robert’s home, leaving behind memories and shadows that Robert must live with every day.

It’s not like Robert can escape Aaron. He’s in his heart. That would never change. No amount of therapy is helping him let go. His counselor would probably kill him if she knew. He lives for these nights when Aaron can’t be bothered to go elsewhere, when he needs to get off and Robert is there.

His chest constricts when Aaron’s lips ghost his skin, brows furrow at the gesture, and he shudders from all that brings back. The nights tangled together, the laugher, the banter, and even the quiet where they just needed each other. Aaron pulls him in, chest curving into Robert’s back as he moves him closer, Aaron’s hips change tempo, his cock hits Robert’s prostrate just right and he can’t hold back from saying Aaron’s name.

Aaron freezes for a tiniest of seconds before setting a punishing rhythm, the hand in Robert’s hair moves down to hold Robert by the throat, tightens enough that Robert can feel it, the other one finds Robert’s cock, fists it hard and strips him fast, punches the orgasm out of him swiftly. Robert’s knees are jelly as he falls forward, head resting on the mattress. Aaron thrusts once, twice and then comes, his groan fills the quiet of Robert’s room.

Robert counts the seconds Aaron allows himself to be close to Robert. Like always, he pulls away before Robert reaches ten. He closes his eyes, listens to the sound of the water in the bathroom as Aaron cleans up. Robert never looks at him, can’t bear to and he waits for the rustling of Aaron’s clothes, bites his lip from saying it.

I love you I love you I love you

He feels something fall on the bed next to his head, half-opens his eyes and catches sight of the wash cloth.


His voice is graveled, dripping with everything he won’t – can’t say.

Aaron grunts a response and the rustling begins.

They never say anything.

He waits until the sound of the front door stops echoing, until the burn in the back of his eyes lessens before he moves. His chest aches a little more every time and Robert knows, he knows he can’t keep doing this. It’s killing him a little every day.

He doesn’t know how to stop, to let go because it’s the only time he feels like himself, he feels real, alive.

It’s the only time he can breathe. 


NEXT CLASS MEME: Five Romantic Ships

↳  [1/5] Grace Cardinal & Maya Matlin

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Im throwing a lotta love your way because just scrolling through this blog makes me hate existing, I can only imagine you feel running it.

it’s turned my recommendations to shit lol
The Four Ds of Apparition (or: Destination, Determination, Deliberation, and Dicks)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Oneshot | NC-17 | 36.600

Humour | Romance | Post-Hogwarts

After transferring to the Apparition Department, Harry’s life becomes one big dick joke. And all his friends are arseholes. So is Malfoy, but what else is new? AKA Harry Potter and the eighteen twenty dicks.


“Someone, somewhere, hated him. Someone with an extremely warped sense of humor.” Oh no Harry, oh you got it all backwards honey. This is fucking brilliant humour and I’m thanking the gods (aka the two fantastic authors) for this story. 10/10 me likey!

So I finally got around to read this and let me tell you, it was the most amazing thing ever. My cheeks will never fell the same. 

I loved it. I still love it. I think I’m in love with it and everything in it’s entirety. It’s not just one of the funniest and most hilarious pieces I’ve read in a long time, it’s also romantic and the complete opposite of a heartbreak. This mends my heart. Heals it, which is really something I’ve been in need of so thank you so much for that authors you guys are incredible! There’s just no way for me to describe how much i loved seeing Harry and Draco’s relationship built. From that first time they laugh with each other, to when Harry notices he’s smiling as he leaves the hospital, to the subtle (and not so subtle) flirting which confuses adorable little Harry. It makes me so happy. And it makes me believe in them. Our wonderful boys! 

We have over-dramatic little shits. Amazing writing, perfect main and side characters, humour that’ll kill you and 20 dicks. So that’s pretty great!

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jongyu/daddy/their (new??) apartment(dorm room??)

“I can’t fucking wait to quit that hell hole.” Jinki sighed as he set his bag down on the kitchen chair closest to the door and leaned down to peck Jonghyun’s cheek.

“Rough day, babe?” hummed, sliding a stack of quizzes away from himself and pulling the elder down into his lap, pressing a kiss to his nape.

“I get treated like shit at the restaurant. We’re fucking business owners. It’s embarrassing to have to put on that ridiculous uniform after I close the store and wait on spoiled teenagers who think they’re better than you.” he continued to rant and Jonghyun nuzzled between his shoulder blades, chuckling.

“Tell me about it.” Jonghyun hummed, pulling Jinki’s shirt from his pants and running his warm hand along the smooth skin of the elder’s belly. “I had a sixteen year old tell me to go back to China today. China.”

Jinki looked over his shoulder and pouted sympathetically. “What a little shit.”

"It gets worse.” Jonghyun shook his head. “I caught the kid peeking into the girls’ changing rooms at Forever 21 and had to kick his ass out, so now he knows about that job, so he’s probably gonna tell his friends and they’re all gonna act out in my class and it really does suck, babe, but they’re helping.

"We got this great place because of our shitty extra jobs and we’re gonna get to be daddies because of our shitty extra jobs, so I can’t be anything but grateful for them.” he smiled and Jinki twisted around to smile back.

“You know what else we got with our shitty extra jobs?” he said and Jonghyun raised his brows with interest. “That new king sized bed that we haven’t properly broken in.”

“I like where you’re going with this.” Jonghyun said as he pushed his chair further away from the table and stood, carting Jinki over to the bedroom.

He dumped the elder in the center of the large mattress and draped himself over him, melding their lips as his hands roved over his husband’s frame, slipping beneath fabric to tease his sensitive skin.

“You know I was going with nap, right? Jinki breathed when Jonghyun pulled away to lift off Jinki’s shirt.

"Shut up.” Jonghyun chuckled against his chest, flicking his tongue out at Jinki’s hardened nipple, grinding down into him when he arched up.

They shed their clothes quickly and Jonghyun flipped Jinki onto his stomach, trailing kisses down his spine as his hands caressed the elder’s sides. He scraped his teeth on the soft flesh of Jinki’s ass and made him whimper.

“Stop teasing, Jjong.” he hissed, wiggling insistently. 

Jonghyun placed a wet kiss on the cleft of his ass and chuckled when Jinki froze up again. He reached over for the lube on their nightstand and uncapped it, pouring it directly into his husband’s crack.

Jinki squeaked and squirmed at the cold, but settled again when Jonghyun’s strong hands spread the substance down and out, teasing his rim before kneading into his cheeks.

He moaned as Jonghyun continued to massage, dipping the tip of his thumb into Jinki’s hole every now and then to get him whiny and needy. Before Jinki could complain again, Jonghyun finally began to stretch him, pressing two fingers in deep and working him open carefully. He leaned over his husband’s back and whispered in his ear.

“You want my cock, baby?” he hummed and Jinki nodded as he pushed himself back into Jonghyun’s hand. “Yeah? How bad?” he asked as he worked in a third finger.

“Mm. Fuck, baby. I need your cock.” Jinki begged and Jonghyun smirked against the shell of his ear, slipping his fingers out and aligning himself with Jinki’s hole, applying a teasing pressure. “Fuck! Please, please, please.” Jinki chanted, bracing himself on the headboard and thrusting back, impaling himself on Jonghyun’s dick.

"Oh, fuck.” Jinki whimpered as Jonghyun steadied him by his hips and seated himself to the hilt. “Yeah, Jjong, come on, fuck my ass, baby. Fuck.”

Jonghyun grabbed a fistful of the elder’s hair and yanked him back as he thrust into him relentlessly. Jinki whimpered and trembled with pleasure, knuckles white on the dark oak headboard as he was fucked into a mind-numbing state of euphoria. 

Jonghyun leaned back and admired the way his cock appeared and disappeared inside his husband. He slid a hand up Jinki’s front and the elder sobbed with need as it rubbed over his stomach and thighs, avoiding his swollen, neglected cock.

“Please,” Jinki choked out in a small, broken voice. “Please touch me, daddy.”

“Fuck.” Jonghyun grunted as a new found thrill curled in his belly. “Say that again.” he commanded as he fisted Jinki’s cock and pumped him in time with his thrusts.

Daddy.” Jinki intoned shakily. “F-Fuck me, daddy.”   

Oppa - Jackson Smut

For my one and only Junhoe Trash ;) Hope you enjoy it babe! <3

Warning: Smut, if you don’t like smut, don’t read this :)

Originally posted by wanqkong

You headed over to the Got7 dorm to have a movie night with Jackson and the boys. You and Jackson have had plenty of movie nights together, probably much different than this one considering you never actually watched the movie. You knocked on the door being greeted by Mark. “Hey y/n, come on in.” You smiled as you walked past him. All the boys were sitting on the couch, Jackson waiting with a spot right next to him just for you. “Hey babe.” You leaned down and gave him a kiss. “Hi.” You pulled away smiling as all the boys gagged at you two. “Let’s just put the movie on, please.” BamBam whined as the movie started. You actually were paying attention to the movie, until Jackson covered you two up in a blanket, you obviously knew it wasn’t because either of you were cold. You smirked as you soon discovered his reason.

Jackson’s hand was slowly making its way up your thigh, but you quickly pushed it away denying him. See there was a game you two had, whoever could make the other person cave first got control, and you weren’t caving first today. However, Jackson had other plans. His hand made its way back, now sliding past the waistband of your shorts. You remained calm as he was now nibbling at your ear and neck.

Two can play this game

You lifted yourself off the couch, sliding over so you were sitting directly in front of him. Lowering yourself slowly, you ass rubbing against his cloth covered bulge. “Shit” He whispered throwing his head back. You looked back at him with a smirk, you hand reaching behind you to palm his erection through his shorts. You could hear his breath becoming heavy, he kept shifting in his seat to try and shake your hand away. When his efforts failed, he quickly moved his hand back to your shorts. His hand slid past your waistband, not wasting any time finding your clit.

You tossed your head back onto his shoulder, biting your lip trying to keep your moans quiet, almost forgetting the other boys were in the room. He looked down at you, “Just cave already. There’s no way you’re getting out of this one.” He pushed two fingers into you, curling them hitting your spot perfectly. “Fu-” You quickly covered your mouth with your hand. Once your moans ceased, you leaned your mouth to his ear. “Don’t worry I have some tricks up my sleeve.” You whispered in his ear biting your lip. “Oh yeah, like what?” He looked down at you with a cocky grin.

You pulled his hands from your shorts, sitting up straddling him. “Guys! Come onnn!” BamBam cried out covering his eyes. You took to his neck as his hands gripped your ass. “You’re not gonna make me crack y/n.” Jackson trying to relax as you grinded your hips into his hard on. “Oh yeah?” He shook his head. “Jackson, please..” You moaned into his ear, softly biting it. “Mhm.” His grip now on your hips, pulling you down onto him. “I want you to fuck me oppa.”
Without warning, Jackson picked you up and carried you to his room, ignoring the dirty looks the guys all flashed your way. He quickly pushed your back against the door and locked it.

If there was one thing that always made Jackson cave, it was when you called him oppa, it made him melt in your hands. He leaned in to kiss you but you stopped him. “Nope, I’m in control remember.” He slowly put you down backing away licking his lips. “Take this off.” You pulled at the hem of his shirt, he quickly followed your command as you did the same. You kissed him pushing him back towards the bed. He laid back as you straddled his waist, kissing down his body, stopping above the waistband of his shorts. “Babe don’t tease.” He grabbed your hair trying to guide you to his growing problem but you pulled away. You grabbed his arms putting them above his head. “No touching. You touch. I stop.” You slowly began kissing down his body once again, seeing the agony in his face of not being able to touch you.  

You slowly tugged at the waistband of his shorts, pulling them down along with his boxers to expose his erection. You took him with one hand slowly stroking. “Fuuuuck.” He bit the back of his hand as you began to slowly put his length into your mouth. You began to take more of him but felt his hands grabbing your hair to guide you. You sat up and he groaned. “Baby I’m sorry, I won’t do it again, just don’t stop. Please.” You slowly placed him back into your mouth, stroking and sucking faster than before. “Oh my god! Y/n, fuck that feels so good!” He threw his head back as you slowly pulled your mouth off of him. You pulled down your shorts and panties standing there fully exposed. Jackson quickly sat up, barely being able to control yourself.

You dropped a hand and began playing with yourself right in front of him. “Oh my god, baby this feels so good.” He sat their biting his lip, you could see how much he wanted to take you right there. “Don’t you just wanna touch me baby?” He shook his head, knowing that if he did you might very well put your clothes back on leave him to deal with his big problem all himself. You stopped playing with yourself and sat down on Jackson’s lap, his length brushing against your slit. “Fuuuuuck. Don’t do this to me, please y/n. Just let me touch you.” You kissed his neck, thinking you’ve tortured him enough for tonight. “Jackson…” “Yeah?” “I need you.”

Without even giving it a second thought, Jackson quickly laid you down on the bed. Not wasting any time his mouth went straight to your clit while two of his fingers pumped inside of you. “Oh my god baby, fuck!” Your hands pulling at his blonde locks, while you arched your back off the bed. He was showing you no mercy for what you did to him. Jackson was normally in control, and that was how he liked it. His fingers pumping and tongue circling your clit brought you close to your peak, but he quickly stopped, earning a whine from you as he licked his fingers.

He grabbed a rubber from his bedside and slid it down his length. He teased you with his tip. “Please. I need you.” That was all he needed to hear, and he quickly pushed himself into you. A loud moan escaped your lips as he kissed and bit at your neck. You wrapped your legs around his waist allowing him to go deeper. “Oh fuck y/n, you’re so tight!” You were now close to your peak and Jackson was going to make sure you got there. He thrusts deeper, harder and faster, as you felt your walls tighten around him. “Oh fuck Jackson I’m gonna cum.” “That’s it baby. Shit.” He continued to thrust as you rode out your orgasm until he hit his peak. He was breathing heavy as he pulled himself out of you to dispose of the condom. You pulled your clothes back on, trying to compose yourself. Jackson threw on his shorts and a tank top. Once you two were stable, you walked back out to rejoin the boys.

As you sat down on the couch the credits began to roll up the screen. “Oh, we missed the whole movie?” You looked at the boys confused. “Yeah, but it sounded like you guys had your own R rated fun in there.” BamBam stood up taking the empty snack bowls into the kitchen. “Please, that was some NC-17 type shit going on in there.” Mark said as he got up and left as all the other boys started laughing while you and Jackson just looked at each other embarrassed. “You want to watch a new movie babe?” Jackson said grabbing the remote winking at you. “No…My body needs a break from all these movies.”
North Carolina Abortion Providers Fight For Ground Amid Growing Hostility
One women's health center in Charlotte is seeing a sharp increase in anti-abortion protesters.

2000 protesters. 


When the protesters chain themselves to the door, the patients would clime ladders to get in through windows. 


I’d also like to make it known that the police DID NOT SHOW UP TO HELP. 


These people had no parade permits or anything, and the police simply allowed this to happen.