So what are the benefits of all these oils? Listed are just some of the many benefits of the individual oils for our hair and skin.

Olive Oil:

  • Penetrates the skin and provides a shield of moisture, keeping the skin smooth and supple.
  • Soaks into the skin without making it feel greasy.
  • Great moisturizer especially during the dry cold winter months.
  • Contains free radicals that help fight aging and skin damage.
  • Good deep conditioner for dry or damaged hair.
  • When used lightly can help combat frizz.
  • Acts as an anti dandruff.
  • Strengthens the hair.

Jojoba oil:

  • Helps maintain the oil balance in the scalp and prevent overbuild up that may clog hair follicles.
  • Great moisturizer (Keeps moisture locked in hair strands).
  • A close match to our natural hair/skin oil sebum therefore helps balance and maintain the balance of oil on our scalp and skin
  • Acts as a protective shield from bacteria and dirt.
  • Helps reduce and prevent stretch marks.

Castor Oil:

  • Penetrates skin prevents viruses and bacteria helping to cure acne.
  • Helps heal scars.
  • Thickens eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • Prevents hair loss and helps regenerate hair by protecting the scalp.
  • Using castor oil on scalp and roots of your hair helps regenerate hair growth and thickens the hair.
  • Leaves hair soft and shiny.
  • Prevents stretch marks.
  • Removes moles and warts.
  • Removes age spots.

Sweet Almond

  • a humectant meaning it retains and/or preserves moisture.
  • It is a good moisturizer which softens the skin.
  • It can be used to reduce dry flaky itchy skin caused by eczema psoriasis and rashes.
  • Can also be used on scalp to relive dryness and to condition hair.
  • It is great for all skin types.
  • It is non greasy and easily absorbed.
  • Improves complexion and glow.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Lightens dark circles under the eyes.
  • Cures chapped lips and body rashes.

Avocado Oil:

  • Softens and moisturizes skin and hair.
  • Helps heal sunburn, scars and reduces age spots.
  • relieves dryness of skin and itching caused by eczema and psoriasis.
  • assists in rejuvenation and regeneration of skin. Increases amount of collagen on skin.
  • lightweight and easily absorbed by hair and skin.
  • strengthens hair and gives it shine.
  • has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Vitamin E oil:

  • provides moisture as well as antioxidant properties.
  • Can be used for skin healing and preservation.
  • Prevents and repairs free radical damage great for brown spots and scars.
  • Helps repair split ends and hair damaged from heat (blow drying), curling and coloring.
  • Can be used to heal or prevent sunburn and chapped lips.
  • Speeds up cell regeneration.
  • Promotes blood circulation to the scalp.

Graphic via Ms. Dee Kay

Naptural85’s Video Tutorial here.


DIY Whipped Shea Butter Moisturizer For Skin & Hair

“I try to keep my hair maintenance routine as minimal and low cost as possible. I’m not a product junkie and I pick products based on my specific hair problems. Dryness is a huge issue for me. My hair has always been prone to dryness even more now that I bleach/ dye it. So I favor creams and butters versus oils for my moisturizing needs. I personally find oils just sit on top of my hair causing it to feel greasy and does nothing to help my dryness. The heaviness of a butter helps tame my thick coily while providing a light hold.

My favorite moisturizer is a combination of raw Shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil and a few essential oils like tea tree and peppermint. All of these ingredients are natural and can be found in a local health food store. In less than 5 minutes you can have a custom moisturizer made especially for your hair or body.”

Recipe here.

Via Sparkle Collective.

12 Best Essential Oils For Gorgeous Skin

Hello Natural writes:

For centuries, people from all over the planet have been using essential oils to maintain health and treat various ailments and conditions. These botanical extracts can be used in a variety of ways, but as with all concentrated ingredients, be sure to learn which oils can and cannot be used in their undiluted form. We’ve researched the 12 most beneficial essential oils for skin, and are excited to share their various uses with you.


DIY Himalayan Salt Bars

Free People writes:

Pink Himalayan salt is known for doing wonderful things for the body and mind, as it contains 84 trace minerals and a unique ionic energy. It detoxifies, reduces soreness, regulates hydration, balances ph levels and strengthens the body. Himalayan salt soaks have become renowned as a way to relax while getting rid of toxins and improving circulation. I typically take showers over baths, so when I caught wind of Himalayan salt bars, I had to find out more. If you don’t have time for a soak, but still want to reap the healing benefits of salt, try out this easy recipe for Himalayan salt bars!

Find the recipe here.


3 Overnight Masks To Wake Up To Glowing Skin

Hello Natural writes:

Have you ever been told you look tired, or asked if you didn’t sleep well the night before? Usually the restless night of sleep, late night out, or early morning wake up call is evident on our face. When we sleep our skin goes into repair mode and when we shorten those hours of rest, we are shortening the time our body gets to rebalance itself. Beauty recipes you can leave on overnight have a better chance of making a difference on tired, dull or over stressed skin and hair. Here are three simple, all-natural overnight masks to make the most of your sleep.

Trying to figure out how to maintain clear and healthy skin the natural way?

Here are 2 all-natural alternatives to store-bought cleansers:

The Oil Cleansing Method

The Honey Cleansing Method

Here are extra tips to help fade those stubborn old acne scars & dark spots:

Maintaining Clear & Healthy Skin Part II

Some of my favorite all-natural products and tools for healthy skin overall:

Skin Talk: My Healthy Skin Care Regimen (Total Body)

And a DIY tutorial on making your own body butter to help combat dry skin and scars!

Body Butter (Can also be used on your hair!)

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13 Herbal Balms & Salves For Everyday Ailments

Hello Natural writes:

From headaches to cracked heels (so, literally, head to toe), herbal balms are a game-changer. And we promise, they’re really easy to make,  just as long as you’re patient enough for your herbs to dry and oils to infuse. From there on, the possibilities are endless! Read more about the dos and donts of herbal balms here, and have a look at some of the best balm and salve recipes we found.

Find the 13 recipes here.


Maintaining Clear & Healthy Skin - The Honey Cleansing Method

Having trouble with your skin? I posted a video discussing The Oil Cleansing Method for beautiful clear and glowing skin a few months back. A lot of you have been loving it! But a few of you said it didn’t work out for your skin type and asked for yet another all-natural alternative against acne and dark spots. Have you ever tried using Honey as a cleanser? Raw and Manuka are my personal preferences as cleansers. One ingredient so not only is it super healthy but it’s also super affordable! Watch this video to see how it works! Hope you love it!

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DIY Herbal & Floral Room Spray

“Fill a spray bottle with distilled water, and pop in some plants like sage, rosemary, lemon balm, and lavender. Let sit for a few hours, then mist in the air to create a beautiful, fresh aroma in every room! This spray should stay fresh for at least a few days — store in the refrigerator for maximum freshness.”

Via Free People


DIY All-Natural Skin Exfoliator For Silky Soft Legs

“The sugar rubs off all the dirt and dead skin, the lemon juice works as a mild skin peel revealing brighter, smoother skin, and, of course, the olive oil penetrates deep into the skin and provides long-lasting moisture.”

Recipe here.

Via One Good Thing


Whipped Green Tea & Coconut Oil Moisturizer (Light)

Henry Happened writes: Having scraped out every last bit of coconut oil, it was time to whip up a replacement. A gallon-sized Costco tub is better for hand access but not so much for a tiny bathroom. Which brings us to a perfectly good invention: green lotion. Something that’s totally awesome for your skin.

You might remember green-tea infused oil from this SPF lip balm. I love this stuff. You get the benefits of coconut oil and green tea all in one. Coconut oil hydrates without clogging pores, and green tea can actually reverse sun damage. Whipping it makes a nice frothy texture that’s easier to apply and feels less greasy (if that bothers you). And did I mention that it’s green? No it won’t turn your skin green, but it does make me smile every time I see it.
  Recipe here.

How To Lighten Underarms + How To Get Rid Of Arm Bumps (Keratosis Pilaris)

Hello Natural writes:

One of my biggest fears about summer is going sleeveless. Because let’s face it, underarms are kind of ugly. And if you have the red upper arm bumps (technically called keratosis pilaris) it feels even worse.

So while you’re whipping your biceps into Michelle Obama-shape, here’s a simple at home treatment to help your pits and arms feel better.


All Natural SPF Sun Oil

“I’m always on the hunt for natural alternatives to everyday beauty products. As the temperatures start to warm up, the only thing on my mind is long days spent in the sunshine. For me, I always feel healthier (and a little bit happier) when I have some color on my skin. Exposure to direct sunlight is a key way that your body absorbs Vitamin D. From building up the immune system to providing just the right amount of calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones, vitamin D is essential for proper growth. Spending a little time outdoors is the easiest way to take in Vitamin D, but it’s important to protect our skin while doing so.

There are hundreds of sun protectants out there, but most of them have unfamiliar chemicals and ingredients in them. When I read that there are some essential oils that naturally contain SPF, I was surprised by how powerful many of them in fact are. Oils from everyday ingredients, like carrots and avocado, can supply sun protection that is chemical free!

There are a ton of recipes out there for homemade sunscreen, so using those and knowledge of my skin type, I came up with a recipe for an all natural SPF sun oil that will help protect my skin while supplying ultimate moisture for my upcoming days spent at the beach.”

Read more here.

Via Free People


How To || Shape & Define Brows

ItsMyRayeRaye writes:

Looking for a way to shape and define your eyebrows? Well, maybe my routine can help guide you or help you get some ideas on how to create your own! Either way, this is how I do mine and I’ve been doing them for about 3 years now. Sometimes doing your own eyebrows is best since you know exactly what you are looking for. I hope this can help! I love you!


NEW VIDEO || 3-Step Facial Care Regimen For Clear & Glowing Skin

Are you struggling with acne or old acne scars? Can’t seem to make your skin glow or retain long-lasting moisture? Or maybe your face goes to the extremes where it’s either super oily or super dry?

Try this all-natural, super affordable, 3-step regimen for properly balanced, even, clear and glowing skin. For all ages and skin types!

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Turn Your Bath Into A Dreamy Revitalizing Ritual With These 5 Key Items

Well + Good writes:

If you’re wondering what exactly a ritual bath is and if you need one, Reiki master and energy healer (not to mention licensed psychologist) Paulette Sherman can help. Her new book, The Book of Sacred Bath Rituals, is all about channeling the ancient, cross-cultural practice and applying it to your tub sesh. She’s adamant that the process is a sacred oasis for mental, emotional, and spiritual maintenance (AKA the modern woman’s trifecta).

“Rituals usually take a normal thing and elevate it to make it special,” says Sherman. “A bath ritual is your time to spend 25 minutes getting clarity and setting intentions for different aspects of your life—and let everything negative go down the drain.”

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How To Relieve Post-Workout Strain, Tired Muscles & Overall Stress

Free People writes:

We all live with our own aches and pains. A twinge here, a pulled muscle there. Some of us more than others. Personally, I look upon the able-kneed with a great deal of envy, my own lower joints nearly spent after years of cross country running, skiing, snowboarding, track, lifting and general living of life. You’d think that, after two decades of dealing with joint pain and flareups, I would have learned by now how to take the time for a little self care post-workout. Learning to slow down can be a slow process, but a new workout routine this fall led me to discover my latest obsession, one that’s put an entirely new spin on restorative post-gym recovery: Epsom salt soaks.

Now, I’ve never been much of a bath person, always preferring the speed and efficiency of showers over a long soak, but Epsom salts are truly a cure all and worth, well, sitting around in a tub for. Contrary to the name, Epsom salt is not actually a salt at all, but a naturally occurring mineral compound made up of magnesium and sulfate. These two materials (a chemical element and a polyatomic anion, respectively) are readily absorbed through the skin, reducing inflammation, aiding in the absorption of nutrients, easing migraines and flushing toxins from the system (to name but a few of their many benefits). Along with soothing tired, achy muscles and reducing muscular inflammation, Epsom salts can boost your mood and ease stress by replenishing your body’s magnesium levels, which helps produce serotonin and lessen the effects of adrenaline.

While Epsom salts work beautifully on their own, for this simple and effective DIY beauty treatment, I’ve paired them up with a few other stress-relieving, mood-boosting ingredients:

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