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Hey, I love your blog so much! Can you do a RFA reaction to MC's parents never having let them celebrate Christmas, so they don't see what all the fuss is about?


  • ( ゚Д゚)
  • for real??

  • but Christmas is so fun!!
  • he understands some families don’t celebrate it for religious or cultural reasons
  • but if MC wants to see how Christmas can be fun…
  • He’s 100% ready to take MC on The Best Christmas Ever
  • ever
  • sure, he might be living Christmas on a Budget but he still knows how to have a pretty nice Christmas
  • it’s going to be the best Christmas ever


  • she wasn’t that surprised
  • after all, there’s many people who don’t celebrate Christmas, and why would she assume MC’s family did?
  • still, when she sees MC is curious…
  • added with the fact that she does celebrate
  • it became pretty clear to her that she could include MC in her celebrations
  • she does apologize because due to work, her Christmas isn’t as… exciting as other people’s
  • still, she tries her best to make the house look festive and make everything feel Christmas-y because this is now MC’s and Jaehee’s Christmas, not only her Christmas
  • also she smiles every time MC finds something nice about the celebration


  • the second MC says that they don’t get the fuss about Christmas he explains everything
  • in his style
  • probably not the best way to explain Christmas
  • because for him, Christmas is more about relationships and the fact he doesn’t have one rather than, well, the celebtration it actually is
  • so MC receives a pretty odd introduction- is this like a second Valentines day? is this why everyone is making such a fuss about it??
  • still, he does try to his best extent to explain it correctly
  • he’s delighted if MC agrees to experience Christmas with him. he’s literally so happy. incredibly happy


  • he just thought MC saw Christmas as he did- in a business way- and that they didn’t care
  • so he found it made much more sense because seriously who sees Christmas like Jumin Han does when MC told him their parents just never celebrated 
  • he probably gives a very curt explanation
  • family dinners, gifts, a tiny bit about religious meaning…
  • he’d love to invite MC to celebrate with him- but he doesn’t want to torment them to a dinner with his father and whoever it is his father is dating now
  • he appreciates MC too much to make them go through that
  • he does invite them to receive a present from his part and a small Christmas dinner just for him and then (and Elizabeth 3rd)


  • he’s pretty happy to explain
  • he does give a lot of religious background to the celebration which is nice
  • he’s actually surprisingly knowledgeable on Christmas?
  • MC can ask him about any question and he replies
  • even though he usually spends Christmas by himself, he actually feels happy to talk about it with MC
  • he makes a virtual tree and sends MC a link so they can see it everyday 
  • also on Christmas, when MC checks the virtual tree, he includes a little gif image telling MC “happy first Christmas” 

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Hey, I just wanted to say that I am glad you are feeling better. You are one of my favorite blogs dealing with Mag 7 and I hope you continue feeling good. ☺

im crying honestly thank you so much?? you’re so kind!!!!! and im so flattered to be one of your fave mag7 blogs! im so!!! this is just!! im so blessed to have such kind and understanding followers. thank you <3 <3

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Can I request when they find out that one of their friend is having a hard time financially and didn't tell them because they were embarrassed. Then when they find out that they have no food because of it. Thanks! I love your blog. ♡

Xiumin: “There’s no need to be embarrassed. You really should’ve told me that you were having trouble. I’ll always help you no matter what you need help with”

Luhan: *is angry that you didn’t tell him sooner* “You have absolutely no food or anything. You could dye from starvation you know. This is no joke. I could’ve helped you as soon as you started having these problems. next time tell me sooner”

Kris: “why would you be too embarrassed to tell me this? I’ll help you with anything, you know that right?”

Suho: “we’re going to fix this y/n. I’ll make it so that you’re never in a situation like this ever again”

Lay: “you were too embarrassed to tell me? Why y/n? You should know better than to ever be too embarrassed to tell me anything. Especially if it’s about something as serious as this”

Baekhyun: “please don’t ever be embarrassed to tell me anything. If you need help just tell me”

Chen: “how could you keep something like this from me? How long has this been going on?”

Chanyeol: “you know I’ll help you with anything right? I’m your friend y/n. I don’t want you to suffer like this”

Kyungsoo: “I’m here for you y/n. Don’t ever let a situation get this bad EVER. If you’re ever in need of something come and tell me. I’ll help you, always”

Tao: “I don’t want you to suffer the way you have been. Please always tell me when you need help and I’ll take care of you. I’ll take care of anything that you ever need. I don’t want to see you starve”

Kai: “how long has this been going on for? How long has it been since you last ate? Why were you embarrassed?”

Sehun: “This can’t be true. This isn’t really happening to you is it? Are you lying to me y/n? Please tell me this is just a joke”

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Can I request Exo's reaction where you're their best friend who's recently come out as asexual (meaning you don't have sexual feelings for any gender), then their reaction when guy's are still trying to hit on you saying stuff like "You've just never been with me before, babe" (if this is too much that's fine, it's just something that's been said and done to me in the past; Thanks!)

It’s no problem at all! I hope you like this!

Xiumin: “Who’s doing it? I’ll make them stop.”

Luhan: “I can’t believe people anymore…” *listens to you if you wanna talk*

Kris: *listens to you talk* “It’ll all work out y/n, just give it time.”

Suho: “If you tell me who they are I’ll pay them to stop.”

Lay: “Don’t listen to them y/n. if you wanna talk, I’m all ears.”


Baekhyun: “I would never do that y/n, you’re always safe with me.”

Chen: “Don’t get to stressed y/n, it’ll pass, but until it does I’ll always be here for you!”

Chanyeol: “Haha, they’re just jealous how great you are.” *trying to make you smile/laugh*

Tao: “Do I need to kill a bitch?? I will.”

D.O: “Who’s doing this? I’ll take are of it.”

Kai: “Why can’t people just be more…..respectful.”  

Sehun: “Do I need to kill somebody, cause I will.”

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Can I have a ship, please? I love to read and write stories. I work at my local newspaper and people always tell me how much they enjoy what I write. I'm a little shy at first, but once you get to know me, I'm a pretty loyal friend. I like to spend more time at home then out partying, but I also enjoy spending time with friends. I also love all kinds of music from rap to classical. It's common for me to burst into broadway or musical numbers even if I can't really sing that well. Thanks!

I ship you with……Steve Rogers!
You wrote an article about his time once he read it, he knew he had to meet the person who could capture so greatly his era in an article.
He expected to find an old lady but he was happily surprised when he met you. You were both shy at first and he could visit you in order to help him get used to the nowadays music. He adores seeing you singing Broadway and sometimes he even joins you to singing.
You are both very loyal to each other and love to cuddle up on your couch while Tony throws a party.

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Hi, can I get an Exo ship: I'm 24 years old, 5'7, blonde shoulder length hair. I love to listen to music and write stories (I'm actually a writer for my local newspaper; I'm usually very quiet around other people until I get to know them better (it took me a year to speak much around one of my coworkers who I see every day. I have an anxiety disorder that causes me to panic when in a group, so I like to spend quiet nights at home. I give everything I can to my friends and family. Thanks!

Exo K I ship you with Kyungsoo

Kyungsoo is probably the most quiet member of all of the Exo members. He isn’t necessarily shy, he’s just quiet. Kyungsoo would love listening to music with you and spending as much time with you as possible. He’d make sure to take you on dates where you wouldn’t be surrounded by a bunch of large groups of people and would definitely NEVER force you to talk to anyone or meet someone if you didn’t want to or felt panicked.  

Exo M I ship you with Luhan

Luhan is the perfect definition for a shy man. During interviews and game shows Luhan will sometimes stutter or panic (fall silent) when he’s asked a question or told to do something. He doesn’t like to talk much and during his trainee days he didn’t talk much to any of the Exo members (except Sehun). Luhan would love having a partner who is close to his age and is as shy (maybe even shyer) than he is. He’d make sure that you didn’t have to be around big groups a lot and would cherish having quiet nights with you as often as he could. Another thing Luhan would like about you is that you’re a good writer. He’d want to know what you write for your local newspaper and why.