On Sunday March 15th Daniels older brother was shooting at things in the woods when he got in the way. He was immediately taken into operation and it succeeded. He was sedated for a couple of days. But we were told he would be fine and his response was positive.
On Thursday of March 19th he was declared brain dead. He was no longer breathing on is own and his kidney was not functioning anymore.
We didn’t have any other choice then to basically pull the plug on him.
He is an organ donor so it will delay the funeral. The funeral will be until this Thursday.

We know funerals are about 10grand and his mother is tight on money. We want money to be the last of her worries.

Daniel Velazquez last words were, “mommy I don’t wanna die. I got this!”
Our poor boy was fighting…

Please help us raise money for the funeral anything at all is a contribution.


Charlotte, North Carolina

Hey everyone!

When I first started thinking about writing these “planning” posts, I thought I would probably research and write about all the places in order of our trip, to satisfy my OCD if nothing else. However, I’ve decided to live on the wild side and mix things up. So, today’s post will be on Charlotte in North Carolina. We’ll be visiting Charlotte in the third week that we’re away, which…

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No criado-mudo
O cinzeiro lotado
Uma garrafa de vinho
E duas taças

No espelho do banheiro
Um beijo
Feito com batom vermelho

E no meu braço
Teu arranhão
Feito tatuagem

Para me fazer lembrar
Que você um dia foi minha
E me amou naquela noite
Feito animal selvagem.

—  Nessa Cross