When the council told people about their plans, some of them aggressively agree — many of them looking for vengeance on this act. Ivy silently walked away as her name was put on the home team, a while after hearing the names of those who mattered the most to her in both the most problematic groups. In the attack team: Gwen, Elijah, Lori, Terra, Juliet, Axel and Dexter. In the defense team: Dahlia, Charlotte, Andy, Parker, Corvo and Lyra. And there she would be, back home with Ada, maybe Hannah, trying to stay away from Piper. It was stupid to leave the youth behind. 

   It’s not that she wanted to be a runner anymore now she knew her father was dead or that she wanted to go kill those who might had killed Braxton or that killed Lucy that night. She just didn’t want them to go. So after a walk, Ivy found her. She didn’t exactly think about it, about bursting at his door, with her steps echoing the devil’s drummers.

            “ It’s not fair