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let us analyze how badass hannibal lecter is with knives:

hannibal would have to have to know when exactly to release the knife in order to hit jack where he wanted and the rotation of his arm to release the knife at a 90 degree angle to lend it perfect trajectory. what is even more badass is that hannibal isn’t holding the knife in the proper position called the hammer grip (holding the knife by the blade instead of the handle). he’s going rambo and throwin that shit by the handle which could complicate the throwing process but he manages to keep his wrist straight with full rotation. 

now jack is in for a world of hurt. the extensor tendons will most likely be severed. even though these tendons would be severed, jack would only have issues opening his hand, not closing it. it looks as if hannibal got him right in the middle of the hand and we can assume that it goes all the way through his palm. the radial artery is in the center of your palm. without immediate pressure on the wound, jack could very well bleed out and die within 5 to 7 minutes.

however, we see that his tie is wrapped around his hand in this gif

leading us to believe that he had wrapped it around to stop the bleeding. if jack manages to get away, he would only regain about 85% of the strength in that hand after very precise microsurgery to the hand. 

and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you do not fuck with dr. hannibal lecter. 

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Never forget what he is.

And, honestly, I think thats my motivation for doing this. I was unsure, but I think it’s important to ground him, if we attempt to view him as a human, which is what he is, what he does becomes ever more horrific and unthinkable. Of course, we add the element of lucifer that Fuller and Mikkelsen talk about on top. But I think this is important too.