nc amendment one

the passing of nc amendment one...what "family" are we protecting?

needless to say i am disappointed about the results of the election yesterday. it’s sad that people will simply stop reading after they hear the word “gay”. this amendment will affect so many more people, not just people of the lgbtq community. this amendment was advertised as the “marriage amendment” and that we should be protecting north carolina families. but what families? the nuclear husband, wife, 2 kids family? there are so many more families than that: single mother, single father, two mothers, two fathers, etc. if people really wanted to protect families and had all children’s interests in mind, they would have not passed this amendment. they would have voted AGAINST it. how do people not see this? i just can’t get over how close minded people are… i just hope that everyone else knows that not all of north carolina feels this way, there are so many of us here that are open minded and loving. now we just have a lot more work to do in equal rights, but we won’t give up, that’s for sure.

Vote against Amendment One on May 8th or earlier! Everyone deserves equality and you can make it happen! Help fight the Amendment and vote against it!

I’m Straight, but Not Narrow! I support the marriages of all Humans, no matter who they love. It doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight, or somewhere in between. Just be you, because it’s all good with me.

All of this NC Amendment One stuff is very confusing to me...

but I don’t have enough time to vote in the primary so I won’t get the chance to vote, I decided I don’t want to do this whole absentee ballot thing, it’s just too difficult. 

I’ll be register on time for the main November election though, which is what I’m really concerned about.

But if someone (with a neutral side) could explain it to me…that would be great. I understand it would add an amendment to the NC Constitution banning same-sex marriage/domestic partnerships, but what I don’t get is how does it effect heterosexual couples?

As a queer North Carolinian, I beg of you-

Stop letting this define this state.  We will go through the appeals process and just as prop 8 was overturned in California, amendment one will be overturned here.  This was a terrible thing that happened… an awful piece of legislation that the ignorant voters of NC voted on poorly.  The biggest problem here is no one knew and still doesn’t know what amendment one actually said.  The most troubling thing about this amendment to me is that it takes rights away from single parents.  But none of that was ever talked about or is being talked about now.  The only thing that’s being talked about is gay marriage… which this amendment actually has little to do with.  There have already been laws against same sex marriage in North Carolina.  The fact of the matter is this passed because of the ignorance surrounding it.  That is why the educated areas voted against whereas the uneducated areas voted for.  

This state isn’t evil… and neither are the people of it.  I spent the past few days feeling ashamed of my status as a North Carolinian, but I’m done with that.  With all of the language and hurtful graphics on my dash this week… I’m actually being SHAMED for living here.  And that is absurd.  

North Carolina is more than Amendment One.  It’s more than ignorant votes.  North Carolina is where I grew up.  It’s my homestate.  It’s where I have all of the memories of my childhood.  It’s my favorite beach.  My family vacation to the mountains hiking the Appalachian Trail.  It’s the schools I went to.  The creeks I played in (naked and not).  It’s the first street I went streaking through.  It’s the outer banks.  It’s the fact that it’s the only state to have such a perfect geographical spectrum from the coast to the mountains.  It’s one of the thirteen colonies.  North Carolina is so much MORE than this amendment.

Did any of you hating on the whole state and the residents of this state happen to know that a year ago Raleigh was featured third on a list of cities with a large LGBT family population?  Growing up in Raleigh being gay was really not a big deal.  I was made fun of a lot at school… being gay was NEVER a reason for that.  A lot of people asked me questions… but it was honestly because they wanted to know and understand.  Not because they were being rude or hurtful… and this was always understood.  

The rest of the state hasn’t caught up to the capital yet in this respect… But honestly.  I’m tired of being shamed for loving the state I grew up in.  I do love this state despite this and I will continue to love it as we push and grow through this.  This is not a time to hate on North Carolinians… it is a time to educate the ignorant and stand by the rest of us as we take the next steps in this fight.

Ship Week and NC Amendment One

Yesterday was certainly a mixed bag.

I learned what the faint not-quite-tinnitus noise has been for the past two days (the faint squeeing in the distance of the Castle fandom). Not to really out myself or anything, but it was a hell of a season finale. >_>

Speaking of outing, NC voters are bastards.
Okay, bigotry aside, the morons voting in favor of Amendment One must have failed to realize that 1) gay marriage was already illegal in NC, and 2) this amendment also threatens or destroys the rights of non-married couples, children, and many others. Did any of you morons actually do any research about this thing before you voted on it, or did you climb so far up the so-called “Family Research Council”’s butt that you couldn’t see daylight? Asshats. I just moved back here and already I’m getting irritated every time I pass a state vehicle with its cheery little welcome tags.

So, as someone I know pointed out, if this is about “protecting the sanctity of marriage”, why don’t we make divorce illegal? Oh, right, the FRC wants that, too.
Or, as another friend suggested, how about we just stop getting married? Then there’s no need to ever get a divorce. Or complain about the “sanctity” of marriage being violated.
Or why don’t we just keep your religious opinions out of the legal arena where they actually affect people, gay and otherwise?


To return to happier (well, it’s complicated) news, Castle:

And thus concludes a probably soon-to-be-typical two-topic bipolar teacup-rant (size; I’m more of a coffee person).