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Every network (broadcast or cable) should listen to fan outcry and change one cancellation each season in order to give themselves good publicity.

Have a vote for all the bubble shows on the network before making cancellations. Make it into a reality competition series if you must. Do whatever it takes to save one well beloved show. (I don’t even care if the real reason is for money and not fans. Go ahead and lie to me that it is about fans so long as I get to keep my shows.)

Thank you, NBC, for whatever reason you gave Timeless a second chance. 

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Do you know if there will be a way to watch the Kennedy Center evening via streaming or on television? Like what channel? NBC? CBS? FOX? Or will there be a live stream? I have to work a night shift so I can't stream it easily but I can always PVR it if I know the channel. Thanks!

I don’t think it’ll air on any channel, hopefully they’ll stream it, and I always count on some fans to periscope it, at the very least.

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Shit I didn't realise it was today and so soon as well? Do you have any links to where we can watch it if we're outside the us?

Me eitherrrr I thought I’d have to take a nap since I just got back from school. 

I’m using this link: 


I had to make an account but it was fine. 

Here are the links update accounts are posting: 






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How should I approach AP government (my school combines us and comp)? I'm taking it this upcoming year, but I have no clue about current events and I don't really have political opinions

Start reading up on current events. Find out the top hot-button political issues, do your research, and form some opinions. This is important not just for the class, but for life in general, so start building good habits now. Nothing screams “I’M A FAILED ADULT” like deliberate ignorance.

Here are some important sources:

  • The New York Times is a classic, from news to opinion to lifestyle to blogs. The print version is always gorgeous as well.
  • Wall Street Journal is THE newspaper for business and keeping on top of the stock market. Build that economic foundation, because it’ll come up in “adult” conversations a lot.
  • Boston Globe is another classic paper, with strong entertainment and lifestyle sections.
  • Los Angeles Times is my home newspaper, so I sort of have to love it, of course. Southern California, represent.
  • NPR. Goddamnit, I will forever defend the importance of public radio. It also makes you sound really cultured when you start a conversation with, “I was listening to a program on NPR and…”
  • The Atlantic has some high-quality long-form pieces. (Great for building SAT vocab too, by the way.) A great way to see current events through an opinionated lens.
  • Slate is always interesting to read. A little clickbait-y, but you’ll never be bored, so it’s a good stepping stone for beginning news readers.
  • Reuters, on the other hand, is as dry as it gets. Great for getting your facts straight, but not so great for keeping yourself entertained.
  • TIME always, always has fascinating cultural and sociological articles. The photography is on point and the print design is cleanly minimalist.
  • Al Jazeera is an arabic news network with strong US reporting. It’s always good to keep a few foreign newspapers on your list so that you can avoid US bias.
  • I is a branch of the UK’s Independent, widely regarded to be an easy-to-read yet still accurate source. Again, foreign newspapers for the win.
  • Salon is full of liberal opinions, so of course I dig it.

Sources to avoid:

  • FOX News is trash. As someone with liberal leanings, I could be biased, but even most intelligent conservatives agree that FOX News is trash.
  • CNN/ABC/NBC and other TV channel networks can sometimes be heavily sensationalized. This is especially true for local branches of TV networks, which report things like toast burnt in the shape of a celebrity or other insignificant shit like that. It’s great to be caught up on local news, but keep an eye on the big picture.
Hulu confirms NBCUniversal channels will be part of its live TV service
Hulu has just announced an agreement with NBCUniversal that will result in channels including NBC, Telemundo, USA, E!, Syfy, Bravo, and the MSBNC and CNBC news networks becoming part of Hulu’s soon-to-launch streaming TV service. “Hulu will soon provide an affordable, complete live TV package that includes all four major broadcast networks, the top-rated cable news channels, a massive sports offering, and our deep existing premium streaming library for under $40,” CEO Mike Hopkins said in a press release. Read more