Wuuuh… I’m back in Zurich now. Yupps I was for a few days in our neighbors country, Austria. It’s like I was every year in Vienna haha.. anyway my cousin @j011 joined me. We stayed at one of my best friends crib. I’m talking about my nbff @konnichiwaimmaeyooo. I really really missed her so much. I was able to get to know her a year ago in January. Uhh men I last saw her on my birthday, so it was a super nice time in Vienna. Even she had school, she took her time to be with us. So I’m supppeerr duper thankful nbff! i really do lavs n miss u! Beside of my nbff we met also our other friends and were able to get to know new people. Iyeheey

Anyway this post actually should be dedicated to a very special person and I already mentioned this person many many many many times :). Yea I’m talking bout my nbff. Letme introduce her, so everybody knows who SHE is. I was able to get to know her last year in Vienna. I was there for five days I think. Attended the YFL PDA there with my cousin. Honestli I didn’t know that we will get that close. We called us nbff which means new best friend just as a ‘joke’… But after I came back to swissy we still had a lot contact to each other.. We had the chance to get to know each other more and more.. we even skyped like .. every day?.. called and msged each other :) So the meaning of the name nbff changed. Time passed and our contact faded.. But our friendship stayed. After more then a half year she came to my debut in zurich. Somehow our contact to each other grew again. Even she doesn’t live in the same country as me, it feels like she’s always here for me.. by my side. That’s why I wanna thaaaaaank ya soow much for bein here fo me <3 gush du luftraus hab dich lieb. I’m missin yo loudy weird but still cool bein.. :) can’t wait to see ya again.


This is kind of sad! It’s so close to part of Michael’s real story!

Eric Blair: (top) You’re a 35-year-old man who’s been essentially traumatized by the death of your mother. That’s what stops your character from progressing as a human being?
MCH: (bottom) (l) …you know it has to do with the economy, it has to do with one thing leading to another, but …® yeah there’s a time when this guy was frozen, in his adolescence, when his mother died, and what we see over the course of this movie is some of that melting (x).


A Friend Indeed - Short Film -  A VERY dark comedy about life and death.   By the Boxleitner Brothers.   Official selection at the No Budget Film Festival


Newport Beach Film Festival

The centerpiece of the campaign is a spot, “Muse,” that brings Muybridge’s dancer to life for the 21st century. The spot follows her from a perfectly reproduced black-and-white stage to the full-color scene in the middle of a busy freeway, where she blithely twirls about as a succession of cars squeal and swerve to avoid her, until traffic halts and the wonderstruck drivers leave their vehicles to stare at this joyous spectacle. The spot will appear online and in theaters throughout the Festival.