Just a quick reminder for people new and old to fandoms.

You do not owe someone an explaination for shipping something

You do not need to defend your ship

You do not need to prove your ship is ‘healthy’ in order to ship it

You do not need to ship healthy ships

You do not need to ship hetero, gay, or queer ships that satisfy some quota of diversity for the fandom

You do not have to ship at all

And on the flip side:

Do not try to harm others

Do not tell others they need to harm or kill themselves

Do not cross post your hate

Do not forget to tag NSFW items as people browse while on a work network

Do not post your long fics without putting it under a cut. Some people use mobile and this is really hard for them to scroll, or use text to speech

In the end, ship what you want, don’t ship what you don’t want to ship, and be courteous to one another. And as a last piece of advice, don’t focus on your notp. Post your ships instead and build up what you love, not what you hate.


Could he daily feel a stab of hunger for you, and find nourishment at the very sight of you? Yes.