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Some NBC pages perform a song to help you remember things (keys, phone, wallet, etc.) before you leave the house!


REVOLUTION | 2.14 | Duncan repays the debt

She’s the one I owe…

You’re way better than he deserves.



Kate’s GMA live show 6/13/17

Sorry I’m posting this so late but I got a dog today so I couldn’t post earlier anyway here we go:

I got a ticket to see Good Morning America with Kate and I was so excited I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up the whole night and left at 4:30AM. I got to GMA and the line isn’t near the barricades with the GMA signs, that’s for audience members in the windows when they tape the show. The line’s actually around the corner of 44th near the stage door. I was about 10-15 people in. The ticket says to get there at 5:30 but you should get there earlier if you want to be first in line. Tbh, in the end it doesn’t matter too much because the audience coordinator places people based on how they look & act (ie: if you’re in a group with matching shirts or you look like you’d be chill & not overreact if you were on camera, etc.) Then they sort you into different lines based on if you have a priority, general, or VIP ticket. I had a general admissions ticket so my line went in last. 

After security, you’re taken to a holding area to use the bathroom before they take you into the studio. I was seated towards the back near where Kate would eventually exit the show but I got moved to the front row! Unfortunately I wasn’t in the audience that would appear on camera behind the hosts & Kate & Jillian but I was so close to her, literally a few feet away and got to see her up close! 

That’s her right before going on the show. Someone was fluffing her hair (I couldn’t see who it was) and she was really getting in the zone and she peeked out to look at the stage like a smol bean lol and here’s everyone posing for a group pic after the show

After the show, she did this strut/walk thing I wish I recorded it but I was too excited and didn’t want her to leave so I gif’d it so you’ll need a little bit of imagination here lol 

After GMA, Kate was at Live with Kelly so I took an uber there but I don’t think she went out the stage door. I met someone who was at the show too and she and I went on a Kate scavenger hunt LOL

She went to Buzzfeed afterwards so we took an uber there but traffic here is always insane and BF is quite far from midtown. We apparently just missed her because the puppies were leaving. 

After that was Seth Meyers and I’m pretty familiar with 30 rock at this point so I thought our chances of at least seeing her were pretty good. We saw her as she was walking into Seth but as usual, she was speed walking and wasn’t stopping for anything. I called her name but she walked by so fast I doubt she heard me lol 

We wanted to wait for her after Seth because we just spent an entire day trying to get a pic with her LOL so we waited for Seth to be over and when she came out lemme tell you, homegirl had an entire posse of NBC pages and crew walking with her deadass like 20 people speed walking with her and when we got to the spinny doors shit was mad funny it was so cartoonish and by the time I got outside she was just getting into her car so I was like ummmm aight but then i saw two of the NBC pages HIGH FIVE each other and that lemme tell u that shit got me tiiiiight i’m still not over it l m a o

At this point we were about to give up but we saw she was at Elle so we ran over there (it’s a couple blocks from 30 rock) but we dead couldn’t find where the event was, the Elle event was at some tree/bush area? We kept following trees but never found it

So that’s how we spent literally almost 20 hours trying to get just one pic with Kate and how she managed to avoid fans all day lol it’s understandable though she had to get to all these interviews on time

If you take anything from this post, it’s that if she ever has a huge press day, you’re probably not gonna meet her unfortunately lol but it was still fun getting a taste of what she has to go through LOL 

As always hope this helped anyone planning on doing something similar and feel free to hit me up with any questions! :) 

Celebrate 30 Rock’s anniversary with the most underrated lines

1. Liz: “Hey, where are my Sno Balls? I was gonna go to the gym later, so I deserve a treat.”

2. Jack: “Never go with a hippie to a second location.”

3. Liz: “I tried to get my high school tennis team to call me Ace, but they wanted to call me Shorts Accident, so we settled on Supervirgin.”

4. Liz: “I was gonna take a class called Cooking For One, but the teacher killed himself.”

5. Jack: “There are no bad ideas, Lemon, only great ideas that go horribly wrong.”

6. Kenneth: “Miss Lemon, your eyes look like my uncle’s after he would drink from the air conditioner.”


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