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Here’s a short drabble for @xfficchallenges summer heat challenge. Less than 1000 words, a little dark, slightly NC-17 at best. Enjoy! (Bingo card under the cut)

She’s driving through the darkness, on a road less travelled lately but still known to her like the back of her hand. Most nights she is not coming back here anymore, she is staying in the city, in a sterile attendance room at the hospital or a lonely hotel room full of make-believe comfort. Not tonight. He didn’t call, he didn’t ask her to come over but it is her home too, although it doesn’t feel like home to her anymore. It’s empty and cold without him there. He left ages ago, not living there anymore, just existing. His mind and spirit wandered off to a dark place too far away for her to reach; only his bodily form is still roaming in the house, barely breathing. Always, when she is coming back here, she is afraid to find even his body gone, with no life left inside.

It’s a beautiful night in rural Virginia. A big, slightly red, moon towers over the unremarkable house as she turns and stops at the gate. The stars are showing their various formations and for a second she is thrown back to a time when they were sitting together out on their porch, star-gazing, being enough for each other to be happy. The gate opens unwillingly with a loud squeak; he will know she’s coming. But he probably knew before, it doesn’t make a difference. Driving up to the house, she begins to regret she came. Maybe she should just turn around and leave this place, leave it behind, leave the memories and belongings, leave him. She sits in her car staring at the darkness before her, no lights, no sign of life. Only ghosts of a life that slipped away from them. Hesitation is gnawing at her as she climbs the steps to the front door. When she turns the knob and steps in an all-embracing sadness is devouring her, she looks into an empty shell that once was their home. A well-known smell of stale air and cold coffee welcomes her. She is surprised to find him sitting on the couch, a dark figure in an even darker room. He doesn’t turn, doesn’t acknowledge her presence. Moving closer she can see he’s been crying. To her that is at least something, he’s not dead yet. She is kneeling down at his feet, softly placing her hand on his cheek. It’s cold and scratchy. His gaze is lost somewhere, he’s not here, he’s nowhere.

She takes his hand in hers and lifts it up to kiss his palm, placing it on her chest, trying to find a way to contact him. In a desperate attempt, her other hand starts stroking his right thigh up to the waistband of his sweatpants and over his semi-hardness. At least it’s some kind of reaction. She stands up and unbuttons her jeans, pulling them down along with her panties. In silent consent, he lifts his hips, stripping down his pants down to his knees. His first movement. Standing in front of him half-naked, she is trying to find his gaze, he’s looking past her in no particular direction. She straddles his hips, taking him into her small hand, stroking softly. As she’s descending into his lap, she struggles guiding him in. With careful motions she finds a rhythm, holding herself steady on his shoulders. She is startled out of her own haze as he places his left hand on the small of her back. It’s the first time he touches her. It’s his spot, abandoned for what feels like a lifetime. In a feathery caress he rounds her waist and finds her center with his thumb. He still knows how to touch her, knows how to push her to where she needs to be. It’s not passionate or full of relish, it’s sufficient. She is falling apart, breathing small moans and whimpers into the silence. As soon as she comes down from her high, that doesn’t feel like a high at all, he stops all movement. He’s done without coming undone. She lifts herself off of him, puts on her clothes and gets her bag. They always had that, an unbreakable connection even when they were disagreeing, growing apart, unsuccessfully fighting the darkness. Their love always worked. And now it does not anymore. She knows it’s over. There are no words, no longings left.

She leaves in silence, she will not come back.

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Raleigh, North Carolina: At least 80,000 people join in the massive Moral March against racism, for jobs, voting rights and social justice, February 8, 2014.

Photos by Nancy Brown and Ajamu Dillahunt

akacollins  asked:

Can you please make a list of poly fics? Thank you ^___^

omg i’m yoonminseok biased help

anytime is bed time (yoonminseok, pg, fluff)
i love the way you call me baby (yoonminseok, pg, fluff)
we’ll make it work (yoonminseok, pg-13, fluff) 
where did you come from (namkook, side!yoonminseok, pg-13)
tell me what you want (i’mma give it to you) (yoonminseok, nc-17)
put on a show (yoonminseok, nc-17, slight voyeurism)
overload of heat (yoonminseok, nc-17)
of crop tops and leather pants (yoonminseok, nc-17, pwp)
good things always belonged to everyone (yoonminseok, explicit, a/b/o, angst)
hydration is vital (yoonminseok, explicit, piss kink)

ass bread (yoonseoknam, pg, fluff)
coming home (yoonseoknam, R)
rubber (yoonseoknam, explicit, pwp)

we go where we want to (taekookmin, pg, soulmates au)
triad (taekookmin, pg)
come here and hold me (taekookmin, pg, praise kink)

let me know (yoonminkook, nc-17, part 2 of love is not over series)
in the mood for love (yoonminkook, nc-17, part 3 of love is not over series)

#1 (taegikook, pg-13, drabble)
wicked (vhopemin, explicit)  
a late night’s work (rap line/jimin, explicit, pwp)

ps. you can find more poly fics searching our masterpost 

-admin hobi

Upside Down, Inside Out

Pairing: Namjin (side!yoonmin for half a paragraph, maybe)
Genre: Romance, Smut, A/B/O!AU
Rating: NC-17
Summary:  First heats suck. First heats especially suck when you were never ever ever ever supposed to be an omega.

Admin’s Notes: holy shit. holy shit this is my fave namjin fic ever ever ever. like what. how? someone tell me how this even came out of someone’s brain and on the page for us to read. how is this real? who is this fuckin talented. i’m so about of breath, this is such a good fic i can’t. *lies down for a while*

Link: AO3

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anonymous asked:

Hiiii ❤️ i love your blog it's so nice- so many of my favourite fics was found from here. Could you recommend me some ABO/wolf!au fics? I've read a lot on here and was wondering if you could recommend me any more Thank you! x (sorry if any bad english)

Thank you so much anon!

Going for the Gold (NC-17)
Feral (A Chanbaek wolf au/abo collection, NC-17 mostly)
Heat (NC-17)
Selfish (NC-17)
Herculean (PG)

-Admin Ellen

Lost and Found (NC-17)
We’re going to bite (PG-15, Canon/ABO verse)
All The Way Back Where I Belong (R, available only to registered users)

-Admin Jackie

Shining Knight


Genre: Omegaverse, Smut

Rating: NC-17

Kinks: Knotting, Heat Cycles, Self-Lubrication (god bless america)

Summary: Jongin had had no intention of joining a pack ever since he had grown enough to leave his parents’ den and live on his own. At least until he found a little omega working out his heat, uninvited, in his apartment.

Admin T’s Notes: I AM EXTREMELY SLIGHTLY OBSESSED W OMEGAVERSE RN AND THIS IS AMAZING. I seriously can’t wait to see where this story goes. And goddamn the knotting was so hot /drools. I have so many questions about Soo’s background! If you like omegaverse give this a read ;w;



This is for the Brown Kids, by Q Wideman

Read at the 2nd Annual Youth March to End the School to Prison Pipeline

Unofficial Rec Bulletin #51

You can submit fics to be include in these here. Other recs/promos/etc can be dropped in our ask box. Link to previous bulletins.


Fic Recs:

Other Recs/Promos:

Fic Recs:

Our Pretty Little Snow Angels [M, 36,000 word count]

(angst, au, fluff, high school, hurt comfort, anxiety, breakdown/panic attack [dean], bigbro!gabriel, abusive family, best friends, pining!cas, roommates, marriage, !samjess)
recced by anon

Dean didn’t need to graduate college, but he did need to graduate high school. Unfortunately, he also needed some way to get through this year in one piece. Preferably, with his sanity intact. Who knows? Maybe the weird kid with the blue eyes can help.

Summer Heat [NC-17, 20,000 word count]

(au, angst, knotting, abusive family, hurt comfort, alcoholism, alternating pov)
recced by anon

Dean Winchester, an omega, is only in Lawrence to bury his shit father and leave. What he doesn’t expect, is to find himself running into someone he used to know and is one of the very good things he can remember from being a kid. As the past reasserts itself, so do feelings and thoughts Dean’s never imagined himself to feel before.

This Crooked Fish [T, 43,900 word count]

(au, fluff, crossover, medieval, fantasy, protective!dean, marriage [fake/arranged but not with each other], secret affair, smart!dean)
recced by my-otp-ruined-my-life

With the first Lady Knight in centuries, a tournament and Progress to honor a Royal Marriage, and the Crown Prince falling in love with the King of the Rogues, it’s certainly not going to be a boring year in the kingdom of Tortall.

Written in the Scars of Our Hearts [NC-17, 52,000 word count]

(au, angst, knotting, bottom!Cas, jealous!dean, infidelity, !calthazar, kid!fic, possessive!dean, mpreg)
recced by kyrie101

Dean’s… content. He’s single, and he’ll probably stay that way for the rest of his life. He screwed up his relationship with Cas, fucked up badly enough that no one in their right mind would take him back, and really, Dean’s already stupidly lucky that he’s allowed to see Ariel at all, let alone have her over at his place every other weekend. It’s more than he deserves, but hell, he’s not about to give it up. He’s accepted the consequences for his actions, and he’s content. At least, he thinks he is.

Other Recs/Promos:

Angel Warrior: A Celebration

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SPN Art Challenge: Dean Winchester: Michael’s Sword

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You can include other characters but Michael!Dean must be the center of the attention! ;)

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Permission Granted

Author: sengen35

Genre: wolf au

Rating: NC-17

Kinks: in-heat, knotting

Summary: When worse comes to worst, Mr. Do must decide.

Admin N’s notes: so wolf boyfriends kaisoo finally gets to do the do after mr. do’s permission /stamps approve sign on jongin’s head/ also, this is the sequel to almost there.