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“Hannibal!!! What the… you sent the sodding knit pictures to Freddie!! Oh my god. Where are you, I’m gonna kill you! That’s my bloody lace choker, and the elbow gloves! Shit! You better not have included that fucking corset! And stop with the jokes about getting my end in. You better not have told Freddie!”

There’s a few moments of quiet, enough time for a Hannibal to think Will might have gone to look for him outside. Ahh, not so much,

“Hello Will”

“You utter bastard. Where are the good stockings?”




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Gosh, I have a lot of crap at home. I’d be great as a set decorator. Actually I supposed my blog dash thingy was a clue….

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How likely do you think it is that we get explicitly romantic Hannigram in season 4? Bryan has said so many contradictory things even post season 3 that I'm confused. And Hugh did, too.

Honestly, I see explicit Hannigram romance as a guarantee. I also see Fuller’s back and forth as a good sign that he knows we’ll get season 4 because he won’t say anything much about his plans for the season. He doesn’t want to ruin it. He teases us a lot, gives crumbs when necessary, but keeps us guessing. That to me smacks of someone who doesn’t want to ruin the storyline for the audience. Call me a pathological optimist, but I’ve never once doubted Fuller or his plans for Hannigram. And when ever you’re in doubt…just remember this: @nbchannibal tagged their last official post with #hannigramisreal #dropsmic. ❤

A little Amuse-Bouche contribution for the Hannibal Rewatch.

They will likely mostly just be sketches, but I’m going to try and post something for each episode (or at least the ones I haven’t done anything from yet:)