O dia passou tranquilamente, sem nenhum aborrecimento, apenas sorrisos. Mas a noite, quando deito, tudo em minha mente desperta e me atormenta. Eu não posso fugir do passado, das lembranças e tudo vem à tona. Um furacão devastador se aproxima e deixa tudo de ponta cabeça outra vez. São tentativas frustadas de dormir em paz e descansar. Preciso exorcizar o passado e deixar tudo para trás, antes que ele me consuma de vez e vença essa batalha. Batalha que enfrento todas noites, em meus pensamentos, antes de dormir.
—  Nessa Cross
Você desperta em mim os meus instintos mais sacanas

você me faz perder a cabeça, quando esta por perto
teu cheiro é embriagante, baby
chega mais perto e me deixa te provar noite a dentro
percorrer teu corpo, cada curva dele e saciar o meu desejo
nos lugares mais estreitos.

Nessa Cross

I look for mental sanctuary in the worst places and the worst people and I always end up disappointed and hurt and its gotten to the point where I should really know better by now yet I keep giving myself up to it all and it ends up more of a reflection of my own character than anything or anyone’s else. I do things I shouldn’t. I get involved with people I shouldn’t. I feel sorry for myself when I get fucked over but I put myself in the position to begin with so its really my fault.. I can’t complain about pain and shit I set myself up for when I should have known better. Everybody has flaws and makes bad decisions, but me I just don’t think I’m a good person.

NC has contingency plan if there's no budget in two weeks
"If August 14 comes and goes and we haven't passed a budget or a continuing resolution you are going to see the Department of Cultural Affairs largely shut down - the court system largely shut down."
By Dedrick Russell

North Carolina is one of five states that still has no approved budget.  The State Budget Director has written a memo to all State Department Heads telling them to prepare for a contingency plan if nothing is done by August 14.

“If August 14 comes and goes,” Senator Jeff Jackson said, “And we haven’t passed a budget or a continuing resolution - you are going to see the Department of Cultural Affairs largely shut down - the court system largely shut down.”

The memo also instructs the department heads to identify the minimum functions and services that must be performed to protect the public and also determine services needed to avoid catastrophic loss of state property.  The memo also advises the state leaders to describe what would happen if services were discontinued for time periods of 0-7 days to more than 30 days.  State lawmakers don’t believe a contingency plan will be needed.  

They think Governor Pat McCrory is doing this to get things moving.

“He’s just rattling our cage a little bit,” Jackson said.  “I understand.  I would do the same thing in his shoes.”

Senator Joel Ford believes not having a balanced budget by now is not good.

“It says right now state government is not working,” Ford said.  “They are not working well together, and there is a failure at the Governor’s mansion.  The governor is not playing a major role in this and we need some leadership to move this process forward as well as get a budget in the state of North Carolina.”

Republicans came out swinging claiming the Governor is doing all he can to get a balanced budget.

“I think Governor McCrory has done a yeoman’s work,” Representative Charles Jeter said.  “In coming to the building numerous times.  He’s met with caucuses.  He’s been very engaged in the process.”

Jeter tells WBTV the budget holdup is not the Governor’s fault.

“The sticking point right now is the Medicaid differences,” Jeter said.  “Between the House and the Senate and that has nothing to do with the Governor’s office.”  

Ford doesn’t think a contingency plan will be needed.  He doesn’t think a budget will be passed by August 14th.  He thinks a continuing resolution will be passed to keep government running.

“I have not seen it this bad before,” Ford said.  “In terms of the lack of communication.”

Other sticking points to the state budget are the argument over the redistribution of sales taxes to rural counties and education.

“It’s easy to sit there,” Jeter said.  “And wave a wand and make it happen, but that’s not the way government works at any level.”

Lawmakers hope a budget is passed soon.

“We are already doing damage to our state’s reputation to get this close,” Jackson said.  “People are used to seeing this type of dysfunction in Washington DC.  They don’t want to see it out of their state capital.”

State leaders say they came up with a contingency plan to be better prepared and to follow the example of other states.

The difference between the House and Senate budget is about $680 million.

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Tumblr, we need your help.

This evening as we were arriving at our hotel on the North Carolina coast, we heard a cry in the parking lot.  We thought it might be a cat, so we called for it.  The cry persisted.  Out of the darkness ran a little orange kitten.

The kitten was desperate.  He cried and cried, until we picked him up, put him in our car, and drove around looking for a place to buy cat food after midnight.  We found some at a gas station, along with cat litter, and then we smuggled him up into our hotel room.  We have since bathed him several times to combat the flea infestation from which he was suffering.

Throughout these multiple baths, he has not stopped purring once.  He follows us everywhere.  He wants to be cradled and cuddled constantly, he is especially fond of toes and kisses.

On top of everything, it seems as though his whiskers have been cut.  We don’t know everything this little guy has been through, but he’s clearly had a hard life so far and he deserves so much better. As you all know if you’ve been following me, we already have multiple cats and probably shouldn’t add another to our household.  However, surely someone out there can give this guy a home.

We found him in Morehead City, NC.  Is there anyone who is interested in this little guy and can meet us to give him a good home?  Please send me or Ash a message if you’re interested.

Please reblog even if you can’t offer him a home.  Maybe someone you know can!

Sinto falta das pessoas que conheci, dos amigos que pensei ter feito, das risadas até de madrugada e das novidades compartilhadas. Mas com o tempo tudo vai se perdendo, mesmo o outro dizendo que tudo continua como antes e que nada mudou. O interesse acaba, novas pessoas chegam, as pessoas vão mudando e seguem caminhos diferentes. Hoje em dia tudo se acaba tão rápido. É um piscar de olhos e tudo se perdeu. Tudo antes dito, compartilhado, não fazem mais sentido. Melhor seguir em frente. Pra que olhar para trás, não é? Mas eu não penso assim. Não consigo me afastar de um amigo e voltar a conversar com ele, como se nada tivesse acontecido. Amigo de verdade permanece até o fim. Nos bons momentos e acima de tudo, nos momentos mais difíceis, que é quando se é mais preciso. De um ombro e de uma palavra amiga. É uma desculpa aqui e outra acolá. Até quando? Falam tanto em amizade, mas vejo poucos por ai, sendo amigos de verdade.
—  Apenas um desabafo, Nessa Cross.
And even if he called me 10 years from now I’d still fix his broken heart and love him even if it meant killing myself in the process.
—  N.C //Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #3//

Kitten update:  After a lot of crying over being left alone in the bathroom overnight, he’s overjoyed to be let out and get to play and cuddle again.  He is also getting the hang of using the litterbox!

He is still available, although we cannot keep him much longer.  If anyone can come pick him up TODAY in Morehead City, NC, they will have priority.

Please send me or Ash a message if you can take him.

Deixa pra lá o que passou

As vezes eu queria voltar no tempo
E fazer tudo diferente
As vezes eu me arrependo
Das palavras não ditas
E das faladas da boca pra fora
Mas o tempo já passou
E não volta mais
Nunca mais
E só me resta fazer tudo diferente
No agora
No presente.

Nessa Cross

They say people hit rock bottom before they become okay… But my rock bottom was you. And I don’t think that’s something I could ever recover from.
—  N.C //Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #4//