Remember the boyband picture I took at the first Red Dragon Con?  I went to Red Dragon Con 3 this weekend and we dropped our second album. Aaron was very concerned he did the same pose but it turned out just fine. If CopCop becomes a thing; we’ll make the original soundtrack happen for sure.

me, remembering that hannibal has a chance of coming back:

me, remembering that hannigram is canon:

me, remembering that alana and margot survived instead of being uselessly killed off:

me, remembering that we have a bomb ass director who supports us and genuinely cares about our opinions/thoughts even though he’s super busy and still wants the show back just as much as we do:


Hannibal: Top Five Moments I Went Holy Shit

–Inspired by existingcharactersdiehorribly gifset.  

  1. The cliff scene! They just murdered Francis, and they are standing close to the edge. I’m thinking oh no they are going to fall, nah Bryan would never do that…. and then they fall. I made dying animal noises.
  2. So the ending of Mizumono is pretty much one hell of a holy shit moment, but this scene had me sobbing the most. We find out Abigail is alive, only to have Hannibal slit her throat!!! 
  3. Bedelia fucking Du Maurier!!! We just saw everyone get slaughtered at Hanni’s, then Bedelia is on the plane fleeing the country with him…. what is going on? 
  4. “Is your social worker in that horse?” Epic… even Hanni was disgusted/ shocked when the social worker came crawling out. 
  5. Will Graham “killing” Freddie Lounds. When we first saw this scene we had no idea it was an act, and I was in shock that Mr. Will “Puppy” Graham went there.