New Video || DIY Mango Vanilla Macadamia Hair & Body Butter In Under 5 Minutes

This do-it-yourself butter naturally creates a protective barrier against the sun, is loaded with antioxidants, improves skin’s elasticity and even helps those suffering from dry, patchy skin + eczema. And the calming Lavender Vanilla scent is simply the cherry on top.

The best part? Only 5 ingredients total and takes only 5 minutes to make.

I hope you love it <3 Stay healthy!

- Fran

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NEW VIDEO || Fall DIY - Mango & Vanilla Black Currant Hair & Skin Butter

This new butter I created is Mango based, which is perfect for this fall weather! Mango butter is light weight yet effective at hydrating both your skin and hair. It’s loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants that help rejuvenate tired skin and are also anti-aging. I also used (Vanilla) Black Currant which is an awesome berry that not only provides a fresh fruity scent but is also known to aid with eczema. My favorite part of all? It’s all natural! And takes less than 5 minutes to make.

If you make it, I hope you find the butter helpful <3

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DIY Perfume Oil - Make Your Own Fragrance

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anonymous asked:

Hey Fran, my son is 13 months old and has mild eczema around his left eye. The doctor prescribed him with some type of cortisone cream but I'm concerned with prolonged usage of the cream and its ingredients entering his system. What can I do that is natural to help get rid of his eczema? Please help me.


I’m sorry he has to deal with eczema at such a young age! I would suggest trying the Thayers brand of Organic Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel. Available on Amazon.com, at GNC and at the Vitamin Shoppe. Try either the bottle infused with Cucumber and Aloe (both will help ease the inflammation and itch) or the Rose Petal Water infused bottle (which will help soften the hardened skin). Both will be equally effective. After you’ve wiped the area down with a cotton ball and the witch hazel of your choice, let it air dry on his skin for a few minutes. Then gently massage the affected area with a dime-sized amount of 100% Pure Almond Oil. This will help the skin hydrate and repair itself from the inside out. Try this regimen every night before bed.

I hope that helps <3


DIY Strawberry-Yogurt Hair & Facial Mask


10 Strawberries (or as many as needed, depending on hair length/density)

1 carton of plain Greek Yogurt (or 2, depending on hair length/density)


Strawberries provide omega-3 fatty acids that fortify your strands and help your skin retain moisture. They’re also rich in B vitamins which help stimulate hair growth and promote elasticity for skin. The Greek Yogurt is a rich source of protein which helps your strands heal from the inside out and keeps your skin clear and glowing.


In a bowl, mash up the 10 strawberries (or blend them for a creamier consistency) and then pour the greek yogurt on top to create a strawberry-yogurt paste. Apply liberally from root to tip (on hair) and massage onto face until fully covered. Leave on hair and skin for 30 min. Rinse (both) with warm water followed by a cold water splash (closes cuticles on hair, reduces pores on face).

Nothing cooler than killing two birds with one stone! And using all-natural ingredients, too! Enjoy your glowing summery face and shiny, moisturized hair! <3 (and try not to eat it all)


NEW VIDEO || 3-Step Facial Care Regimen For Clear & Glowing Skin

Are you struggling with acne or old acne scars? Can’t seem to make your skin glow or retain long-lasting moisture? Or maybe your face goes to the extremes where it’s either super oily or super dry?

Try this all-natural, super affordable, 3-step regimen for properly balanced, even, clear and glowing skin. For all ages and skin types!

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