Overwatch porn requests!!!

Pls send me your naughty ideas!!! Bonus points if it’s for mchanzo, zarcy, or basically any other ship I’ve displayed interest in haha The more detail you give me the more I get into it ~ ;3

Remember back in the old days when you could ship/draw/write whatever the fuck you wanted without people seeking you out and telling you you’re a bad person? When you could go through tags of ships without half of it being hate and ship shaming? Or create content without fear of being sent death threats or run off the site? Like honestly, I understand if some of this stuff upsets you. But the technology exists to block it. Half the garbage I see about ships being problematic is grade A horseshit anyway. Move tf on and go enjoy your own content that was tailored to your interests rather than stepping into my space and blasting shit for the sake of your own little puritanical parade.

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Name: nico
Nicknames: n4ut, nic
Birthday: 11/17
Height: 5'8"
Sign: scorpio
Gender: non-binary
Sexuality: pan/bi
Favorite Color: probably teal or red
Time Right Now: 9:12 pm
Average Hours of Sleep: eeHHHH it depends but prolly around 8 hrs (cough more like 6 tho)
Lucky Numbers: 13
Last thing I Googled: hxh killugon fanfic (L M A O)
Number of Blankets I Sleep under: 1 usually but I get hot rly easily
Celebrity crushes: Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Idris Elba
Favorite Book: Eehhhh recently I rly enjoyed Snowcrash but like … idk … it changes too much. Allende has been a longtime fave.
Favorite Band/Artists: A lot of vapor trash lately tbh thanks to jordan and I’m goin thru another The Smiths/Depeche Mode phase
Last Movie I Saw in Theaters: Inside Out
Dream Trip: Anywhere that’s not the middle of the us basically. Japan again. China.
What I’m Wearing Right Now: 90s af sweater & jumper

It’s Barista Story Time!!!

So today I worked 10am-6:30pm. The morning rush at my store usually ends by 9:30am, and which point we start sending partners home. Today when I got in, there was a line out the door and the cars in drive thru were wrapped around the parking lot. On top of this, there was a cop there talking to one of the baristas, which is odd. At my old store the police were in all the time bc crazy shit was always going down, but my current store is really tame, so this is - in almost a year of working here - the first time I’ve seen a policeman in there for anything other than their coffee.

Anyway, I ask my frazzled shift if she wants me to clock on early, she says yes, I do - and hop on bar and start making drinks. Not three minutes pass before this suburban white mom comes in with her stroller, and announces QUITE LOUDLY that she “Needs To See A Manager, RIGHT NOW.” I immediately say “Sure, I’ll go get her for you -” And she reiterates (yells, again): “RIGHT. NOW.” So I fucking RUN to the back of house, and tell the shift on duty that there’s a lady flipping out on bar, and that I have no idea what the issue is, and we both go back out to the lobby. 

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Exciting news!! For me, at least. ;P

I’ve had the same Wacom Graphire4 tablet since I was in 7th grade, in 2006. 10 YEARS AGO! It’s held together well, save for the pen (which is a chewed up mess and has been for years) and the fact that a few years ago they stopped having the ‘legacy drivers’ available (which means any time I have to troubleshoot or reinstall the driver it takes about two hours for me to find one that works, and it straight up doesn’t work on my win7 partition). Here’s what the pen looks like:

Safe to say, I’ve needed a new tablet for … quite a while. But I’ve never had the money, and it’s worked “well enough” for me not to buy a new one.

Recently, however, I came into a little extra cash, and decided to splurge. I did my research and decided on the Huion H610 Pro - not top of the line, exactly, and I’d love to have another Wacom tablet, but I took the dive. It’s got another 2 squared inches of space, and more than 4x the pressure sensitivity of my current tablet. I’m SO EXCITED, I just had to share! It’s due to get here sometime next week, so expect some increased digital work while I try and get used to the bigger surface and better pen pressure.


wow sorry for all of the pictures I just feel a little attractive for the first time in a while, it’s odd

self esteem boost is a go time to art now???