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Gotham by Midnight #12

Gotham City is dying.

Sinister black growths creep forth in the shadows, and city folk at the outskirts of the sprawling urban warren fear to tread on once hallowed ground. Some threats are too ancient and fell to be met by the Batman and his ilk.

The Midnight Shift is Gotham’s only defense, unless Internal Affairs gets its way and disbands the rough cut police squad first. A cop hosting a near-divine entity, another with a secret  held close inside, a twisted doctor, and a compassionate nun are nearly all what stands between the city and the abyss.

In the final issue of this magnificent run, we see just what this team is made of in a stunning showdown to save all living things in one of fiction’s darkest cities.

Gotham by Midnight has been one of the creepiest character driven stories out there, and I am sorry to see it go. The entrancing art and muted color palette set the mood in each issue instantly, drawing you into the mire of the weird and the supernatural plaguing the concrete spires and grotesques of Gotham. For a somber feel and characters as sympathetic as they are flawed, look no further than this 12-issue series.

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