nbc's deception

A Rant About Broadcast Networks

I’m sick of networks canceling our favorite shows just because they don’t have high ratings. It looks like Revolution is going to get the ax, and it doesn’t deserve that, because NBC is treating it like crap.

I'm so done with being without control over what I watch.

I’m tired of the lack of promotion shows get - like Firefly - and then the networks shrug like they did everything to save the show.

I’m sick of the way they break fans’ hearts by canceling their shows, only to replace it with some bullshit that no one watches, like Lucky 7.

I’m over networks ignoring the amazing fan communities when they decide to cancel a show, like with Pushing Daisies.

I don’t understand why networks air new shows on one day at one time - like Intelligence’s Tuesday premiere - and then switch it up on viewers who want stability, not a guessing game.

Mostly, I’m sick of low-quality, boring shows like yet another knock-off Revenge-esque soap opera (see Betrayal, Deception, etc) when original and innovated shows get shafted by the networks. I’m sick of intelligent, well-produced shows like Revolution getting cut because the networks choose quantity over quality.

I’m done with having no say.

A show is based on more than numbers; it’s based on quality, and the fandom experience, and the online community. That’s is what makes a show, not the numbers.

Look at Supernatural. It’s numbers are low, even for CW standards. But it has a rabid fan base and a killer online community, and the CW knows that the fans will be loyal for years to come. The CW is doing it right. The CW is looking at more than the numbers.

If Revolution gets cancelled and replaced with some bullshit, predictable soap like Deception, NBC will be dead to me. The fans should have some control over what gets renewed.

I’m sick of being told what to watch by quantity-hungry networks. Give us some control. Let’s show the networks we mean business.

Save Revolution.