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Saving Columbene - Chapter 26

Chapter 26: NBC

I was sittin in the commons takin selfies and all these uggo cheerleaders walked passes n gave me a dirty look. I stood up and threw my coke zero in dere face and they all ran off crying. I laffed at them.

Dylann walked up to me wit a tickets in his hand. He was wearin a open shirt with nothing under and you could see all he chest hair and six pack. It was so sexy.

‘Sup dyl-man what u got in your hand ther?’ i said flirtily

‘Hey addie girl, lookin HOT as always’ he winked at me sexily ‘i got these selena gomez tickets and i was wonderin if u wanted to go with me’ he said in his sexxy texas accent.

Selena gomes was my fave!!! How did he know???

‘Omg dylann yes!’ i excramed ‘but wont reb be mad?’ i giggled

‘Me n reb broke up coz she got this ugly new haircut’ said dylann sadly

‘Oh im so sorry dylann! Are u ok?’ i asked symphaty

‘Yah its cool’ said dylann ‘so ill pick u up at 8 for the concert’ he winked and ran out the commons

I decided to ditch school coz i wasnt in the mood for listen to professer ted all day so i went to erics house coz he was takin a personal healht day.

I knocked on he door and his dad answered. ‘Hey addie, erics up in him room, go on up’ winked erics ddad

‘Thanks mr eric’ i winked back at him and went up to erics room

I had never been in him room before and i walked in and dere was fuckin bombs n guns everywhere and he had a nickleback poser on his wall!

‘Wtf eric?’ i expelled ‘u listen to fuckin nickleback???’

‘Addie, i wasnt especting you babe!’ cried eric

‘And why teh fuck is there bombs and guns everywhere??’ i demanded

‘Ok addie, i think its time i tell u the truth about nbc’ said eric sadly

‘Wtf is nbc?’ i asked?

‘Me n dylan is goin to bomb the fuck out the school and kill the shit out of all the jocks’ he bellered!

I couldnt believe it! How could eric and dylan want to kill people? It didnt make no sense! But to be fair i did really hate all the jocks n cumdumpster cheerleaders so i guess he had a point.

‘Eric u cant! U will go to jail’ i said smartly

‘No we is runnin away to mexico after’ said eric

I couldnt think of anythin else to say

‘Addie baby… u should do nbc with us!’ cried eric suddendly

I thought about it for a minute

‘……….ok’ i said

…………………….continued in chapter 27


Part 1 of 3 → Timeless Screening | April 26, 2017

Good news…

Amazon has signed an international licensing pact to bring This Is Us to Amazon Prime Video customers across more than 200 countries. We don’t know yet which countries are concerned by this news. 
Season 2 starts on Sept 26 on NBC and CTV and will be available on Hulu few hours after. For Canada, the first season is on Netflix. In Quebec the show will be aired by Radio Canada in 2018

Also for my European friends This Is Us is now available in DVD [import from UK], the soundtrack can also be found on Amazon. It’s of course also available in U.S since the early September.
In France you’ll be able to watch the new season every Sunday on Canal Plus Series and season 1 will be aired later this year, on 6ter.
In Switzerland, the first season will be aired Sept 22 on RTS Deux, In Belgium the show has been bought and should be aired during 2017/2018 on RTL TVI.
In Italy the show will be back on Fox Life 23 October

Warner Channel Latin America
is going to air season 2 probably in October.
In Brazil the first season started airing on Fox Life in late August, every Thursdays at 11:30 pm and all the episodes are available on the Fox app. We don’t know about the season two.

If you have more informations, please DM me.

Red Nose Day Special will include a comedy sketch featuring “The Walking Dead” cast - Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBrideSteven Yeun, Ross Marquand, Josh McDermittChristian Serratos and Sonequa Martin-Green - as viewers have never seen them before.

The Red Nose Day Special will broadcast live on NBC, May 26 at 9pm ET.