nc listen

Ah~ If love truly makes you blind 

Then I guess, There is no need (There is no need to see) 

I’ll trade my eyes 

So you can see for me 

I’ve always wanted to draw NC playing the piano but as you can see, I suck lol

Also, listen to Bathtub Mermaid by Mili and tell me you don’t see NC singing it 

Slowly you’ll find your way.
Mine is yours and has been it
since I first loved you
and the idea of you
before I knew what was to want.

You see: you have been
created perfect for me to be loved,
and I was created just like that
to love you and your back,
your hands, your tongue,

And in sweat and dirt,
I’ll fight for you,
I’ll pray for you,
I’ll bleed for you.

I’ll make you unstoppable.

—  are you listening? nc.

god i had the stupidest idea earlier today as we were driving back from nc

i was listening to “ram” by steve howe, you know, the very jaunty, semi-classical, semi-country western guitar piece, and thought to myself, what if this was played at my funeral as they lowered my casket into the grave, as slowly as possible, so that it took the duration of the song (two minutes) to get to the bottom.

i dont knwo why this cracks me up so hard but god it. jsut, does. like its just the most inappropriate song for the occasion idfk

Dear Trans Allies, Especially My Fellow White Folks:

Guys, can you stop making compilations of “muscular trans guys” and posting them along with “ha ha now Republican women in NC have to go to the bathroom WITH THESE GUYS”? Please?

1. This isn’t helping but more importantly
2. Trans people shouldn’t be used like props like this EVER
3. Especially not black trans dudes, because “being threatening to white women by simply existing” still gets black dudes murdered

Now, like, if someone posts THEIR OWN picture, and addresses the NC bill in this way (I’ve seen two white trans guys do this, I’m sure there are more), then spreading the voice of a trans person is one thing. That’s THEIR voice and THEIR choice. Allies should amplify trans voices. Of course!

But please do not objectify and commodify the bodies of trans people and use pictures posted or taken for other reasons to make political points, even if the intent is to help. It is never helping to do this kind of non-consensual reframing. ESPECIALLY WHEN USING PICTURES OF TPOC. Because that shit gets people killed.

Please, thank you.