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Is Jeremy really the fandom bicycle? Really? AO3 only pulled 12 ships for "Jeremy Baker/" and it pulled 16 for "Bass Monroe/" and the Bass list was missing classics I know exist like Bass/Ben's ghost and Bass/TJ. I'm just saying Bass has a lot more fandom miles on his fine ass than Jeremy has on his similarly fine ass.

Ah yes, but you have to do some slightly more complex math here. Number of ships divided by minutes of screen time? That’s the TRUE measure of a bicycle. Just imagine how much Jeremy got ridden when we weren’t paying attention to him.

(Plus, @kripkesheadcanons says so. And I know so. From Sexperience.)

Any of the Revellers watching DC Legends of Tomorrow? It’s a shippers paradise. The show is good enough, but it has enough holes and coincidences to give a fan creator room to breathe. I’ve only seen one episode, but if others fell in I would too.

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Crap. Blanking on the names of the Revo babies. Zee and Emily and our gif goddess and snow girl and art girl and music girl. Tag yourselves.

I never really played well with the Charloe side of the fandom but I’ve met several of you since and I’m thinking of you fondly ever if our fanning styles don’t mesh well.

PS its under D On Demand because DC apparently has more ego than sense.