nbc suit

I giggle to myself whenever I think about Hannigram as Murder Husbands...

They would be so cute in their murderous romance…how could you NOT appreciate that ?

Like….matching murder suits, you guys….and quips about who has to clean up and what not. And maybe a snafu or two because Will is still learning the ropes of being a sexy serial killer with his also sexy murder husband, Hanni. 

Oh and also, I see Will calling Hannibal “Hanni” once or twice to get some sort of reaction out of him. 

Gah….give us season four already !

Actual human ray of sunshine, so classically handsome it hurts. Here’s to you, Goran. Sretan rođendan!  (Photo credit: NBCUniversal Press Tour 01.18.17)

Imagine Hannibal picking clothing for Will in season 4. Will wearing a light grey suit that Hannibal chose for him so that his eyes stand out more; his hair all taken care of with that single curl sticking out.
Just picture the Murder Husbands walking through the streets of Europe by each other’s sides as if they are the most ordinary people out there; their steps perfectly synchronized.