Being bisexual is an awesome thing! i know it can be hard but be proud of yourself and your community! we have such a rich history full of amazing people and you can be a part of that history!

bisexuals are so strong and wonderful and being bi is the best thing in the world!

Terminology Suggestion

Trixic/toric, uranic/neptunic, venusic/marsic, nblm/nblw etc etc etc, all the emergent terms that aim to describe the orientations of NB people, could all be called “diamoric orientations”.

That’s accurate to what they already intrinsically are – orientations that are neither automatically ‘gay/same-gender’ nor 'straight/opposite-gender’ due to the involvement of an NB person. And that’s what diamoric means. Neither straight nor same-gender but inherently queer.

So they are all already diamoric inherently, but we should definitely start using that as the umbrella to refer to them. B) Diamoric orientations.

As A Nonbinary Trans Guy

As a nonbinary trans guy, I am not “a girl transitioning to be a boy”. I was not “born a girl”. I am not, never was, and never will be “technically female”.

As a nonbinary trans guy, I am a guy. I am also under the nonbinary umbrella. I was forced to be labelled something I wasn’t based solely on my genitals. And when I questioned, I was told it was a phase, that I was mentally ill, that I was “such a pretty girl”…

As a nonbinary trans guy, I do not have to medically transition. I do not have to get top or bottom surgery. I do not need to be on hormones or blockers to “make myself into a man”.

As a nonbinary trans guy, I do not have to have dysphoria of any type. I do not need to bind my chest or wear a packer. I do not have to look masculine. I do not need to prove myself to you.

As a nonbinary trans guy, I do feel dysphoria. I know I don’t have to feel it to be valid, but I do. I do bind my chest. I do wear a packer. I do try to look masculine.

As a nonbinary trans guy, I have had people say and do terrible things to “prove” I am a girl. I am not a nonbinary trans guy because of those traumas. I am a nonbinary trans guy because I overcame my traumas. I threw caution to the wind and decided to be true to me.

As a nonbinary trans guy… I am valid. I am a boy. I am nonbinary. I don’t need to do anything to “become a boy”, because I already am. It is not something I have to do for society… But it is something I have to do for me. It is my personal journey.

As a nonbinary trans guy… I am learning to love myself.

anonymous asked:

hi! i'm pre-everything nb transfem and i was wondering what kind of hair removal products i should use? i was thinking about trying depilatory creams or maybe waxing strips but i'm not sure if i need to/should use a men's product or if a women's product would work as well.

Autumn says:

My biggest advice: try things and see what you like.

In general, whatever hair products you should use depend on what you want and your personal preferences. Waxing makes hair grow in lighter and isn’t a daily thing, however it can hurt more. Shaving can be really tedious and take a while, but it is also consistent and there are a lot of options for it. It also doesn’t hurt. Creams work sometimes very well but other times are better paired with other hair removal techniques.

Also, The only time hair removal products differ between male and female brands, are for razors. Male branded razors are usually smaller because they are for the face. Female branded razors are usually larger because they are for legs and other larger areas.

@ all you guys who know what you are or know well enough to question your identity so young, how do you do it?? It took me so long to start to question??? I’m so proud of you?? You’re so valid?? I’m so glad you have resources I didn’t when I was younger and I’m honored to be part of those resources

Hey so my last temp site job scammed me- and only gave me 28 hours of work, despite working 40 hours. And I have a bill due tomorrow that’s already had late fees on top of it. On top of needing to pay rent and buy food. 

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(yes I’m emailing the payroll about this, but I’m not employed at the site, the whole thing was a scam, so I’m just tired of it)