my entry for nboc tuesday! my name is sofia and im an agender khakassian (a small turkic/mongol ethnicity from siberia).

i currently live in houston texas and have no connection to my culture or my people. i have strong ties to the asian community even though northern asians aren’t strongly represented.

ive never really felt a strong connection to gender even though i was conditioned to. even though i am femme and have a connection to womanhood i am not female or male. i am just me.

i am very proud of who i am even though society doesn’t want me to be. i am proud of POC who are constantly loving themselves despite what we were raised to believe

9083) I have a great deal of respect for all the TWOC and NBOC who face all sorts of racism and misogyny in their every day lives.

But once in a while, I’d like to see someone acknowledge that trans people with disabilities exist. Being a disabled trans woman brings its own set of horrors, including people questioning our ability to discern our own gender identities and sexualities. Disabled does not mean stupid or ignorant!