Hannibal Rewatch meets Hannibal Advent: Tome-wan


The man in the corner bleeds and grins, feeding strips of his unworthy flesh to an eager audience. He is alone. He will always be alone. For a moment, Will too feels the sharp bite of loneliness, until Hannibal steps from the shadows, filling the empty space beside him. Affection snatched from the jaws of death; moral turpitude born of righteous anger. For now, all else is forgotten: Jack’s relentless pressurising, Bedelia’s slippery warnings, Mason’s manic cackling. Background noise. Tranquil here in the eye of the storm: shared understanding and indulgent smiles. Hell, shared amusement. 

When did this become fun?


Hannibal enjoyed gift-wrapping Mason. A thank you to Will for saving him; an apology for Margot and the baby.

Anticipation laced with tension. Who will show? The FBI Special Agent or Hannibal’s darkling protégé? 

The answer is exquisitely apparent: bemusement not anger, indulgence instead of disgust, affection in the gaze that lingers.

A moment suspended, perfect and glistening, like a teardrop before it slips from the lash. 

Thinks of the bottle of 2009 Bâtard-Montrachet Grand Cru in the cellar. He’ll bring it out for Will’s next visit. After all, they have so much to celebrate. More even than Will realises…

Revisited for Hannibal Advent: 2009 Bâtard-Montrachet Grand Cru  

He could blame the lingering euphoria of their revenge game.

Will steps inside the office, shrugs out of his cashmere and wool coat, folds it neatly over the back of the couch. A glint of silver catches his eye. An ice bucket, bottle of white snug inside. Hannibal intercepts his enquiringly gaze.

‘2009 Bâtard-Montrachet Grand Cru. I thought we could use it to toast Mason’s…’ A pause, amusement in the familiar head tilt. 'Transformation?’

'Why not? While we’re at it, maybe we should send Margot a bottle,’ Will drawls acidly.

Hannibal smirks. 'An excellent notion. And perhaps a box of straws for poor Mason.’

Will shrugs. ‘His face, his choice.’

Drunk on adrenaline, he huffs out a laugh, flops on the couch, pushes up his shirt sleeves.

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Ask Me Again

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by Catchclaw

Will doesn’t find Hannibal in the catacombs. He seeks him out elsewhere.

Words: 2640, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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No one can be fully aware of another human being unless we love them. By that love, we see potential in our beloved. Through that love, we allow our beloved to see their potential. Expressing that love, our beloved´s potential comes true. I love you. [insp]


My inner voice sounds like you
or, Hannibal, a summary

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