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Can you possibly recommend some true crime blogs? I've been looking for some new people to follow! Your blog is amazing btw!!

Thank you, I appreciate it! :]

Actually I started to follow a few blogs like a yesterday, because I wasn’t following many blogs before. :D 

But my two favourite of all the times are emergencyshotgun and truecrimejunkie77. Since I am very interested in Columbine case, I love ericharrisblogdylankleboldblog, reb-vodka-arlene, columbiner, churchofcolumbine, nbkbasementtapes. Another great blogs are bundysbrunette, serial-killer-files, dylannstormroof, indigoandgreen, hy-bristophilia.

Oh I am sure I forgot some… anyway, hope it helps. :)

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• Name: Kayleigh

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• Birthday: April 30th

• Star Sign: Taurus

• Gender: female

• Height: 5'4

• Sexual Orientation: straight

• Favorite color: blue

• Current time: 8:39 PM

• Average hours of sleep: 8-10

• Lucky Number: 420

• Last thing I googled: “did Dudley have any magical children”

• Happy place: Home, Cedar Point

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Well since I’m at work doing nothing I figured I may as well do this now!
Thanks to the lovely crimebites
for the tag ♡
1. I’m terrified, like deathly afraid of raccoons. I don’t know why. Every time I take out the garbage I have to mentally prepare myself to open the bin just in case one jumps out and attacks my face.
2. I live in the Midwest, I promise it’s more than just plains, cornfields and Chicago (but it’s still extremely boring)
3. I LOVE cats. I don’t really know how much I can stress this one. I’m probably going to be a crazy cat lady when I’m older. Every time I’m away from my cats for more than a day I start missing them, it’s kinda sad.
4. I have social and generalized anxiety and they’re the reason I don’t have close relationships with many people.
5. I get really annoyed with people who wear spandex in public. It is for the gym. As much as I like looking at your butt, I don’t want to see your camel toe. Sorry!
6. I’m going to major in biochemistry, minor in psych and go to med school so I can become a psychiatrist. I’m going to be in school until I’m 30 (yay????)

okay so that was a lot harder than I thought it’d be. Anyway I tag reb-vodka-dahmer, dylanfuckingkleboob, trenchcoatqueen, harris-klebold, vodkasbike, vodkasprincess, arlene-columbine, feelingkleboldy, nbkbasementtapes and nbk-rebvodka
I should probably go back to work now much love for all of you guys xx

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omg okay

so im just gonna start by the first followers and then go to the most recent ones and im putting fave by my favorite ones !!

pvnking, imddoublesided, twentyonemasked, lovely-dramatic-pantaloon, thebeatofatimebombswinging, evrykingdom , failureitsnotanoptionitsinevitable, wrath-naturalselection, mr-sammymooseaboop, firestarlight, skateboardingmormon, shoppingcartfullofpinkturd (FAVE), dunflower (FAVE), dandydahmer (FAVE), ericharrisblog, ewicharris (FAVE), are-u-nastay, nbkbasementtapes, punketyrockety, patrickronipetezza, elemelonzsz, battyinthegraveyard. mallory-monroe, millyislame, soul-divided, we-are-your-sons-everywhere, bbymikey, pierced-off (FAVE), ghostnails, cemeterydrive, gummyash, sliv-er, emopolice, otobre, hypegirlmadeline (MY BOO ILY), twenty-one-phan, ghettostilettos, legolees, shipwreckhalsey, wqnderess, sobeconcerned, kill-dyl (MY FISH BITCH FAVE), f-ckingkillers, vodkasbike (FAVE), fr1day-th3, sundaysonfire, thewristsinmymind, psychotic-aesthetics, ecofriendlycats (MY MOM ILY), dunyuns (FAVE), meteor-signs, kansuksa (FAVE), earlgreymonet, prince-Daniel, -karli-quinn-, lilikittii, efaza (BABY ILYSM FAVE FAVE FAVE), rebdomineandvodka, c-0llapse, fish-slap, youngbloodpete, nickthedrummer99, the-lone-hipster, grindingzombies, bittertrash, twentyoneficustrees, dissectingmylife, gunstothesky, screamingpetewentz, klebitch (FAVE), lucidlyangelic (HORSELUVR2004 ILY),  youvecattobefishingme (FAVE) (im catfish trash tbh), gunyang-hey, k-k-kaynbred (FAVE), silly-chilly-philly

WOW THERE ARE A LOT OMFG.  some of these im like whY did they follow me bc they have really nice blogs and mine is complete and utter trash tbh

  • Leaked audio from the basement tapes

HARRIS: ‘I love Jesus!’ – shut the fuck up!

KLEBOLD: What would Jesus do? What the fuck would I do..?“ [he acts like he’s shooting the camera with his hand, with sound to accompany it]

HARRIS: I would shoot you in the motherfucking head! Go Romans! Thank God they crucified that asshole.

They worked together at Blackjack Pizza, bowled on the same class team three times a week at 6:15 A.M., shared a cafeteria table every day and sat next to each other in psychology, creative writing and video production. Most days, Dylan’s BMW was parked outside Eric’s house. Arrested as a pair for stealing some tools out of a van last winter, they both pleaded guilty and then car-pooled to weekly sessions in the juvenile diversion program that kept them out of jail.
—  Journalist describes Eric and Dylan’s close friendship