anonymous asked:

in the scene where Hannibal and Bedelia are eating together did you sense any sexual tension? i did but it might've just been my high hopes getting the best of me

Are you implying theres a chance there could be scenarios where there is no sexual tension when Mads Mikkelsen is on screen?

Nah, erm, I don’t think that is just you’re mind running away with you. 

There is certainly something there. Im not too sure how to qualify it yet, I might do that exploring in my own writing until season 2 airs. 

Hannibal wants to protect her, he reinforces dependency. She has some degree of feelings for him, but can’t qualify them even to herself because she doesn’t know him. She says she “likes” him, but he isn’t her friend. 

I guess when your mind is constantly analysing someone else, you struggle to look back at yourself. 

But yes, I think its confused, muddled up with various personality and behavioural disorders on both parts. Its going to be wonderful to watch unfold on screen.