So currently the only thing stopping me snapping and trying to flush myself down the toilet at work is that @TheOrgyArmada fest starts at the end of the week*.

I’ve picked out the prompts that intrigue me - now all I have to do is pick my two pairings. Do I go with tried and true (Charlie/Bass, Charlie/Miles, Charlie/Miles/Bass, Jeremy/Anybody) or do I go privateer and jump ships. If I’m jumping ships, to whom! It has to be someone that has chemistry (even if only in my head).

I used to be a huge Jeremy/Julia shipper. I mean, they both ‘died’ off-screen, so who’s to know what happened (’Yes, maybe my overwrought and ill thought out plots with Neville were actually just a cover for a different, over reaching plot with Jeremy. Well, involving Jeremy. No one plots WITH Jeremy twice, dear.’) Or there’s Danny and someone (’anyone! dear god, I’m stuck in a hole and I might be irradiated. We can work with that!’). Nora has potential, but how she was handled on the show always annoyed me. (’Hey, you could ship me and that fucking alligator. That’d be awesome.’)

Grace? I feel like Grace deserves some love after starving to death in the comics (’I travel the wasteland on a solar powered sailboat, bitches. Only way to explain how I got everywhere. Grace, away!’). Or there’s poor Connor - who had it SO bad for Charlie, or his Dad (’Both? I could work with both, tag teams are sexy and the old man is blind in one eye. He needs the help.’)

*That sounds awful. It’s not. It’s just sooooooooo slow at the minute, and my co-worker tells me blow by blow stories of her childhood pantos (no, literally everything from costuming to staging to choreography. It can take an hour), and my chair is UNCOMFORTABLE, and my feet were cold because I had a meeting earlier and I had to wear socially acceptable footwear. Socially acceptable footwear sucks. So happy Revolution Smut place.


get to know me meme: [1/10] relationships: Charlie & Monroe (Revolution)
“Monroe’s deluded. I don’t care how many men he’s got, he’s not getting the Republic back. None of us are gonna be alive that long anyway. But until then, we stay standing, we keep fighting, and we do whatever it takes to win. I didn’t go for Monroe. I went for myself.”